Bon Gamin’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ciryl Jacky Gane is famous for his nickname, Bon Gamin. Ciryl is a renowned french professional Mixed Martial Artist. He currently competes in the heavyweight division of UFC. Ciryl is a professional fighter who stepped into this field in 2016. However, he made his professional debut in MMA a few years later, in the year 2018. Just like most of the MMA players, Ciryl has got somebody’s inks done. Let us explore them.

Ciryl Gane
Okay, it’s a French nickname. But that’s perfect. I have this already on my legs. This is not only a name of group, but this is a mindset, ‘Bon Gamin’. It’s like stay young forever. Stay young on your mind forever. Stay young and do what you want to do. Stay humble. Stay everything good feeling just good feeling. This is Bon Gamin.”

Ciryl chest tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his chest, Ciryly has got a tattoo of eight directions.

2. Arm Tattoos

Ciryl arm designs Ciryl arm tattoos

3. Back Tattoo

Ciryl back tattoo

4. ‘BON GAMIN’ Tattoo

Ciryl BON GAMIN Tattoo

Ciryl BON GAMIN Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left thigh, right above his knee, Ciryl has the tattoo that reads, ‘BON GAMIN’.

Meaning: Bon Gamin is one of the famous nicknames of Ciryl Gane. Bon Gamin stands for ‘Good Kid’ in English. He believes that he is a good guy who likes to love, play, and dance.

My nickname is Bon Gamin. In English is good kids. And when switching to MMA we’re looking forward for some nickname because in MMA people like that. And I say I don’t know exactly. I know, I’m a good guy. Every time I like to love, I like to dancing every time. But I like to go to the war. I say babyface, something like that. A good kids or something like that. We’re stupid, Bon Gamin.”

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