Courtney Michelle Love’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Courtney Michelle Love born with name Courtney Michelle Harrison, is an American Singer, Songwriter, and an Actress.  She rose to prominence as the lead singer of the rock band “Hole“, which she formed in 1989. Love has drawn public attention for her uninhibited live performances and confrontational lyrics, as well as her highly publicized personal life. She has a lot of craze of getting ink and has few known tattoos on her body. Let us explore her inks and study their meanings.

Courtney Michelle Love

1. ‘Don’t Dream It/Be It’ Tattoo

courtney love wrist tattoo

Tattoo: The right hand’s wrist of Courtney Michelle has writing “Don’t Dream It Be It” inked on it. The tattoo is the source of motivation for Michelle as it regularly helps her focusing on actions necessary to achieve her dreams.

2. ‘Four-leaf Clover Flower’ Tattoo

courtney clover ankle tattoo

Tattoo: The ankle of star’s left leg has a chain of green four-leaf clovers wrapped around it in the form of an anklet.

3. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

back angel tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of the singer’s shoulder blade has a tattoo of an angel on it

4. ‘Cherry Blossoms’ Tattoo

cherrry blossoms

Tattoo: The upper right arm of singer’s forearm has two matching cherry blossoms tattooed on it.

5. ‘Let it Bleed’ Tattoo

let it bleed tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of her right bicep has an ink which says, ‘Let it Bleed’ inked on it.

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