Melanie Martinez’s 35 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Melanie Adele Martinez better known as Melanie Martinez is a famous American Singer and a lyricist. She became famous in 2012 after appearing in the vocal talent show The Voice. In 2015, Martinez has a few tattoos, let’s explore them and their meanings.


1. ‘Two Candy Heart’ Tattoos


 Tattoo: Melanie has two colored hearts on her left elbow.

Meaning: Martinez has a tattoo on her left elbow which includes a blue and a pink heart box-shaped tattoo. It was her very first ink on her left elbow. She got this done in July 2014 by renowned artist Lauren Winzer.

2. ‘Carousel Horse’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Carousel Horse Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a carousel horse inked on her forearm.

Meaning: A carousel or a merry go round type of ride horse under an umbrella is inked in colourfull pastel shades on her left elbow. She has been fond of carousels since her childhood.

“There are certain [tattoos] that mean different things. I loved carousels since I was little, but that’s also why I wanted to write a song called Carousel, so everything in my life kind of fits together,” she told Now 105.

3. ‘Teddy bear’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Teddy Bear Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has Teddy Bear inked on her upper arm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez has ink of yellow Chrome Bear on her left upper arm. This traditional style toy teddy tattoo was inked in September 2014.

4. ‘Heart shaped Lollypop’ Tattoo

Melanie-Martinez-Heart Shape Lollipop-Tattoo

Tattoo: She has a heart shaped lollipop on her right forearm.

5. ‘Pin-up girl holding juice box’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a Pin-up girl holding juice box inked on her upper arm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez has an oval-shaped tattoo of a pin-up girl with a box of apple juice inked in her upper right arm done by artist Wayne Fredrickson in November 2014.

6. ‘Cheese in a heart’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Cheese in Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Cheese in a heart is inked on her upper arm

Meaning: On her upper left arm there is a piece of swiss cheese in a red heart with scalloped lace trim. The reason is simply her insane love for cheese.

She told Fuse: “I love cheese. I’m obsessed with cheese!  I’m like the biggest dairy queen in the world.”

7. ‘Two Kewpie Dolls’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Kewpie Dolls Tattoo

Tattoo: Two kewpie dolls inked on her upper arm.

Meaning: This piece of large head big-eyed two dolls is inked on her upper arm. Melanie got this done from artist Linnea Pecsenye in February 2015. These two adjoined heads include left one which is a happy little boy holding a lollipop whereas the right one is a little girl who is crying representing joy and sadness.

8. ‘Ice Cream Cone’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has an Ice Cream inked on her upper right arm. This artwork of a colourfull ice cream cone with a bow on it and some sparkles was inked in February 2015 by Linnea Pecsenye.

9. ‘Bunny and a knife’ Tattoo

Melanie-Martinez Rabbit and a Knife

Tattoo: Melanie has a Bunny and a knife inked on her right forearm. 

Meaning: In February 2015, Melanie got a tattoo of a blue colored cartoon bunny with a knife just below it. This piece is an inspiration from her childhood first pet which was a bunny and a knife inked below it because her pet was decapitated by another rabbit.

She was captured saying that,” This one I got for my bunny. It was actually my first pet ever. And then I got a dog and my parents told me I couldn’t have a bunny and a dog, so we all decided to give the bunny away to a friend of a friend who already had a bunny. So we thought “It’ll have a friend, that’s amazing, that’s awesome.” So they left my bunny and their bunny in the backyard unattended for like four hours. They ended up finding their bunny in their neighbour’s backyard and my bunny’s head was in their yard.

10. ‘Cake’ Tattoo

Melanie-Martinez-Cake Tattoo

Tattoo: Cake is inked on her upper right arm.

Meaning: A pink birthday cake decorated with ribbons and flowers topped with the party hat and a burning candle on it is inked on the upper right arm of Melanie. She got this inked in March 2015 from artist Marie Sena. She got this ink after being inspired by Chloe Tersegnie who drew the illustrations from the storybook accompaniment to Melanie’s debut album Crybaby.

11. ‘Angel On Calf’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Angel on Calf Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has an angel inked on her calf.

Meaning: A portrait of retro Glamorous girl with wings is inked on the backside of her calf. This tattoo is a black outlining of a pinned up head girl.

