Haris Seferović’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Haris Seferović, the famous Swiss professional footballer, plays as a striker for the Portuguese club “Benfica” and the Switzerland National football team. Haris’ body gives us enough proof of his deep-rooted love for tattoos. He is highly talented and has been part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and also, UEFA Euro Cup. He commenced his International Professional career in the year 2013. His body also tells us about his Nationality and interests. Let us explore his tattoos.

Haris Seferovic

1. ’92’ Tattoo

Haris 92 Tattoo

Tattoo: Haris’ left forearm is tattooed with the number 92.

Meaning: 92 represents Haris’ birthyear as he was born on 22 February 1992.

2. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Haris anchor Tattoo

Tattoo: A small anchor is tattooed on Haris’ left wrist.

Meaning: Anchor tattoos are usually worn by sailors in the representation of the hope of returning home safe. However, the anchor can also be used as the symbol of calmness and steadfastness. Interestingly, Anchor was also meant as the symbol of Christianity in ancient time.

3. ‘Clock’ Tattoo

Haris clock Tattoo

Tattoo: There is an old fashioned clock inked on the backside of Haris’ left bicep.

Meaning: The clock is the symbol of marking important events and times of one’s life. Also, it represents the circle of life and death.

4. Date Tattoo

Haris date on wrist Tattoo

Tattoo: On his wrist, there is a date inked that can be read as, ‘05.04.19’.

Meaning: The date represents his wedding to Amina Seferovic i.e. ‘5th April 2020’.

5. ‘Badge’ Tattoo

Haris left forearm Tattoo

6. ‘Stars and Moon’ Tattoo

Haris moon and stars Tattoo

Tattoo: There are multiple stars inked on Haris’ left forearm followed by a moon near his wrist.

Meaning: Stars and moon are the symbols of representing one’s family and family embers whereby, the moon represents the head of the family and stars represent the other members and children. However, the crescent moon is the way of wisdom, strength, and transition in life.

7. Writing on Arm Tattoo

Haris right arm Tattoo

8. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Haris rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Haris has got a rose inked on the inner side of his left forearm.

Meaning: Rose is a symbol of love and romance.

9. ‘Flags’ Tattoo

Haris flag Tattoo

Tattoo: Under his clock tattoo, there are flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the years 1992–1998, inked.

Meaning: Haris got this tattoo as a tribute to his childhood place where his parents were born and he was brought up.

10. Crown Tattoo

Haris crown tattoo

Tattoo: Crown, the symbol of achievement, royal power, and authority is inked on Jadon’s inner left forearm.

11. Writing on Bicep Tattoo

Haris writing tattoo

12. Football Tattoo

Haris football tattoo

Tattoo: On his left wrist, Haris has a tattoo of a small football. This tattoo is replacement ink for the earlier tattoo which included the name of Hars’ ex-girlfriend.

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