Jock Zonfrillo’s 8 Tattoos and their Meanings

Jock Zonfrillo

Jock Zonfrillo, the celebrated chef, television personality, and passionate advocate for indigenous Australian cuisine, is also known for his striking and meaningful tattoos. An intriguing blend of personal storytelling and cultural homage, these artistic designs etched on his skin reflect Zonfrillo’s journey through life, his culinary explorations, and his deep appreciation for indigenous cultures. Each tattoo serves as a testament to the experiences that have shaped him, both as a chef and as a person, while simultaneously showcasing his commitment to preserving and promoting indigenous culinary heritage.

List of Jock Zonfrillo’s Tattoos

  • Scottish Thistle

Jock Zonfrillo's Scottish Thistle tattoo

Zonfrillo has a Scottish thistle tattoo on his left hand, symbolizing his Scottish heritage. As the national emblem of Scotland, the thistle represents pride, resilience, and loyalty.

  • Maori Designs

On his right arm, Zonfrillo has tattoos in the style of Maori moko, traditional New Zealand tattoos. These designs often hold deep cultural and spiritual significance. Although the specific meanings of his moko designs are not publicly known, they could signify his respect for and connection to the Maori culture.

  • Indigenous Australian Artwork

Zonfrillo has tattoos inspired by indigenous Australian artwork and symbols, reflecting his passion for their cuisine and culture. These tattoos not only showcase his commitment to preserving and promoting indigenous culinary heritage but also demonstrate his personal connection to Australia, where he built his career and family.

  • Culinary Symbols

Jock Zonfrillo's knife tattoo

On one of his fingers, Zonfrillo has a tattoo of a chef’s knife, representing his lifelong passion for cooking and his journey as a chef. This tattoo is a constant reminder of his dedication to his craft and the culinary world.

  • Family Initials

Zonfrillo has the initials of his wife and children tattooed on his fingers, symbolizing the importance of family in his life. These tattoos serve as a daily reminder of the love and support of his loved ones.

  • Pig Tattoo

Jock Zonfrillo's pig tattoo

Zonfrillo also has a pig tattooed on his upper arm. This is mostly because pork is one of his favorite kinds of meat.

  • A Crow Sitting on Crescent Moon

Zonfrillo's Crow tattoo

He has a crow tattoo done realistically on his arm. The crow is sitting on a crescent moon which

  • Coat of Arms Tattoo on Shoulder

Jock Zonfrillo's coat of arms tattoo on shoulder

He has a coat of arms tattoo on his shoulder done in black ink.

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