Bella Poarch’s 19 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Bella Poarch

Every tattoo carries a tale, a moment engraved in the skin that’s as personal as it is public. Just like the rich tapestry of a novel, Bella Poarch’s intricate tattoos narrate a story that is tattooed in the memorable ink of life’s experiences. Beneath each stroke and shade, there lies an enchanting saga of resilience, identity, and self-expression; she explained that she had a “rough childhood,” and that her “scars from abuse” made her unconfident. In her words, “I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.” Welcome to the journey through the illustrated chronicle of Bella Poarch’s life, a page-by-page revelation of the meanings behind her myriad tattoos. Strap in as we chart a course across the canvas of her skin, uncovering the deeper narratives that unfold with every image.

List of Bella Poarch Tattoos

The Controversial Rising Sun Tattoo on Arm

In September, Bella got a tattoo of the Japanese rising sun flag, a symbol that South Koreans find offensive due to its connection with oppression and Japanese imperialism. She sincerely apologized, explaining that she had been unaware of the symbol’s true historical significance. Taking responsibility for her actions, Bella made the decision to conceal the tattoo, demonstrating her commitment to rectifying the situation.

I apologize to Koreans because 6 months ago I got a tattoo of the red sun with 16 rays. At that time, I didn’t know the history. But when I found out, I immediately had it covered and scheduled for removal. I am ashamed of myself for not doing my research. I sincerely apologize.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo on Arm

Anatomical Heart Tattoo on Arm

She has covered her Japanese rising sun tattoo with an anatomical human heart done with red ink and black shading effect.

Snake Tattoo on Upper Arm

Snake Tattoo on Arm

Just above her anatomical heart and at the exact location of her Japanese rising sun tattoo, she has a pair of snakes too. The snakes are done in black ink with some shading effects.

Biblical Tattoo on Chest

Bella Poarch Chest Tattoo

Bella Poarch chose to ink a portion of the scripture verse 1 John 4:18 onto her chest, which reads, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.”

Batman Tattoo on Arm

Batman Tattoo on Arm

While it is not too clear what it means, she has a Batman tattoo done in black ink inked. One can also see a human figure done in a black outline clinging to batman.

Devil Tattoo on Thigh

Bella Poarch Devil Tattoo

She has a laughing devil tattoo on her thigh with some floral designs on it. The tattoo is done with shading effects.

Rose on the Chest

Rose Tattoo on Chest

Bella also has a small rose tattoo going down the middle of her chest. The design is done on black and grey shading effects.

Bows on Hamstrings

Bella Poarch Bow Tattoo

She has two bows down the back of her thighs. The meaning has not been revealed by her.

Angelic Wings on Back

Wings on Back

Her back and arms are covered with a realistic design of angelic wings. The whole design however, is done with black and grey shading efefcts covering the back side of the upper arms.

Origami Bird, Japanese Symbols, and Sakura Flowers on Upper Arm

Origami Bird, Japanese Symbols, and Sakura Flowers on Upper Arm

Bella also has some Japanese symbols etched on her arms which include an origami bird, some text, and sakura flowers.

Text in Foreign Language on Thighs

Text in Foreign Language on Thighs

Bella Poarch has some text written in Arabic on her thigh. The design is done in bold black color.

Unidentified Tattoo on Ribs

Unidentified Tattoo on Ribs

She has an unidentified tattoo that is not clear on her ribs.

Palm Trees on Arm

Palm Tree Tattoo on Arm

She has inked some palm trees on her arms.

Rose Tattoo on Side Abdomen

Rose Tattoo on Abdomen

Bella also has a rose inked on her ribs.

Text on Hip

Text on Hip

While her hip tattoo is not clear, it might be a reference to her father.

Ship Tattoo on Back

Ship Tattoo on Back

She has a beautiful ancient war ship tattoo on her back which is attached to her wing tattoo.

American Traditional Style Tattoo on Arm

Traditional American Style Tattoo on Arm

On her arm and near her Japanese sun tattoo, she has a portrait tattoo done in the traditional American style.

Momento Mori Tattoo on Upper Thigh

Bella Poarch Momento Mori Tattoo

Bella also has ‘Momento Mori’ written on her upper thigh which signifies the inevitability of death.

Text Tattoo on Upper Thigh

Bella Poarch Upper Thigh Tattoo

She has some text done on her upper thigh; however, since it is not clear, the meaning of the text is unknown.

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