30+ Best Botanical Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Botanical tattoos, also known as plant tattoos are one of the most famous tattoos that can be inked individually or in combination with any other tattoo you want. It is a great way for nature lovers to showcase what they love or for flower enthusiasts to share a piece of it. When visiting a tattoo artist, it is hard to miss at least 3-4 designs to the least that are plant/ flower based. Believe it or not, there are so many hidden meanings behind even a simple leaf or flower tattoo.

Meaning of Botanical Tattoo Designs

To be honest, there are more than a million species of plants on this earth and each one of them represents a different thing. Some of the common ones have been sorted out for you further in this article. However, it is important to understand that these meanings are highly variable. While some represent love and endurance for someone through flowers, for others it could be a favourite flower or leaf unlocking a core memory for them. Some of them can also mean remembrance for someone who particularly liked that plant. So, let’s dive in and look at some of the best handpicked botanical tattoos.

Ideas For Botanical Tattoo Designs

Botanical tattoos are one of the most flexible ones when it comes to experimenting with them. You could go for a plant tattoo big enough to represent something personal to you, or, keep them simple as a twig. You could also try adding different flowers and leaves and unleash your creativity. Black and white botanical tattoos are a little less common. People usually prefer them in colours but your body is your canvas, so you get to decide right?

Where Should You Get Botanical Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Botanical Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Botanical Tattoo 12

The first one here is this beautiful tattoo extending on the front and the back of the shoulder. The wearer has gone for a black and white design which makes the design even cleaner and beautiful despite the large area it is covering. The addition of leaves along with the flowers is what gives it a very natural look.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on the Chest

Botanical Tattoo 17

This is for our minimalists. The tattoos in these areas are usually painful, so it’s better to go for a simple design like this one. The wearer here has chosen a twig with translucent buds or petals meaning that the person is comfortable with change. It could also mean that they love the spring season. Either way, small botanical tattoos never go out of aesthetic.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on the Ankle

Botanical Tattoo 11

This clever tattoo design folds the plant around the anklet, not only making it a beautiful tattoo but also mimicking an anklet. The wearer has chosen to not add colours but I think the addition of colours draws more attention. And, if you prefer to get an anklet tattoo, why not flaunt it?

  • Botanical Tattoo Design under the Chest

Botanical Tattoo 13

The wearer here has positioned the tattoo right under the chest and has chosen only leaves. There are also some empty branches with no flowers or leaves, making this tattoo a little mysterious. This tattoo could mean remember g someone with their preferred leaves. This could also indicate the season of fall, as some of the leaves are missing.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on the Back

Botanical Tattoo 10

Back is the ideal place to get huge tattoos. The tattoos in this region are usually covered and not exposed to the sun, which is why they age very well. The wearer here has gone for a very detailed tattoo and has added 3-4 types of flowers. There are also 2 birds seen carrying a ribbon with some text on it. This is a very illustrative way to flaunt your love for someone. The names in the ribbon could be of the wearer and their partner.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design in a Shape

Botanical Tattoo 18

Here, the wearer has very creatively, used flowers to take the shape of the moon and hence, merged the two. Moon is symbolic of female power, transition, and growth, whereas flowers indicate beauty, charm and admiration. We can also see the initials that look like a part of the plant and do not make them very obvious.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on Arm

Botanical Tattoo 15

Who doesn’t like a twine tattoo which is minimal and yet elegant? The best thing about these tattoos is that you can choose the number of twigs for your tattoo. The varying lengths in the picture add to the wildness and randomness of the tattoo. The translucent leaves further give this tattoo a depth which is a very interesting take.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on Leg

Botanical Tattoo 31

The wearer here has added a lot of personal elements along with the botanical tattoos. A wooden drawer could mean something really personal to them or something that reminds them of home. There is also a bee that the wearer chose to get tattooed which is symbolic of loyalty.

