15 Celebrities with Armband Tattoos

Plenty of individuals acquire armband tattoos for their unique look, but a large number also get tattoos that have meanings that are meaningful to them. Those who want to keep the memory of a loved one who passed away often select black armband tattoos. Originating from the custom of wearing black armbands as a sign of grief, this culture originated in the Indian subcontinent.

As far as cherry blossom armband tattoos go, these represent love, bravery, and feminine power. In Japan, however, the birds are regarded as the symbol of impermanence. There are other people, however, who wear tribal armband tattoos with pride. The people of Hawaii adhere to the Hawaiian culture by honoring tattoos with a water-based theme, since that represents their pride in their Hawaiian culture. Interested in finding out more? We’ve rounded up some armband tattoos and their meanings. But that’s just not it! Here is the list of celebrities who have a special interest in Arm Band tattoos:

List of 15 Celebrities with Armband Tattoo Designs

  • Joan Jett Armband Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

joan jett armband tattoo

The armband around Joan Jett’s left upper arm is adorned with a design.  The figure 8 armband on her upper left arm and the loops and swoops above it are described as “an armband with loops and swoops.”

  • Caroline Hjelt Armband Tattoo Design On Pinky Finger

caroline hjelt hand tattoo

Carolyn Hjelt has numerous tattoos on her right hand, including a ring around her pinky finger, two triangles around her ring finger, and an eye on her index finger, along with a pair of crossed bones on the back of her wrist.

  • Kristen May Armband Tattoo Design On Right Arm

kristen may bird beads tattoo 

Kristine May has a tattoo on her right arm of a chain and beaded necklace fashioned into an armband. She wears a bird with beads in its mouth on the inside of her arm.

  • Kristen May Armband Tattoo Design On Arm

kristen may beads armband tattoo

As part of her project, Kristen May got a tattoo of a necklace wrapped around the upper right side of her arm in September 2013. She holds one of the strands in her beak as a bird sits on the inside of her arm.

  • Courtney Love Armband Tattoo Design On Left Ankle

courtney clover ankle tattoo

The green four-leaf clovers that adorn Courtney Love’s left ankle are a source of luck

  • Alexandra Shipp Armband Tattoo Design On Left Arm

alexandra shipp red line arm tattoo

The red band around Alexandria Shipp’s left arm is a red line.

  • Brittany Furlan Armband Tattoo Design On Forearm

brittany furlan black band forearm tattoo

There is a black band tattoo adorning Brittany Furlan’s right forearm.

  • Frances Bean Cobain Armband Tattoo Design On Right Leg

frances bean cobain line calf tattoo

A line is tattooed around Frances Bean Cobain’s right leg.

  • JoJo  Armband Tattoo Design On Wrist

jojo turquoise bracelet tattoo

She has a bangle bracelet tattooed on her left forearm, representing turquoise. She started with writing tattoos on the wrist that looked like jewelry, but she took it a step further with this bracelet tattoo. “Sagittarius” is what she described as the meaning of her tattoo. ”Sedona. Bracelets. Vibes.” Sagittarius is one of the five zodiac signs associated with turquoise and it’s also one of the five stones associated with her favorite color.

  • Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins Armband Tattoo Design On Ankles

tionne t boz watkins ankle flower band tattoo

The right ankle of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has a floral band tattoo

  • Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas Armband Tattoo Design On Ankles

rozonda chilli thomas ankle tattoo

The floral band tattoo on the right ankle of Rosanda “Chilli” Thomas is from her favorite designer.

  • Inanna Sarkis Armband Tattoo Design On Arm

inanna sarkis band forearm tattoo

Right around Inanna Sarkis’ armrest is a double band tattoo.

  • Grimes  Armband Tattoo Design On Pinkie Finger

grimes finger band tattoo

There are two bands around Grimes’ left pinkie finger, like rings.

  • Tameka Tiny Harris Armband Tattoo Design On Left Wrist

tameka tiny harris heart wrist tattoo

In the form of a bracelet, Tameka Tiny Harris is wearing a chain of hearts around her left wrist. The other half of the hearts have red ink dotted around them, and the remaining half is empty. T.I., her rapper husband, sits in the center. He was nicknamed “Tip” by (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.).

  • Janeane Garofalo Armband Tattoo Design On Forearm

janeane garofalo initial tattoo

Janeane Garofalo’s left arm tattoos include a letter “C” at the end of her knuckles, her initials across the back of her wrist, and swirls encircling her forearm

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