24 Inspiring Businessman Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Is entrepreneurship in your blood, or are you just getting started, but you know you’re meant for it? Make it your goal to join the ranks of those who are trailblazers, risk-takers, and those who reap the rewards of countless sleepless nights with an entrepreneur tattoo based on motivation, entrepreneurship, work ethic, and other themes that contribute to success.

Thus in this article, we will take a look at some of the most amazing business and entrepreneurs tattoo designs that you can make on your skin for success and good luck charm or can look at it to inspire you from time to time. So take a look at the following article to know all the amazing and creative ideas!

Where Should You Get Businessman Tattoo Design?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of  Businessman Tattoo Designs

  • Awesome Tattoo Design On Arm

banking tattoo 1

Take a look at this tattoo with a touch of artistic flair, as if you took the corporate world and added some creativity and art to it. I like the beautiful colors that have been added and which give it a very distinctive look!

  • Realistic Tattoo Design On Leg

capitalism tattoos 1

Here’s another business-themed tattoo showcasing business and industry. Both the legs are done with beautiful imagery. I think the use of black color is quite nice and suits this tattoo well.

  • Practical Tattoo Design On Hand

cash in hand tattoo 1

With Ben Franklin next to the bills that feature him, we’ve got a tattoo design that’s perfect for when you’re focusing on the Benjamins. This image on the other hand is quite different!

  • Lettered Tattoo Design On Fingers

creative entrepreneur tattoo 2

You’ll recognize these logos as those associated with Adobe software, which are ones that online entrepreneurs can relate to. These images on fingers are quite a quirky option!

  • Fabulous Tattoo Design On Arm

Dirty money tattoo 1

The following tattoo depicts a knife stabbed through a stack of cash in a more traditional American style. I like the addition of the colors which gives it a very different look!

  • Monetary Tattoo Design On Arm

entrepreneur business tattoo 2

The tattoo of Benjamin Franklin’s head depicts a skull, as does the pile of cash on the table. The whole design is quite realistic which looks pretty amazing.

  • Motivational Tattoo Design On Arm

entrepreneur tat designs 1

The phrase “I’d Rather Die on My Feet Than Live on My Knees” can be attributed to many entrepreneurs. Quotes and texts turn out to be quite amazing tattoo designs that you can make in multiple places.

  • Goal Digger Tattoo Design On Wrist

goal digger tattoo 1

It says “Goal Digger” instead of “Gold Digger”, which means to track achievements. It is quite small and to the point so it makes for a perfect design if you are not into something elaborative.

  • Messaged Tattoo Design On Arm

grind you down 1

Stick to it, don’t let them grind you down. It is a great quote to motivate you!

  • Artistic Tattoo Design On Arm

grind 1 960x1200 1

A tattoo that says “Grind”. It is quite a nice option if you want simple designs with little text.

  • Hustle Tattoo Design On Hand

hustle hand tattoo 1

A Hustle hand tattoo, I believe it’s temporary. However, if you want you can use a similar pattern and probably some other word or font.

  • Hustle Harder Tattoo Design On Wrist

hustle harder tattoo 1

You can still get ideas and inspiration from this Hustle Hard tattoo, which is temporary. But it works well if you need something inspiring that you could see every day.

  • Flowery Tattoo Design On Arm

money tattoo 1

The flower is made out of bills as money rose. Many people like such designs because it makes them feel empowered.

  • Marvelous Tattoo Design On Arm

money1 1

The money on my Mind tattoo idea is a great option if you are an entrepreneur or CEO. This design looks quite great on your arm as it covers the whole area quite effectively.

  • Wealthy Tattoo Design On Leg

Money Bag Tattoo 1

Two of the coin purse tattoos still have the seals on them, while the third one is spilling. This design is simple and has a simple motive too!

  • Approved Tattoo Design On Arm

Money Rose Lower Arm Sleeve Tattoos 1

The tattoo of the “Get Rich or Die Trying” saying with the money flower would be approved by 50 Cent himself. It is a beautiful design and besides just inspiring you can be worn as a piece of aesthetics.

  • Suitable Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Money Tattoo 57 650x650 1

There is a shoulder tattoo showing $100 bills transformed into a mask, with a woman crying behind it. It is made quite beautifully and can have significant and deep meanings for you too. I like the shading effect which has been given to this design.

  • Stay Humble Tattoo Design On Arm

stay humble hustle hard tattoo 1 900x1200 1

Stay Humble/Hustle Hard tattoo design is quite great. It is very neatly made on the arm and looks pretty nice.

  • Supporting Tattoo Design On Wrist

support the dreamers tattoo 1

Support the Dreamers tattoo idea is a great one and would inspire the onlookers too!

  • Massive Tattoo Design On Back

Businessman Tattoo 2

This design has covered the whole back and looks quite nice. It looks pretty amazing as it has a lot of beautiful elements to it. It also has a realistic touch which is quite great.

  • Dreamer Tattoo Design On Wrist

Businessman Tattoo 3

If you want something fun then this design would look quite great. This design has both fun as well as serious elements to it.

  • Lovely Tattoo Design On Wrist

Businessman Tattoo 4

You can make something like this on your wrist which would look nice. It is a mix of both kinds of fonts which is quite amazing.

  • Keep Fighting Tattoo Design On Wrist

Businessman Tattoo 5

This quote tattoo design on the wrist looks quite nice. It is pretty motivational too and you can choose many fonts to add to this.

  • Sacrificing Tattoo Design On Body

Businessman Tattoo 1

This script tattoo design is made on the ribs which are quite nice. It is extensive enough so that you can write and convey a rather bigger message.

  • Directive Tattoo Design On Arm

Businessman Tattoo 1

This beautiful quote is pretty nice and it has a rather deep message behind it. It means that to reach the top level, one has to cross a lot of difficulties and take the rough ways.

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