Djibril Cisse’s 37 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Djibril Cisse is a well-known French professional footballer. He currently plays as the striker for Panathinaikos Chicago in the National Premier Soccer League. Cisse began his career at a very young age in the year 1989 at AC Arles. He was just eight years old then. Djiril is also known for his heavily tattooed body. His body tattoos include multiple designs, names of family members, paw prints, etc. Let us explore his unique body tattoos. Djibril Cisse Tattoos

1. Abdomen Tattoo

Djibril abdomen tattoo

2. Tiger Paws Tattoo

Djibril arm designs

Tattoo: The whole of Djibril’s left arm is covered with tiger paw prints.

Meaning: Tiger paw prints are the symbol of the fact that the wearer is moving towards the future in his life, smoothly.  It is the symbol of strength and passion quite similar to the attitude of the tiger which is also the symbol of courage and power. The tattoo is symbolic of overcoming the hard times of life with positivity.

3. Flying Bird Tattoo

Djibril bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a flying dove bird inked on Djibril’s left shoulder blade.

Meaning: Flying dove bird is the symbol of victory. It symbolizes a fresh start in life. Also, as per Christian beliefs, the Dove bird is the symbol of the holy spirit besides reflecting love and bravery.

4. ‘CELESTE’ Tattoo

Djibril CELESTE tattoo

Tattoo: ‘CELESTE’ is inked on Djibril’s left shoulder. It is the name of Djibril’s wife.

5. Clown Tattoo

Djibril clown tattoo

6. Cross Tattoo

Djibril cross on hand tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small cross inked on Djibril’s right hand.

Meaning: Cross is the Holy Symbol of Christians. It represents the supreme power of Christians i.e. Jesus Christ. Djibril is known to be a religious person and this tattoo is proof of that.

7. Cross on Stomach Tattoo

Djibril cross tattoo

Tattoo: There is another big cross inked on the right side of Djibril’s stomach.

Meaning: Cisse is Roman Catholic. The tattoo reflects his deep faith and belief in Jesus Christ, the supreme God of Christians.

8. Devil Mask Tattoo

Djibril devil mask tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big devil face covering Djibril’s right forearm.

Meaning: Devil face is used as the symbol of keeping away the evil and bad forces away from one’s life.

9. Devil’s face Tattoo

Djibril devil tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper right arm, there is another devil face inked.

10. Diamond Tattoo

Djibril diamond tattoo

Tattoo: There is a diamond inked on the inner side of his left arm.

Meaning: Diamond is often associated with power, money, and inner strength. However, it is always said that the ‘true beauty lies within the person’ thus, it is also a reflection of one’s inner character.

11. Rolling Dice with Eyes Tattoo

Djibril dice tattoo

12. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Djibril dreamcatcher tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small dream catcher inked on the inner side of Djibril’s right upper arm.

Meaning: Dream catchers are the symbol of strength and keeping away the evil. They are used as the symbol of protection from the bad times, bad dreams, and negative spritis from attacking us.

13. Fairy Tattoo

Djibril fairy tattoo

Tattoo: A small fairy is inked on the right side of Djibril’s stomach.

Meaning: A fairy is the symbol of positivity, good luck, beauty and grace. They are the perfect embodiment of the beautiful creation of God i.e. ‘The Women’.

14. Forearm Tattoo

Djibril forearm tattoo

15. ‘IX’ Tattoo

Djibril IX Tattoo

16. Three Clove Leaf Tattoo

Djibril leaf tattoo

Tattoo: There is a three clove leaf tattooed on the inner side of Djibril’s right thigh.

Meaning: The three clove leaf tattoo is the symbol of love, faith, and hope. It is an important symbol of Irish Heritage.

17. Left Forearm Tattoos

Djibril left arm tattoos

18. Left Arm Writing

Djibril left arm wriitng tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a writing that says, ‘Only God can Judge me’.

Meaning: The popular phrase states that we should take important decisions of our life with ease without worrying about our friends/enemies. This is for the fact that God is the supreme power and is above all of us who can take the judgment of our actions and not anyone else.

19. Left Hand Tattoo

Djibril left hand tattoo

20. Leg Tattoos

Djibril leg tattoos

21. Leopard Paws Tattoos

Djibril leopard print tattoo

22. Lips Tattoo

Djibril lips tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small tattoo of lips inked on the upper side of Djibril’s right thigh. Lips are the symbol of romantic gesture between the love couple.

23. Logo on left bicep

Djibril logo tattoo

24. ‘Ilona’ Tattoo

Djibril neck ink

Tattoo: ‘ILONA’ is inked on the left side of Djibril’s neck.

Meaning: ILONA is the first name of Djibril’s daughter, Ilona Cissé.

25. ‘Cassius’ Tattoo

Djibril neck tattoo'

Tattoo: On the center of his neck, Djibril has got the name of his son, Cassius tattooed. Cassius Cisse is one of his three children born to Djibril and his ex-wife, Jude Littler. They got married on  18 June 2005 and got divorced in October 2014.

26. Names on Neck

Djibril neck writing

27. Portrait On Back

Djibril portrait on back

Tattoo: There is a portrait of some Prince inked along with a crown below it.

28. Statue on Forearm

Djibril portrait tattoo

29. Roses Tattoo

Djibril roses on stomach tattoo

Tattoo: There are big roses inked on the left side of Djibril’s stomach.

Meaning: Roses are the sybol of love, affection, and romance.

30. Skull Tattoo

Djibril skull tattoo

Tattoo: There is a skull inked on the right side of Djibril’s stomach.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of evil and death. However, it is also used for a positive aspect as to encourage a person to take in all the difficult times of life with courage and fight with all his strength.

31. ‘Spiderweb’ Tattoo

Djibril spider web tattoo

Tattoo: Spiderweb covers Djibril’s right elbow.

Meaning: A spiderweb is the most common symbol of the time the person might have spent in the prison. However, it doesn’t mean the same for every tattoo lover. Spiderweb is a common choice for elbow tattoos and stands for courage, strength, and protection.

32. ‘Stars’ Tattoo

Djibril stars on arm

33. Tribal Tattoo on Chest

Djibril tribal chest tattoo

Tattoo: Djibril’s left part of upper body is covered with multiple tribal designs.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo symbolic of the person’s rich culture and heritage. Also, it is also used as the symbol of protection and strength.

34. Leg Tribal Tattoo

Djibril tribal leg tattoo

Tattoo: Djibril’s legs are hugely covered with tribal designs. On his lower right leg, he has got his surname inked as, ‘CISSE’.

35. Writing on back

Djibril writing on back

36. ’36’ Tattoo

Tim 36 tattoo

37. ‘Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Djibril Cisse Tattoos2

Tattoo: Covering his back, Djibril has got pair of angel wings inked.

Meaning: Anegl Wings symbolise protection, good luck, and love. Also, some people get angel wings to pay tribute to the loved one who is no more hereby, representing the ‘guardian angel’. Besides this, angel wings are also the source of remaining the wearer of the fact that he has a positive side and should keep his deeds pure and honest.

Djibril Cisse has a variety of tattoos on his body, some of them are his children’s names, a number of tribal tattoos, and written tributes to various relatives as well as the former Liverpool striker’s trademark bright blonde beard.

Here are some pictures which show Djibril’s full tattooed body.

Djibril Cisse Tattoos1

Djibril Cisse Tattoos3

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