  • Abstract Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 33

The abstract is an exciting way to represent a tattoo. Not only are abstract tattoos open for interpretation but they open doors for other’s perspectives on things. The wearer here has got a leaf made which is generally symbolic of luck, happiness or new beginnings.

  • Real Life Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 23

These botanical tattoos are inspired by a plant or a part of the plant that is close to your heart. The wearers of these tattoos usually get inspiration from them and the tattoo artists try to make it look as real life as possible. The wearer here has worn the tattoos on the back and arms. The one on the back is very well placed in the middle and the one on the arms gives an emboss effect to it, making it look more real life.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design behind the Ear

Botanical Tattoo 28

A behind-the-ear tattoo is not only stunning but also a subtle way to show off your personality. Let your hair down if you have longer hair and you can easily hide your new tattoo if you are one of the discreet ones. The wearer here has gone for a simple leaf twig tattoo which is perfect for this location.

  • Abstract Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 1

Another one of the abstract collection, but this one is different from the others since the formation is quite clear. The tattoo takes the form of flowers and leaves around the wrist making it look like a bracelet.

  • Shaped Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 2

This type of design where the plants get together to form a completely different shape are one of the most creative categories of tattoos. The wearer here has a heart made out of plants. This could mean that the person is a plant lover or just a creative method to get a heart tattoo. It also helps to depict multiple things at once when we combine the tattoos.

  • Bold Bamboo Botanical Tattoo Design on

Botanical Tattoo 3

Next in the series is this bold, black and white bamboo design. The wearer has covered the whole arm but this can also be made into a smaller size because of the simplicity of the design. It could mean that the wearer wants to reflect durability and resilience since bamboo is one of the plants known for its longevity.

  • Peony Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 4

Peonies are one of the most popular plants when it comes to tattoos and besides, what’s not to love right? Its amazing colour and its significance of it in various cultures are what explains its popularity. The peonies could mean a lot of good things. For some people, it could mean enlightenment, love and honour, while for others it just might be their favourite flower. Whatever your case, do consider this beauty.

  • Cactus Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 5

Why should they be left out of the botany curriculum? Not on our watch! Believe it or not, the cactus is another one of the tattoos that have made it to the famous plant’s list. There are a lot of qualities of a cactus that people love. The wearer here has gone for a simpler line tattoo which is quite elegant and impressive. It could represent strength through isolation or adaptability or a constant desire to try new things.

  • Cherry Blossom Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 7

Cherry blossoms- the mind goes straight to the pretty pictures of the orchids that are in full bloom. The wearer here has got separate cherry blossom flowers on her arm and the flowers with twigs on the back. Both of these being incredibly beautiful, they also signify the celebration of life.

  • Rose Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 8

How can one forget a rose when talking about botanical tattoos? The wearer here has added the butterflies and the falling petals. Now you could simply get the rose for the beauty of it or because it represents love and passion (or both). It could represent unconditional love for your partner or even for yourself.

  • Elegant Botanical Tattoo Design on

Botanical Tattoo 9

This one is a bit mysterious but engaging at the same time. Who says plant tattoos are preferred by women mostly? They are quite popular among men as well representing different things according to a person’s own choice. The triangles going in front of and behind the rocks give it a 3D effect. This could represent a rock-solid foundation.

  • Combination of Botanical Tattoo Design on

Botanical Tattoo 14

The plants are a part of every element of this tattoo. Be it the moon, the sun and well, the lotus itself. The wearer got this tattoo on the biceps. It could represent the symbolism of the moon and sun which is usually opposite to each other.

  • Lotus Botanical Tattoo Design on

Botanical Tattoo 20

The first thing that one can see in this charming tattoo is that the person wearing this is a nature lover. And not just plants, they love the sea, the sunsets, the night sky and lotus for sure. Lotus could represent rising above the flaws and becoming a better person. It could also mean purity and overcoming struggles consistently.

