Rich Homie Quan’s 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dequantes Devontay Lamar, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter is famous by his stage name Rich Homie Quan. Currently, Quan works with Motown records. He is known to have a great love for Literature and enjoyed his creative writing classes a lot. He was also sent to prison for 15 months for robbery. Quan has a great interest in getting his body tattooed. Currently, his legs and arms are hugely inked. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Rich Homie Quan

“All my tattoos have meaning behind them. I cant just get a tattoo just because the other guy has it. Some days I wear jeans and I cannot see Jimi so I can see Edward on my arm. I love my tattoos and all of them are close to me. They mean so much to me. I feel tattoos relates to me. No matter how many I have on my body.”

Quan arm tattoos

“I had so many of tattoos and I used to were t-shirts to cover up my tattoos but, since I come from Atlanta, its culture is such that you keep getting tattoos over tattoos.”

1. ‘ATLANTA’ Tattoo

Quan chest tattoo

Tattoo: Across his chest, Quan has got a huge tattoo that details multiple buildings with the word, ‘ATLANTA’ tattooed in red.

Meaning: This is Quan’s dedication of love for his birth city as, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

2. ‘Thou Shall Fear No Evil’ Tattoo

Quan chest writing

Tattoo: Right above the Atlanta City tattoo, Quan has got a Bible Verse inked that can be read as ‘Thou Shall Fear No Evil’.

Meaning: The phrase means has been inspired from Psalms 23:4. however, the lines also form the part of  “Yo Gotti – Oooh Feat. Rich Homie Quan & Snootie Wild Lyrics”. The lines basically mean that we should not fear evil and bad since God is with us.

On my hip where I keep it cause I don’t trust nobody
Thou shall fear no evil, and never trust nobody
But I will ride for your people you can never trust nobody
Watch out for them niggas who keep a close eye on them bitches
I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, but I can’t trust nobody
I can’t trust nobody
I can’t trust nobody

3. Portrait on Leg Tattoo

Quan Edward Sccisorshands

Tattoo: On his left arm, Quan has got a big portrait of Edward Scissorhands inked.

Meaning: Quan got Edward Scissorhands tattoo because he loved his music a lot. Quan also claimed it to be his favorite ink.

“My favorite is Edward Scissorhands. Growing up I like the music but you know I got to learn the story just the way he was so different. Just the way he did everything differently.”

“Edward was different. He was also an oukast, and he also had a big heart. Yea he made one mistake everybody turnd they back on him. Sometimes the weirdest people can be your hero. And it just happens Mr. Scissor hand as one of mines.”

4. ‘Sons Name’ Tattoo

Quan face tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his face, Homie has got the name of his son ‘KHOSEN‘ inked. Quan got it inked even before the birth of his unborn son in the year 2016.

5. ‘Guitar and Music Notes’ Tattoo

Quan guitar and music notes tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder there is a guitar inked along with numerous musical notes surrounding the guitar.

Meaning: Guitar and musical notes are the symbols of Quan’s connection with music. Nothing is strange as we already know that Quan is an avid music lover and is highly successful in his career.

6. ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Tattoo 

Quan Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Quan Jimi Tattoo

Tattoo: A portrait of Jimi Hendrix is tattooed on Quan’s right leg.

Meaning: Jimi Hendrix was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He gave influencing performance throughout his musical career which was spread only through four years. Quan got his portrait inked because he said that Jimi was his favorite and had a great influence over him. Jimi is regarded as the most influential electric guitarist and also one of the most celebrated musicians of ’20s.

7. Hand Tattoo

Quan left hand tattoo

8. Left Leg Tattoo

Quan left leg tattoo

9. ‘Money Bag with RH’ Tattoo

Quan RH Tattoo

Quan left shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: A money bag with the initials ‘RH’ is tattooed on Quan’s left shoulder. RH represents Rich Homie Quan’s names’ initials.

10. Leg Tattoos

Quan leg tattoos

11. Maple Leaf Tattoo

Quan maple leaf tattoo

Tattoo: Tiny maple leaf is inked behind Quan’s right ear.

Meaning: Maple leaf tattoo is the symbol of passion, love, and freedom. Also, the maple leaf is a common tattoo that is inked on the young prisoners.

12. ‘Mother’s Name’ Tattoo

Quan Mother name tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Quan has got that tattoo of his mother’s name. This was Quan’s first body tattoo which he got at the age of 15 years.

“The first tattoo that I ever got was my mother’s name on my left arm and shoulder. I was like 15 or 16 and I paid 18 dollars for the tattoo. Now when I see it I realize it is totally worth it.”

13. ‘Flying Pigeon’ Tattoo

Quan neck bird tattoo

Tattoo: Flying Pigeon is inked on the right side of Quan’s neck.

Meaning: A flying pigeon is the symbol of liberation, independence, and freedom. However, it can also be used to denote your love for your near one who is no more alive.

14. Neck Design 

Quan neck tattoo

15. ‘RICH HOMIE’ Tattoo

Quan RICH HOMIE Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘RICH HOMIE’ inked in bold on Quan’s left upper arm. The tattoo contains the words inked inside the red design.

15. ‘Microphone’ Tattoo

Quan righ bicep microphone tattoo

Tattoo: Microphone tattoo on Quan’s right bicep.

“I got my Microphone when i was in 11 grade tattooed on my right bicep. it lies there so I can look at it everyday. It was my second tattoo.”

16. Roses Tattoo

Quan roses tattoo

Tattoo: Trail of red roses is inked on the right side of Quan’s stomach.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love, affection, and romance.

17. Shoulder Tattoos

Quan shoulder tattoos

Tattoo: On his right shoulder, there is a small crown, small designs, and ‘AW25’ inked.

18. ‘Star’ Tattoo

Quan star tattoo

19. Cartoon Character Tattoo

Quan stomach tattoo

Tattoo: A cartoon replica of Quan’s portrait is inked on the left side of his stomach. The boy in the tattoo shows Quan from his childhood days. He is surrounded by musical equipment thus, reflecting his connection and love for music since his childhood.

20. ‘Me llamo’ on Arm

Quan writing tattoo

Tattoo: On his left mid-arm, Quan has a Spanish writing tattoo that says, ‘Me llamo’. The words when translated in English means, ‘My name is’. The tattoo has been inked to reflect his name tattoo that exists on the same area and when combined together it stands for, ‘My name is Rich homie’.

21. Pablo Escobar Tattoo

Quan Escobor portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Quan has got a beautiful portrait of Pablo Escobar inked. He had revealed the tattoo through his Instagram account. The tattoo was done by Ryan Jenkins at the Hart and Huntington Tattoo Co., Las Vegas. Pablo was a famous Columbian Drug Lord. He got this tattoo as the respect for the achievements which Pablo received in all his ventures

He posted the tattoo on his Instagram with the caption: “if u don’t like it unfollow me. Kno the meaning why I got the tat. Wat man do u kno make 60milliin a day. So I don’t really care Wat y’all think”. His point being that Escobar had been successful in his ventures.

22. Son’s Name Tattoo

Quan son name tattoo

Tattoo: Quan has got the name of his elder son, ‘DEVIN’, inked on the left side of his face.

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