Pink’s (Singer) 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Pink’s tattoos are scattered across her body, and they are abundant, interesting and unique to know. Every tattoo has its own significance to Pink. Have an up-close peek at her body inks and learn the meaning behind them.

Singer Pink

1. Memory of Her Dog

Pink- Corky Tattoo

The tattoo on Pink’s left forearm arm reads “Sir Corky Moore 89-03“. It’s in honour of her dog who passed away in 2003. She says, “He was my childhood dog, West Highland Terrier“.

2. Half Best Friend Tattoo

Pink- Half best friend tattoo

She also had a half broken heart which reads “BE FRI” (the half of Best Friends). She got it inked with her friend, Laura.

3. Bulldog Tattoo

Pink Left Arm Tattoos

Pink- Bulldog Tattoo

On Pink’s left forearm is a tattoo of a bulldog, and a Bible verse in tattoo form. “This was Elvis, a bulldog”, Pink told The Independent newspaper. “Next to him, is a Bible verse: ‘A time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn, a time to dance, sleep in peace my darling, I release you‘ – he drowned in my pool. I wasn’t there. He was being babysat”.

4. “Insecurite” Tattoo

Pink Singer Insecurity Tattoo

Pink has a razor blade on her left wrist. Underneath is the word “Insecurite” (Insecurity). Pink says, “That means to me that insecurity will kill you“.

5. “Tru Luv Carey” Tattoo

Pink Singer Tru Luv Carey Tattoo

Pink’s “Tru Luv Carey” tattoo is on her right wrist. Carey and Pink got the “Tru Luv” tattoos on their second date. She said, “Well, I guess if I’m gonna have his baby, I should get his name. Because he has my name three places”.

6. What Goes Around Comes Around

Pink - What Goes Around Comes Around Tattoo

This popular quote was inked on Pink’s right wrist when she was 17.

7. Swirls Behind Ear

Pink- Ear Swirl Tattoo

She has a pattern out of wavy lines behind her left ear.

8. Bar Code Tattoo

Pink - Barcode tattoo

On the back of Pink’s neck is a barcode tattoo. She says, “that was my Missundaztood present“.

9. Angel

Pink- Angel Tattoo

Pink has a tattoo of a star and an angel on the back of her left shoulder which she got when she was 15. She says that the star represents her which is being looked after by the guardian angel.

10. “HELP” Tattoo

Pink- Help Tattoo

Pink has a “Help” button tattooed on her right arm. She says she got it with her friend, Butch, “We got done early in the studio that night. We had been drinking. Obviously”.

11. Stripper Tattoo

Pink- inner thigh tattoo

On both her hamstrings, Pink has a red ribbon. “Why? In my head, I’m a really talented stripper“, she said.

12. Dragon Tattoo

Pink- Dragon Tattoo

Pink has a dragon on her left calf; this ink took seven hours when she got it done in Australia. She says, “I think dragons are good luck. And it looks hot“.

13. Mr. Pink

Pink- Mr. Pink Tattoo

Pink has an ink which says “Mr. Pink” on her inner thigh.

14. Heart Tattoo

Pink- heart tattoo

Japanese kanji symbol for “love” with a red heart in front of it is inked on the lower part of the pop star’s left hip.

15. Kanji Tattoos

Pink- Feet Kanji Tattoo

Pink has many tattoos on her feet. Some are Japanese kanji, including her first tattoo that reads “Good luck and happiness“. She was 12 when she got it done. The others read “Strength“, “The Will to Live“, and “Mother“. Pink’s mom has a matching one too.

16. Frog Tattoo

Pink Singer Frog Tattoo

Pink- Frog Tattoo

She also has a frog tattoo on her left foot.

17. Dad And Brother Dog Tags

Pink- Tattoo for dad and brother

On her right ankle, she has dog tags for her dad and brother.

Well, now the irony! “I don’t like tattoos”, Pink says. “If I had an eraser, woosh…If I could start over, I’d do just one big back piece and have a clean [front]. I’m into balance”. 

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