Bella Thorne’s 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The 20-year-old Anabella Avery Thorne popular as Bella Thorne is an American actress and singer. She has starred in many television series which include My Own Worst Enemy, Big Love, Shake It Up, and many more. The actress is known to have a love for tattoos and has got her body inked with a little cute as well as meaningful writing. Read further to know more about her body inks.

Bella Thorne Tattoos

1. Number Tattoo on Forearm

Bella Thorne Number Tattoo

The actress has recently got the outer portion of her left forearm inked with a number “93” in red ink.

2. Cat’s Vibrissae on Finger 

Bella Thorne Cats Whiskers Tattoo

The American actress got the side of her right index finger tattooed with cat’s whiskers also known as Vibrissae with the cat’s nose in the center. This is her second cat tattoo from her cat’s tattoo collection.

3. Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

Bella Thorne Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

Bella has the back side of her left ear inked with a cat. Cats are used as a symbol of feminity and they also represent intelligent and mischievous nature, which might be the nature of Bella as well! This was her first tattoo among her tattoo collection.

4. Lil Heart on Chest

Bella Thorne Heart Tattoo on Chest

Bella Thorne has got the cute little heart outlined on the upper side of her left chest. According to one of her post on Instagram, she explained that this tattoo is symbolic of love, acceptance and happiness.

5. Li’l Heart on Palm

Bella Thorne Heart Tattoo On Palm
The inner side of Bella’s right palm is inked with an outline of a little heart. This tattoo is her second heart tattoo. Her heart tattoo is her matching tattoo with her hairstylist and makeup artist Tonya Brewer. Heart tattoos have a strong and positive message behind them as they represent that there is only one person in your life that can unlock your heart.

6. Writing on Calves

Bella Thorne Wild Kitty On Calf Tattoo

The actress has a lot of love and affection for cats and therefore she has her calves inked with “WILD KITTY.” She even posted a picture of her “WILD KITTY” tattoo and captioned it with “self-explanatory.”

7. Bella’s Initial on Wrist 

Bella Thorne Initials On Wrist Tattoo

Bella Thorne and her best friend Bella Pendergast got their left wrist tattooed with the matching tattoo to mark their friendship. They got their respective wrist tattooed with “B2” i.e. Bella Squared because they both share the same first name “Bella.” Well, that’s the cutest gesture by these besties!

8. Crescent Moon And 2 Stars on Ankle

Bella Thorne Ankle Tattoo

The outer side of Bella’s right ankle is tattooed with a crescent moon along with 2 stars. She and her sister Dani Thorne both have a matching tattoos on their ankles. While Bella’s ankle is inscribed with a crescent moon and 2 stars, her sister got her ankle inked with a planet in the same position as her sister.

9. Writing on The Lower Side of the Shoulder

Bella Thorne Lower Shoulder Tattoo

The American actress has recently got the lower back side of her left shoulder inked with “I LOVE YOU” in colorful ink. Maybe, she got herself inked for someone special!

10. Writing on Hip

Bella Thorne Hip Tattoo

Bella has a piece of writing inked on her hip that reads “Bite Me.” Well, this tattoo of hers is for her haters who used to slut shame her.

11. Matching Foot Tattoo

Bella Thorne Matching Foot Tattoo

The actress has come up with yet another act of cuteness for her sister Dani Thorne. She and her sister got a matching foot tattoo which reads in block letters, “IF LOST, FIND TWIN.”

12. Smiley Face Tattoo on Forearm

Bella Thorne Smiley Face Tattoo

The actress got her left forearm inked with a smiley face tattoo. She got it done when she hosted a house party which turned out to be a tattoo party.

13. Portrait Arm Tattoo

Bella Thorne's Portrait tattoo

The complete arm covering features illustrations of two women. One woman is depicted nearly full-length on the upper arm, while the other’s face covers the elbow and forearm. The artwork is done entirely in black ink. Thorne provided no further information about the piece, and simply captioned the photo with the phrase “Hi new me.”

14. Quote on Back

Bella Thorne's back tattoo

Bella Thorne's leg and thigh tattoo

16. Dots on Middle Finger

Bella Thorne's 3 dot tattoo

She has three tiny dots shaped like a triangle on her left middle finger.

17. Stars Near Elbow

Bella Thorne's star tattoo

18. ‘Young AF’ on Her Arm

Bella Thorne's Young AF tattoo

Bella Thorne has ‘Young AF’ inked on her wrist which is done in simple black ink.

19. Weed Leaf on Arm

Bella Thorne's weed leaf tattoo

She has a small weed leaf inked on her arm.

20. Heart Tattoo on Arm

Bella Thorne's heart tattoo

There’s an outline of a heart on her elbow done in black ink.

21. Lines near the Elbow

Bella Thorne's line tattoo

She has a few fine lines covering her elbow.

22. Knife Tattoo on Wrist

Bella Thorne's sword tattoo

Bella has a small sword on her wrist done with simple black ink.

23. 1/3 Tattoo with Arrow on Arm

Bella Thorne's 1 3 tattoo

Although the meaning is not clear, she has a 1/3 tattoo on her wrist near her sword tattoo.

24. Star Near her Mid Arm

Stars near mid arm

She has minimalistic star tattoo on the middle of her arm that is done with fine black ink.


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