25 Amazing Volleyball Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams with six players each, separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball into another team’s court. The first Volleyball game was played on 7 July 1895 at Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States, and was started by William G. Morgan, a physical education director. This game is widely popular in East Asia and Europe. In 1964, it became part of the Summer Olympics Games and in 1996, Beach Volleyball was introduced. Initially, it was also played by the Filipino army as a recreation activity.

This game is played with the arms or the hands. However, the player can legally strike the ball with any part of the body. The foremost condition is that it should not touch the ground. Some of the techniques used in Volleyball are spiking, blocking, passing, and setting. A Volleyball court is a rectangular field with a dimension of 18 meters in length and a width of 9 meters. It is divided into two equal square halves. The ball is in a form of a sphere with a diameter of 65 to 67 centimeters and a weight of 260 to 280 grams.

Volleyball tattoo

Meaning of Volleyball Tattoo

Volleyball is one of the widely popular sports played around the globe. It is a national game of Nepal, yet it is been played in European countries as well. Inking its tattoo on your body denotes your immense passion and affection towards the sport. It is played by both men and women. In its initial stages, it was recognized as an indoor sport. It was only after Beach Volleyball was introduced, volleyball was recognized as an outdoor sport. Inking volleyball symbolizes various meanings where some are given below.


Active is a quality of a person who doesn’t like to be lazy. In other words, it is producing action or movement without loss of enthusiasm. Like in volleyball, you require consistent body movement, so the person playing this sport often jumps a lot. It helps the player to remain active while playing this sport. Inking the volleyball tattoo on your body shows that you are an avid volleyball player and an energetic person.


The quality of being physically powerful is called strength. Strength is also associated with mental efforts. Solving different kinds of puzzles needs mental effort, and such can be called strength. Volleyball is a game that requires a lot of strength to hit the ball towards another end. The person wearing this tattoo symbolizes that he has got great strength to play this sport at the peak level.


Flexibility is vital in playing any sport. The person wearing this tattoo is flexible and can adjust to the movement of the ball. Being flexible conveys several meanings and not just physical flexibility. When the ball is coming in a quick time requires your mind to adapt to the situation.

Where Should You Get Volleyball Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Arms
  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Upper Pectoral

For Men

  • Biceps
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Elbow

List of Volleyball Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Volleyball Heartline Tattoo on the Elbow

Volleyball Heartline Tattoo

This heartline with the volleyball is a lovely addition to your tattoo collections. If you are looking for a tattoo that can denote your die-hard passion for this sport, then this tattoo is for you. In this tattoo, a heartline is made, which shows the closeness of volleyball to your heart. It symbolizes your deep love for the sport. It’s a line tattoo and requires immense pain by its wearer during inking. You can easily show it off in public by engraving on various other visible parts of your body.

  • Volleyball Floral Design Tattoo on the Ankle

Volleyball Floral Design Tattoo

Floral design tattoos are widely popular among tattoo lovers due to their several meanings. One such meaning is the astonishing beauty of such tattoos. The volleyball tattoo to the floral design brings charm to your personality. It looks elegant to the naked eye. Yet it poses several meanings like the innocent mind of its wearer.

  • Old School Volleyball Tattoo on the Body

Old School Volleyball Tattoo

It is a cartoonish volleyball tattoo that shows the childish nature of its wearer. Here, a boy is playing volleyball which shows that though he possesses an immature character, he has a great awareness of the mind. It looks stunning on any visible part of your body.

  • Beach Volleyball Tattoo on the Upper Pectoral

Beach Volleyball Tattoo

Beach Volleyball is one of the most popular sports, especially in coastal countries like Australia. Playing volleyball at the beach of the sea is a dream for many. Yet, many can’t play this sport near the sea as they are residing in land-locked areas. This tattoo invokes the feeling of playing Beach volleyball on soft sand for those people. It also means the likeness of its wearer to play it during the sunset. The sunset denotes your hidden feelings and charm associated with sports.

  • Volleyball Floral Tattoo on the Elbow

Volleyball Floral Tattoo on the Ankle

This colorful volleyball floral design tattoo looks beautiful on the elbow. The red color flower compliment good with the green leaves and black-colored volleyball. It is worn by those who have a creative and artistic mind. Usually, Women with a gentle personality wear this tattoo.

  • Burning Volleyball Tattoo on the Biceps

Burning Volleyball Tattoo

Fire is often associated with danger. It is often seen as a warning sign to tell others to be careful about it. It can mean anything from the omen of death to the circle of life. Here, a volleyball is represented as the burning ball. It symbolizes that the wearer has a burning desire for this sport.

  • A Volleyball Crown Tattoo

A Volleyball Crown Tattoo

There are thousands of outdoor sports loved by many around the world. It’s often football that is associated with the most famous sport globally. Yet, several other games are not far behind. Volleyball is one of them. It is played more often in Eastern-European nations. In this tattoo, football and volleyball are displayed as closely associated sports in terms of popularity. The wearer of this tattoo has inked their loved one death date time to show the avid love of that deceased person with the sports.

  • Volleyball with the Wings Tattoo

Volleyball with the Wings Tattoos

The wing tattoos represent several different meanings. It can symbolize your inner and deep spiritual connection to someone you love, or it can also mean your ability to liberate yourself from the shackles of problems in front of you. Any sport in the world is not only played for gaining physical strength. They are also played to inhibit your mental and spiritual strength. The main advantage of playing volleyball is that it enhances your concentration and temperament. The wings attached with it represent your spiritual connection with the sport.