12. ‘Jeweled Ice Cream’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Jewelled Ice Cream Tattoo

Tattoo: Jeweled Ice Cream inked on her upper right arm.

Meaning: A beautiful colored ice cream cone near her upper right arm is the second addition to her already existing ice cream tattoo. This ink was done by artist Lauren Winzer in June 2015. There are two scoops of ice cream — one teal and one pink — with a variety of colored jewels sticking out and a golden cone.

13. ‘Balloon Animal Dog’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Balloon Dog Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a Balloon Animal Dog inked on her forearm.

Meaning: This amusement park theme blue balloon dog is inked on the back of her forearm. It is one of the four tattoos from artist Lauren Winzer which is just next to a carousel horse on her forearm.

14. ‘Kewpie Doll in a Bunny Suit’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Kewpie Dolls Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a Kewpie doll in a bunny suit inked on her forearm

Meaning: A large-headed and a big-eyed doll dressed in a pink bunny suit holding an ice cream cone in her left hand is inked on Melanie’s forearm. It was also inked by Lauren Winzer. This tattoo is an inspiration from her childhood memories.

” This one is based on a couple of experiences from when I was a kid.  My first word was “mine.” It happened when I was in my walker in my driveway and my dad snatched an ice cream out of my hand and I just screamed “mine!”…like “Give me my ice cream! Why’d you take my ice cream?”  And then there’s a picture of me outside dressed as a bunny…So I just did a little Kewpie baby dressed as a bunny, holding ice cream that’s melting, just to mix the two experiences.

15. ‘Ice Cream Truck’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Ice Cream Truck Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has an Ice Cream Truck inked on her bicep.

Meaning: A mini Ice Cream truck of pink and green color with a mega cone from which cream is dripping on its roof and some popsicles depicted on its body is inked on the inside of her upper arm done by Lauren Winzer in June 2015

16. ‘Milk Cartoon’ Tattoo


Tattoo: A milk cartoon is inked on Melanie’s calf.

Meaning: She has a tattoo of a milk carton on outside of her right calf.  A black colored carton inked only in outlining with a word “milk” written on the front is the tattoo-inspired from her debut album Crybaby’s lyrics “milk and cookies”.

17. ‘Teardrop’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Teardrop Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a teardrop inked on her right Forearm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez got the teardrop tattooed on August 14, 2015, to honor the release of her debut album Crybaby.

18. ‘Character Elephant and Tiger’ Tattoos

Tattoo: Melanie has a Tiger and an Elephant inked on her right and left calves respectively.

Meaning: She has CARTOON characters inked on her calves. This ink of tiger is the cartoon character from Disney symphonies in 1936. The tattoo shows the tiger holding bouquet of flowers which is a gift from Elmer the elephant inked on her left calf. It was inked by Shon Lindauer.

19. ‘Decapitated Girl’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Decapitated Girl Tattoo

Tattoo: The Decapitated girl is inked under her left knee.

Meaning: This ink is a drawing inspired by Masami Yanagida. It is inked on her left leg and contains a little girl jumping and her neck is split from which roses are spilling out and the head is on above with smiling expressions.

20. ‘Red wagon’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Red Wagon Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a Red Wagon inked on her lower right leg.

Meaning: A red wagon with a pillow is a portrait inked on her lower right leg. It is inspired by her childhood memories and the Z’ ss represent her childhood naps. She got it from artist Shon Lindauer at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles in November 2015. She had also shared the picture of her’s as a child napping in the wagon and being pulled by an adult.

21. ‘Masami Yanagida Illustration’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On her calf, Melanie has multiple illustrations done by Masami Yanagida.

Meaning: This ink of a man sliced in so many cuts from which there are flowers and buds are emerging out of it. The midsection of the ink says “love love you”. It is art from Japanese illustrator Masami Yanagida. She revealed her ink through a photo on Twitter of the original artwork.

22. ‘Naked Couple’ Tattoo

Melanie-Martinez-Naked Couple Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a naked couple inked on her right thigh.

Meaning: A pair of tattoos on her both thighs reveal some complexities between relationships. This illustration on her right leg is of a naked couple who have their head on a lottery wheel. It represents the aloofness between our mind and bodies, notably in this sex illustration their head is apart from where sex is a game based on luck while relationships are challenging.

