Catherine McNeil’s 58 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Catherine McNeil is a famous Australian fashion model. She has appeared in advertisements for D&G, Versace, Donna Karan, and Jean-Paul. She has been declared as one of the top models of the 2000s by Vogue Paris. Catherine has also appeared on covers of multiple magazines such as French Vogue, American Vogue, etc. Catherine is known to be a tattoo addict and has the whole of her body covered with multiple large and tiny inks. Let us take a deep insight into her tattoos and explore their meanings.

Catherine McNeil

“A few of them do. Some of them my friends have given to me and then some are from drunken nights when I got my sister’s name and a few friend’s names. Others are really completely random. For example, I was doing a shoot in a house in Carroll Gardens and they had a frog skeleton on their table and I was like ‘oh I like that, I’m going to get one of those.’ Come to think of it, I actually have a lot of bugs. I have a rhinoceros beetle because I used to see them in Australia when I was a kid a lot. I also have a moth, a bee, and a candle burning on both ends because I have a tendency to do exactly that.”

“You should be sure about what you’re getting. If you’re really not that sure, get it somewhere you can’t see it so you can’t look at it. Make sure you do your research and go to a good shop.”


1. ‘PARADISE’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil PARADISE Tattoo

Tattoo: Catherine has got the word PARADISE inked across the inner sides of her fingers.

2. ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Broken Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: On the palm of her left hand, Catherine has a broken heart tattoo inked.

3. ‘Flower’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Flower on Hand

Tattoo: On the palm of her right hand, Catherine has got a flower inked.

4. “13” Tattoo

Catherine McNeil 13 Tattoo

Tattoo: The right-hand wrist of Catherine carries two inks one is numeral 13 and the other is some writing.

5. ‘Forsaken Peace’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Forsaken Peace Tattoo

Tattoo: Forsaken Peace is inked on the inner side of her left wrist.

6. ‘Cross and Palm Tree’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Cross and Palm Tree Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny palm tree inked on her ring finger of right hand followed by a small cross on the center.


7. ‘Flower on Wrist’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Flower on Wrist

8. ‘Kill the head, and body will die’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Kill the head and the body will die

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left bicep, Catherine has a phrase inked which says,’kill the head and body will die’.

9. ‘Tiny Heart’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Tiny Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny heart with a banner passing through it inked on the outer side of her right top arm.

10. ‘Bug’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Bug Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a bug inked on the inner side of her left arm.

11. The symbol on Right Hand

Catherine McNeil Symbol on Right Hand

12. ‘Maybe Not…’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Maybe not Tattoo

Tattoo: Her outer left arm carries a tattoo which is read as, Maybe not‘.

“It’s about not being able to find a balance—working too much and then partying too much.”


Catherine McNeil Back Tattoos

13. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: A major portion of Catherine’s left side of the is covered with a beautiful Rose Tattoo

14. ‘Scorpion’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Scorpian Tattoo -

15. ‘Lizards’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Pair of Lizards Tattoo

16. ‘Shaking Hands’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Shaking Hands Tattoo

17. ‘Insect Skeleton’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Insect Skeleton Tattoo

18. ‘Cross on the back Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Cross Tattoo

19. ‘Snake’ Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Snake Tattoo

20. ‘Hissing Cobra and Cherries’ Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Hissing Cobra and cherries Tattoo

21. ‘Angry Squirrel’ Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Angry Squirrel Tattoo

22. ‘Blood Stained Knife’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Dagger Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a blood-stained knife inked in the center of her back.

23. ‘Moth’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil bee Tattoo

24. Claw Clasping A fish Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Fish in Hand Tattoo

25. ‘Tribal Flowers’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Flowers on Back Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a bunch of flowers inked on the extreme right side of her back.

26. ‘Maple Leaf’ Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Maple Leaf Tattoo

27. A frog Skeleton Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Frog Sitting on Mushroom

” I’s doing a shoot in a house in Carroll Gardens and they had a frog skeleton on their table and I was like ‘oh I like that, I’m going to get one of those.”

