20+ Amazing Audi Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Audi is a German car maker brand that manufactures luxury cars. It has its headquarter in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. August Horch invented the Audi brand in the early 20th century. Its name is derived from its founder. The four rings of the Audi logo symbolize each of the four-car companies merged to create its predecessor company, Auto Union. Some of the popular Audi cars are Audi RS6 Avant, Audi Union Type D, Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro, Audi A8, and many more.

Audi Tattoo

Meaning of Audi Tattoo

Audi is one of the renowned car brands in the world. It is an expensive brand that everyone cannot afford. However, it is desired by many. Inking permanent tattoos on the body has become a trend nowadays. Many world-renowned celebrities have owned tattoos on their body that conveys different meanings. Audi Tattoos is related with several definitions. Some are listed below.


Fate is the power that some people believe causes and control all events or something that happen to a particular thing or person, especially something final like a defeat or a death. It is unavoidable and inevitably predetermined. Being successful depends somehow on the fate of that person. If a person gains success, he credits this with its fate. Most of the time, owning an Audi car is linked with fate. So, owning an Audi tattoo means that you believe in fate.


A victory is a success in a struggle or a war. In other words, it is the win against a team or an opposition. Owning an Audi tattoo is linked with a victory. The people who have gained success in life have had many triumphs over the years.


Self-respect is, believing in yourself that you are honest and deserving of being treated well. A great example of self-respect can be that someone is not treating you well, then you do not tolerate that person. Owning an Audi tattoo represents the self-respect you have for yourself. Owning an Audi car is a luxury that very few people can afford. The rest of the people showcase their self-respect for the Audi brand by wearing an Audi Tattoo on their bodies.


Strong feelings such as anger, joy, fear, or love are called emotions. Audi brand is an emotion by many of its wearers. They always keep Audi cars close to their heart. But not everyone can afford it, so they wear the Audi tattoo either in a form of its logo or its car model.


Obsession is the idea or array of thoughts that get pre-occupied or intrude in a person’s mind. In other words, it is a situation by which a person constantly thinks about one thing. The wearer of Audi tattoos is also obsessed with the brand and wants to show their extensive thinking for Audi.

Meaning of Audi Tattoo Colors


Orange is the color of discovery and exploration. It symbolizes courage, spontaneity, and humor. It is considered a lively color that can bring health and vitality to the mind. Mostly, it is worn by the youth who want to look creative and original. It is also worn by people who love sports and physical activities such as cycling, hiking, mountaineering, etc.


Black color is related to negative connotations. It represents formality, dignity, force, convention, stability, and zero-tolerance. It also promotes stability and protection.


Red is the color of blood, fire, passion, and love. It looks great on fair skin. It symbolizes eternal life, the death cycle, strength, and power. It is known as an emotional color.


Emerald tattoo is one of the lesser-known tattoo colors. In general, it represents growth and calmness within all aspects of life. It also promotes generosity and uplifts feelings. It symbolizes harmony and balance.

Where Should You Get Audi Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Lower Back
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Ankle
  • Finger spaces
  • Thighs

For Men

  • Back
  • Arm
  • Biceps
  • Wrist
  • Hand

List of Audi Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Audi A6 Car Tattoo on the Lower Back

A6 car logo tattoo

Audi A6 car is the 1984 CC luxury sedan having a top speed of 250 kmph. It is one of the most liked Audi cars in the world. With the power of 241 BHP, it can give you a mileage of around 13 km per liter. Inking this tattoo on your body symbolizes your liking for this car. It also denotes that you want to own this car someday. It looks realistic and can be ink anywhere on your body.

  • Audi 007 Tattoo on the Body

Audi 007 Tattoo

007 is a secret code given to the fictional British secret agent James Bond. It was awarded to him because he was twice killed in fulfilling assignments. This 007 number combined with the Audi logo adds grace to your personality. This tattoo denotes your love for both James Bond and Audi brands.

  • Audi Car 80 Tattoo on the Leg

Audi 80 Tattoo

Audi 80 is a retro car produced by the company from 1966 to 1996. Audi 80 car is inked on one ankle, while on the other ankle, the date is tattooed. This tattoo looks fantastic though the date design looks a bit simple. Still, the wearer loves this tattoo. The ankle is a place that is most of the time visible, which gives a chance for its wearer to flaunt it.

  • Audi Car and Hummer Tattoo on the Body

Audi Car and Hummer Tattoo

The Audi R8 tattoo with the Hummer car is an exciting combination. The person who has inked both these car’s tattoos on his body means that he knows how to live a life. It also adds charm to your personality. You can flaunt this tattoo anywhere you go.

  • Audi Car Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Car Tattoo

Nowadays, every person wants to own a luxury car despite not having the budget to buy the car. Luxury brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari are dreams for many. To display their affection for the brand, the person has inked one of the Audi model cars on their arm with a message written: Fast life, which means that life is fast, just like the speed of Audi cars.

  • Audi Football Tattoo on the Upper Arm

Audi Football Tattoo

It is not the car brand that attracts car enthusiasts. If you ask an American, the most popular thing in the world, he will reply ‘Football.’ Football is one of the most played sports in this world. More than 75% of the world’s population love this sport. Combining both the entities together symbolizes your taste in cars as well as in sports. The design looks perfect on your upper arm.

