Aitana’s 10 Tattoos and their Meanings

Aitana Ocaña Morales is a famous Spanish singer, songwriter, and author. She achieved stardom as a nationally recognized idol after getting placed as the second runner-up on the Spanish reality talent show Operación Triunfo. Aitana followed a tradition of meaningful tattoos with a minimalistic and linework style, capturing her singer and personal life as ink on her arms. From the initials of her parents, and twin tattoos with her family and friends, to a tribute to her dog and many more. Throughout this article, we will explore each one of them and their possible artful meanings.


1. “Munay” on Left Forearm

Aitana's forearm tattoo

The cursively inked design “Munay” was the first tattoo that Aitana shared publicly and explained that it originates from the indigenous Quechua people of the Andes and their language. It symbolizes a state of love “for yourself, your family, and your life unconditionally, eternally and without reason”.  The beauty of this tattoo is that the singer shares it with her older cousins, showing her care and love for her family and their utmost importance in her life.

2. Number “1727” on Right Forearm

Aitana's Number Tattoo

During the show, Aitana released her debut single, recorded with a fellow contestant, that became an instant hit and was charted as the number-one song for several weeks. The program became a turning point for her career, and to commemorate it she tattooed the number assigned to her during the auditions. The singer decided to get it inked on the inner side of her forearm in a very fine black line design. In addition to being a souvenir, the number “27” also signifies her birthday. Thus, the singer always carries the number that marked her life and career beginnings.

3. Two Joined Faces on the Right Arm

Aitana Twin faces Tattoo

Aitana has a tattoo on her right forearm that depicts two linked faces, each staring in a different direction, which is tied to the extreme change in her life that occurred following her ascent to popularity. A line-art sketch that depicts her life before and after fame, as well as her transformation following her participation in the Operación Triunfo program.

4. Honey Bee on Right Ankle

Aitana's ankle tattoo

Another tattoo signifying her life during the program could be Aitana’s tattoo on her right ankle, which she describes as “one of the pleasures of life.” During the production of the reality show, the singer admitted to being a huge fan of honey, to a previously undiscovered scale. It is one of her many mysterious tattoos, without any concrete origins, but according to her supporters, her love of honey may have prompted her to get a bee tattoo as a joke.

5. Parents’ Initials on Left Wrist

Aitana's wrist tattoo

Aitana has two initials, a “B” and a “C,” carved in a Gothic style on the inside of her left wrist. These are the initials of her parents, Cosme Ocaña and Belén Morales, two of the most significant people in her life. The singer has shown herself to be deeply attached to her family, particularly her parents, who encouraged her to pursue her ambition from the beginning. It makes sense that the singer chose to permanently tattoo their initials on her body as a way to remember them.

6. Sunflower on Left Bicep

Aitana's Sunflower tattoo

Aitana intended to keep Marta, her best friend, in her memory forever when she moved to the capital from Catalonia. Aitana revealed during her appearance on El Hormiguero that the sunflower held great significance for both of them, which is why they chose to get it tattooed together. For them, the sunflower tattoo, a simple drawing with black shading, denotes the energy of the sun and it is this energy that both friends pass on to each other. “We have gotten a tattoo symbolic of us because I am going to live abroad and we love each other very much. It is a flower that is very significant for me and Marta,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

7. Butterfly on the Right Forearm

Aitana's Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly on her skin is another mysterious tattoo of the artist as she hasn’t publicly revealed what it means in any additional detail. It is one of her biggest tattoos and the only known fact about it, through her Instagram post, is that Hellen Saigi, a reliable tattoo artist, is the creator of this design. Given that Aitana has transformed into one of the most successful singers of recent years, many of her fans have wished to connect it with her metamorphosis as an artist.

8. Bowl of Soup on Right Forearm

Aitana's Bowl of Soup Tattoo

Just above the butterfly, Aitana inked a bowl of soup in honor of her dog, Sopita. It is a small tribute to her adopted dog, whom she takes everywhere. The simple line design was done by her favorite artist Bruno M. Salmón.

9. Spider on Left Inner Forearm

Aitana's Spider tattoo

Aitana has another fine and delicate design made with a hyper-realistic line by Mr. Salmon. The meaning of this tattoo is not known but her followers speculate that it could be a nod towards her father’s phobia of spiders.

10.  Moon on Right Shoulder

Aitana's Shoulder tattoo

After a memorable holiday with her loved ones in Ibiza the prior summer, the singer chose to get a half-moon tattoo on the recommendation of her Instagram followers. “We saw a moon just as it was when we arrived on our vacation in Ibiza,” she commented later.

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