  • Volleyball with the Raven Tattoo

Volleyball with the Crow Tattoo

Often a Raven tattoo is associated with intelligence and wisdom. Here, a volleyball tattoo is inked with the Raven bird, which shows that its wearer is ambitious and loves to take his passion for volleyball to the highest level. This raven shown here has a blackout texture, and to ink a blackout tattoo on the body requires considerable pain by the wearer. Overall, the tattoo represents your deep passion and love for this sport.

  • A Person playing a Volleyball Tattoo on the Arms

A Person playing a Volleyball Tattoo

This tattoo shows a person playing volleyball which symbolizes the practical nature of its wearer. He is keener to play this sport rather than simply watching it. In other words, the wearer wants to work hard to achieve his goal rather than going for a shortcut method to achieve success.

  • A Lion holding the Volleyball Tattoo on the Legs

A Lion holding the Volleyball

A Lion tattoo shows the bravery and courageous nature of its wearer. Here, a Lion is holding a volleyball which symbolizes the protective nature of the person wearing this tattoo. It shows that the wearer is brave enough to fight against all odds without fearing death.

  • A Volleyball with the Palm Tree Tattoo on the Rib Cage

A Volleyball with the Palm Tree Tattoo

This black and grey tattoo covering the entire rib cage looks beautiful. A Palm tree represents immortality and eternity. The bus shown in this tattoo is associated with the destination. This tattoo signifies that the wearer has a faithful love for the sport. He is a budding volleyball player and wants to represent his nation in this sport.

  • A Skull playing Volleyball Tattoo

A Skull playing Volleyball Tattoo

A Skull tattoo is often described as the symbol of death and mortality. It means overcoming obstacles and also stands for affirmative ideas. Here a skeleton is playing with a volleyball which symbolizes the playful nature of its wearer. The wearer wants to show their true love and passion for the game.

  • A Black and Grey Volleyball Tattoo

A Black and Grey Volleyball Tattoo

This simple black and grey tattoo look great on your body. It symbolizes the true character of its wearer and denotes his love for the game. This tattoo gives a realistic appeal in black and grey, which gives it a retro feel.

  • Adorable Sun Flower Volleyball Tattoo

Adorable Sun Flower Volleyball Tattoo

This beautiful Sunflower volleyball tattoo adds grace to your personality. Sunflower is associated with romance and hopeful love. The volleyball in the center denotes the love and craze for this sport. It looks beautiful on your body.

  • Volleyball Line Tattoo

Volleyball Line Tattoo

This tattoo looks simple, yet it is one of the most difficult to ink. The wearer of this tattoo goes through a lot of pain to get this tattoo done. It symbolizes the wearer’s down-to-earth and humble character. Also, it denotes that the wearer is hardworking and affectionate towards his work.

  • Volleyball Space Tattoo

Volleyball Space Tattoo

This volleyball with the space tattoo symbolizes that the wearer likes to play volleyball but also wants to become an astronaut. They love this game and aspire to go to space someday to explore the unexplored universe. Here, volleyball is represented as Saturn with a ring around it. It denotes the immense love by the wearer for both space and volleyball.

  • A Player Hitting the Volleyball Tattoo

Player hitting the Volleyball Tattoo

In this tattoo, a player is seen hitting a giant volleyball. It signifies the love for the sport as the wearer sees the ball massive than himself. The ball here symbolizes the wearer’s immense love for the sport.

  • Volleyball with the Crown Tattoo

Volleyball with the Crown Tattoo

The Volleyball tattoo with the Crown represents strength, triumph, self-control, and glory. The Crown represents the captain of the volleyball team. It also denotes that volleyball is the best outdoor sport to play.

  • Volleyball with the Net Tattoo

Volleyball with the Net Tattoo

Here, volleyball with the net is represented as a tattoo. The net denotes the boundary laid by the wearer in his character and nature. He likes to remain calm in all situations. Also, it shows the love and passion of the wearer for the sport. He wants to represent his country in volleyball at the highest level.

  • An Ostrich With The Volleyball in his Throat Tattoo

An Ostrich With The Volleyball in his Throat

An Ostrich is a national bird of Australia. Also, volleyball is largely played in that country. Here, Ostrich is represented with the volleyball in his throat, which conveys the different meanings by the wearer. He is a good volleyball player and likes to play this sport on an open field, similar to Ostrich, who likes to remain in an open ground.

  •  Girl with the Volleyball Tattoo

Girl with the Volleyball Tattoo

This line tattoo looks adorable. Here, the girl is seen lifting the barbell and volleyball on both hands. The wearer of the tattoo signifies that volleyball is a game that requires immense strength to play. As it requires a stern hit to throw the ball at the other end. Also, volleyball can be played by both men and women.

  • Volleyball Tattoo in a Remembrance of the Loved One

Volleyball Tattoo in a Remembrance of the Loved One

This tattoo looks simple and colorful. By the naked eye, it seems like the tattoo is inked using watercolors. After getting a closer look, you get to know that the tattoo is inked with different types of permanent inks. The wearer has inked this tattoo on his shoulder blade in remembrance of his loved one. He was deeply attached to that person. 1962 is the year of birth of the deceased person, and in 1918, that person died. In honor of that person, the wearer has inked this tattoo.

  • Manga Volleyball Tattoo

Manga Volleyball Tattoo

This colorful tattoo not only represents the wearer’s love for volleyball but also for the manga, which is a form of comic created in Japan. By combining volleyball with this art style, it gives this tattoo a truly unique expression, which is hard to match with contemporary tattoo style.

  • Volleyball Heartbeat Tattoo

Volleyball Heartbeat Tattoo

This volleyball heartbeat tattoo shows that the wearer is an ardent fan of this sport. He plays this game every time he gets a chance. He is also firmly committed to the sport. The quote written below the volleyball tattoo denotes the same. It means that the wearer is in love with volleyball to such an extent that he is ready to give his heart’s out.

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