22. ‘Clothed Couple’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Clothed Couple Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has another couple inked in the maze on her left thigh.

Meaning: Another relative illustration of a relationship where there is a clothed couple standing together. The older version of the tattoo had the words with three roses depictive of “I LOVE YOU” Word “TOUGH”. The tattoo is the representation that relationships are challenging and their heads in a maze are together in end means it is worth completing it together.

23. ‘Boy riding in a tricycle’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has ink which shows a boy riding in a tricycle inked on her upper arm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez has a tattoo of a little boy inked by Lauren Winzer. The boy is wearing a mask riding a tricycle holding a little flag with a horn detailing in all red. This little superheroic portrait is an inspiration from a  surrealist artist Mark Rayden’s 2001 painting, The Magical Circus.

24. ‘Gumball Machine’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Gumball Machine Tattoo

Tattoo: A Gumball Machine is inked on her sternum.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez has a pink gumball machine on the lower chest area from her favorite artist Lauren Winzer. She got inspired by Rihanna’s goddess is a tattoo in lower chest area about which she stated  as uncool

25. Heart with “222” Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Heart with 222 written on it is inked on her bicep.

Meaning: The no “222” written inside the pink heart on Melanie Martinez’s upper right arm was inked during her tour in Melbourne. She included “222” as it is her lucky number.

“The number follows me around everywhere. Usually whenever I see it something good happens,”

26. ‘Tooth’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Tooth Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie also has a Tooth inked on her left bicep.

Meaning: A cutesy and innocent-faced with Rosie cheeks tooth and stary eyes in outlining is inked on Melanie’s upper left arm. It was done by the tattoo artist, Nat G during the tour in Melbourne.

27. ‘Madeline’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has a Madeline book character inked near her left knee.

Meaning: A portrait of children`s book character Madeline with a quote from respective series “we love our bread we love our butter is inked on her left calf was actually a prayer Madeline and her schoolmates recite before they eat their meal .she included this prayer in her ink which appears as she herself holding a loaf of bread surrounded by little pink hearts, inked by artist nat g during a tour of Melbourne at good luck tattoo in January 2016.

28. ‘Girl Sipping Alphabets’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has a Girl Sipping Alphabets inked on her shoulder.

Meaning: Melanie has a young kid who is sipping soup which comprises of alphabets with adding some spiders around giving it a twist is based upon illustrations from the ’50s.

She explained in an interview with Grammy pro :

It’s based off an illustration from the 50’s of a Campbell’s Soup girl eating soup, but I had him draw bugs next to it.

29. ‘The Clock’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Clock Tattoo

Tattoo: The clock is inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez got this smiling CLOCK tattoo on her forearm. It is inspired by the contemporary artist Mark Ryden. However, she got it done in her own style by taking the face of a wall clock from the 2000 painting, The Butcher Bunny, thus making it look like an old fashioned alarm clock.

30. ‘Balloon’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Balloon Tattoo

Tattoo: Melanie has a balloon inked on her bicep.

Meaning: This ink is an inspiration from Mark Ryden’s illustration of the magic circus. She got it inked at the same time she had done her Tricycle Voy tattoo on her bicep.

31. ‘Lamb’ Tattoo

Melanie Martinez Pink Lamb Tattoo

Tattoo: Lamb is inked on Melanie’s upper left arm.

Meaning: This cute pinky little lamb is inked on her left arm is the part of her trio arm tattoos. All three are inspired by vintage nursery decals and designed by the artist who illustrated Melanie’s crybaby album storybook, The Chloe Tersigni.

32. ‘Crying Teddy Bear’ Tattoo

Melanie-Martinez-Crying Teddy Bear Tattoo

Tattoo: She also owns a crying teddy bear which is inked on her upper left arm.

Meaning: Melanie Martinez got this trio of tattoos from Lauren Winzer. This crying teddy is one of those three tattoos which she got inked during her Australia tour in 2016.

33. ‘Duckling’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has a duckling inked on her upper left arm.

Meaning: This duckling is the last THIRD of the trio which she had got from Lauren Winzer during a tour in Australia in August 2016.

34. ‘Strawberry’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Melanie has a Strawberry inked on her upper left arm.

Meaning: She has a tattoo of a pink strawberry on her upper left arm with words “strawberry on top and “boy” below it.

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