A-Reece’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge famous by the nickname, A-Reece, is a South African rapper and songwriter. In 2019, he gained a lot of popularity through his album, Reece Effect, as this album was hugely loved by his followers especially the songs like “Last Resort”, “We Both Know Better”, “Safe Haven”, “Masquerade Party”, and “Honest”. A-Reece has got his left arm inked with a very meaningful emoji lot. Let us see what meaning do they hold for him.


1. ‘Chain of Being’ Tatoo



Tattoo: A-Reece has five different emoji tattoos inked on his left forearm. Horizontally we can see, a pair of praying hands, a heart, a diamond, an emoji depicting happiness, and a money bag with dollars.

Meaning: A-Reece calls a whole lot of emojis on his left arm to be the ‘Chain of Being‘ for himself. Beginning from the top till bottom horizontally, there is a tattoo of praying hands which symbolizes the connection with God, then a heart that represents love i.e. we should give love to gain love in return, followed by the diamond which depicts success, then the happiness for learning and achieving things in life, and ultimately the money which is the outcome of all the hard work in life. He calls this tattoo as a continuous reminder to himself as well as his followers so that even they know what he sings, and what he lives up to, and even they should follow these.

“This is my daily affirmation, this is prayer, love, fine things in life, happiness, and success. and things I doubt myself about other than music. For me it is the chain of being; prayed up, get love, and find things in life, happiness, and then success. I put up this tattoo on this arm because I hold the mic with this arm.”

2. ‘100-3’ Tattoo



Tattoo: Rapper’s left hand contains the tattoo inked in the form of numbers and can be read as, ‘100-3’.

Meaning: The symbol ‘100-3’ has been used a the symbol for depicting his own birth year, since A-Reece was born on March 27, 1997, and ‘100-3’ stands for 97 which represents the last two digits of his birth year i.e. 1997

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