28. ‘Tiny Underwater Creatures’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Underwater Creatures Tattoos

29. ‘No Love LOST’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil No Love LOST Tattoo

Tattoo: Right on the center of her back, there is a phrase inked, ‘No love LOST‘.

30. ‘Millipede’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Millipede Tattoo

31. ‘Caterpillar’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Caterpillar Tattoo

32. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Skull Tattoo

33. ‘Fox Face’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Fox Face Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tribal wolf inked on the lower right side of her back.

34. ‘Rhinoceros Beetle’ Tattoo

Rhinoceros Beetle Tattoo

“I have rhinoceros beetle because I used to see them in Australia when I was a kid a lot. I also have a moth, a bee, and a candle burning on both ends because I have a tendency to do exactly that.”

35. ‘Horse with Flower Neckband’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Horse Tattoo

36. Anchor Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Anchor Tattoo

Tattoo: There is an anchor inked on the top of her upper back.

37. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Catherine Mcneil Butterfly Tattoo

38. Ghost Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Ghost Tattoo

39. Tattoos on Shoulders

Catherine McNeil Shoulder Tattoos

Catherine McNeil GIRL Tattoo

40. ‘Whale’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Whale Tattoo


Catherine McNeil Foot Tattoos

41. ‘Bottle’ on Left Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Bottle Tattoo

42. ‘Foot Smileys’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Foot Fingers Tattoos

43. ‘Slice of Pizza’ and Names Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Pizza Slice Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the lower side of her right foot, she has a pizza slice inked followed by some names in the middle.

44. Writing on Waist Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Tattoo on waistline

On Catherine’s left waistline there is some writing.

45. Butt Tattoos

Catherine McNeil Butt Tattoos

46. Poetry under left foot

Catherine McNeil Poem Tattoo

Tattoo: The tattoo under her left foot reads, “Life is like a waterfall were (sic)  one in the river than one again after the fall,”.

47. Writings on arms

Catherine-McNeil-Small Writing Tattoos

48. Star behind ear

Catherine McNeil Star Behind Ear

49. ‘Ear’ Tattoos

Catherine McNeil Ear Tattoos

Tattoo: Catherine has a spiderweb and a tiny diamond inked on the inner lobes and the backside of her right ear, respectively.

50. Writing on the right side of her body

Catherine Writing on Side Tattoo

51. Flower on Waistline Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Flower on Waist line

Tattoo: There is another flower inked on the left side of her bikini line.

52. ‘MEOW’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil MEOW Tattoo

Tattoo: MEOW is inked on her right hand.

53. ‘HAR? Jack Tattoo

Catherine Butt Tattoo

HAR? Jack is inked on the top of her left butt.

54. Catherine’s Surname Tattoo

Catherine Surname

Tattoo: On the ankle of Catherine’s left leg there lies an ink which represents her surname inked in italics as McNeil.

55. Foot Tattoos

Tattoo: On her foot, Catherine has got GEMINI (her sun sign) is inked followed by multiple dots covering the top of her all foot fingers.

56. Stars Tattoo

Catherine McNeil Stars Tattoo

Tattoo: Stars are the symbol of fresh beginnings and close relationship with God, so is the reason for Catherine getting stars inked on her left wrist as she has a lot of faith in her prayers and the blessings that she receives due to them.

57. ‘life and LOVE’ Tattoo

Catherine McNeil life LOVE Tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm she has got the word ‘life‘ inked whereas another word i.e LOVE is inked on her ring finger of the right hand.

58. Finger Tattoos

Catherine Finger Tattoos

Tattoo: There are multiple symbols inked on Catherine’s fingers of both hands.

When asked about the tattoo which she would like to get removed or hates, she had to say this.

“There’s one on my body that I absolutely hate, but it’s on my foot so I can’t see it. All of the tattoos tell stories, so I feel like that’s part of getting them. I have friend’s names that I’m not friends with anymore which can feel a bit weird, but luckily I never get any ex’s initials or anything like that.”

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