  • Audi Gear Tattoo on the Wrist

Audi Gear Tattoo

Car gear regulates and alters the velocity of the tire according to its engine speed. It plays a crucial role in any vehicle, irrespective of the type of vehicle. Inking the gear tattoo on your wrist denotes your immense love for speed and the technology that Audi offers to its clients. The simple black and grey Audi logo add grace to the look. It symbolizes that just like gears control the car’s speed, your mind doesn’t get diverted from your goal and remains steady all the time.

  • Audi Heart Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Heart Tattoo

Luxury cars are not just a car; it is an emotion for many. Audi is one such luxury brand that is beloved by people all over the world due to its impactful performance and refined engine. But luxury comes with a price. Audi is expensive still due to other assets; it’s a fan favorite. Audi logo has four circles where one circle is shaped like a heart that denotes your immense loyalty to this brand.

  • Audi Lizard Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Lizard Tattoo

This realistic Audi logo tattoo is the one; you don’t like to miss inking on your arm. This tattoo looks perfect and adorable for many. Audi has many rivals like BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes. The lizard tattoo inked over the Audi rings shows that Audi needs to compete hard with its competitors and emerge as one of the top-selling brands in the years to come.

  • Audi Logo combined with Volkswagon Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Logo combined with Volkswagon Tattoo

The Volkswagon and Audi brands are one under the same roof. This combination is something you don’t want to miss. Though, three more car brands are missing in the remaining three circles. It shows that you have got a good taste for luxury cars.

  • Audi Logo in Various Form Tattoo on the Body

Audi Logo in various form Tattoo

The logo of different car brands in one Audi logo doesn’t always mean that he loves these cars. It simply means that he has good taste in owning a car.

  • Audi Logo R5 Tattoo on left Torso

Audi Logo R5 Tattoo

The small Audi tattoo on your left torso looks enchanting from the eyes. Women who like to flaunt their abdomens love to wear this tattoo on their torso. The RS stands for Racing Sports. Audi does manufactures racing sports cars along with luxury cars. Sportscars are generally manufactured by renowned brands like Lamborghini, but when it comes to Audi, you would rarely find a Sportscar. Few Sports cars it manufactures whose quality is quite reliable and efficient. The girl wearing this tattoo symbolizes his love for the Audi Sportscars.

  • Audi Logo tattoo on the Back

Audi Logo tattoo on the back

Audi is liked by this lady so much that she has put the logo on her back. If you want to start a conversation with this lady, say anything related to Audi, and you will get her attention.

  • Audi Love with Heartbeat Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Love with Heartbeat Tattoo

The small Audi logo inside a heart-shaped tattoo is a unique design. The heart line, along with it, adds grace to the tattoo. This tattoo denotes the heartiest love of the wearer with the Audi car.

  • Audi Piston Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Piston Tattoo

The piston is a media that transmits motion or power from the combustion chamber to the wheels of a car. It plays a crucial role in any vehicle. Wearing this tattoo on your arm can be enchanting and looks fantastic. It also represents your engineering background. It shows that you possess sound technical knowledge and want to learn more about the automobile industry.

  • Audi Quattro Tattoo on the Arm

Audi Quattro Tattoo

Audi Quattro is a retro car built for roads and rallies. It was first displayed at the Geneva Motor Show on 3 March 1980. However, its production got discontinued in 1991. Still, many car lovers love this design due to its outstanding features. To showcase their love for the car, the person wears this tattoo on their arm.

  • Audi R8 Car Tattoo on the Arm

Audi R8 Tattoo

Audi R8 is a luxury sports car with a 5204 CC engine which generates the power of 602 BHP. It is one of the most popular sports cars from Audi. This tattoo is reddish-brown, which looks fabulous on your arm, and also it adds charm to your personality.

  • Audi S1 Car Tattoo on the Body

Audi S1 Tattoo

Audi S1 car is the smallest S model from the company with 6-speed manual transmission, whose first variant has 228 HP power derived from the Volkswagen group’s EA888. The tattoo shows an S1 car with the brand’s logo and a heart line below it. The heart line depicts your love for S1 from the core of your heart. This tattoo looks captivating and appealing.

  • Audi Spark Plug Tattoo on the Leg

Audi Spark Plug Tattoo

The spark plug is a device fitted inside an engine cylinder that provides a spark to ignite the combustion chamber, which further transfers the power to the piston then to the wheels of a car. The design shows a spark plug, piston, and a spanner which denotes the engineering background of its wearer.

  • Blue Audi Logo Tattoo on the Body

Blue Audi Logo Tattoo

Audi and Volkswagon are some of the top-ranked car brands in the world. The person has tattooed two car brands and inked a snail at the end, which denotes the emergence of a problem with its performance. It looks beautiful on your body as blue is the color you won’t see too often in tattoos.

  • Burning Volkswagon Tattoo on the Upper Arm

Burning Volkswagon Tattoo

Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. The Audi tattoo combined with the burning Volkswagon logo signifies the inbuilt passion of its wearer. The fire denotes the burning desire, while the Volkswagon logo with the Audi Logo symbolizes the fondness, passion, love, and obsession about the company.

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