  • Bosai Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 19

This is one of the most spiritual tattoos of these if you ask me. There are a lot of elements that have been added along with a bonsai tree. It could represent harmony, balance and patience.

  • Pretty Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 16

This one extends from the shoulder to the neck. The wearer of this tattoo has gone for bright colours to highlight the tattoo. The shoulder area provides a great area for tattoos of great size, so you can experiment with the size of the tattoo if you like.

  • Clove Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 21

This clover leaf tattoo on the shoulder is one of the most elegant tattoos on the list. The pink bud on the side adds to its beauty of it. The clover leaf is a symbol of good luck and the tattoo can be worn anywhere on the body.

  • Clove Botanical Tattoo Design behind the Ear

Botanical Tattoo 22

This is a very good location for people who do not want their tattoo to be in plain sight. The wearer here chose a black and white tattoo behind the ear and since it’s a small space, a clover leaf is perfect.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design with ‘Forget Me Not’

Botanical Tattoo 24

This plant resembles the ‘Forget me not’ flower, the meaning of which is quite clear from its name. The wearer has chosen the wrist to display the tattoo which is one of the more exposed areas of the body. So a tattoo of this size and simplicity is just ideal for anyone going for this tattoo. They were used as a symbol of good fortune and also to remember your loved one. It could also mean purity and endurance for true love.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design with Spider Lilies

Botanical Tattoo 25

The wearer here is wearing the tattoo on the chest. These plants are typically associated with rebirth and final goodbyes. The wearer could mean to represent a major change in their own life or a loss of someone very dear. The black undertone to the red spider lilies gives it a very gothic look.

  • Sunflower Botanical Tattoo Design with Text

Botanical Tattoo 26

Sunflowers are a symbol of faith and self-respect. the wearer here has added small text with it to give it a personal touch. You could add any quote or words as well. The sunflower tattoo could serve as a good-luck charm according to the majority of faiths. You could also get this tattoo if you want to represent unconditional love.

  • Confined Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 32

This is a very creative botanical garden that is unique in a way that the wearer has confided the plants inside a shape, triangle here. It is best to get this tattoo on the arm, leg or back and avoid the small areas. A triangle in itself is symbolic of growth,

  • Creative Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 34

This tattoo represents a tree in the form of a woman. The scarce leaves on the top and the colourful butterflies make it lively. This tattoo could mean the celebration of a feminine side or respect for mother nature. This could also mean that the person is well connected to their roots.

  • White Lily Botanical Tattoo Design 

Botanical Tattoo 27

White lilies are one of the most appreciated flowers for their beauty. They are symbolic of rebirth which could mean a drastic change in the wearer’s life. It also represents devotion or purity, although the devotion could be to anything or anyone. The wearer here has added subtle white outlines to represent the white lilies instead of filling up the whole flower giving it an elegant look.

  • Monstera Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 29

Next in line is the Monstera leaf tattoo, also known as ‘Swiss-cheese-plant’. This tattoo is symbolic of long life and honour to the elders. The wearer has also added a mushroom underneath that represents power or that the wearer seeks more and enjoys being in control. These leaves are quite popular and can be ideal for any part of the body.

  • Botanical Tattoo Design on the Foot

Botanical Tattoo 30

The foot is an unusual place to get the tattoo but why not? The wearer of this tattoo has got 3 monster leaves that are usually symbolic of honour and loyalty. These plants are very low maintenance which could also resemble the wearer’s personality. These leaves can be drawn anywhere on the body and are ideal for those who value their background.

  • Twinning Botanical Tattoo Design

Botanical Tattoo 6

If you and your partner/ friend are both nature enthusiasts, there is no better way to show it, than a matching tattoo. This kind of tattoo is ideal even if you want to have it on your own. The wearer here has covered both their arms in similar tattoos that extend from the hand to the arm. It adds the symmetrical aesthetic value if both hands have a similar pattern.

I say, let’s go get one!

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