14 Celebrities Who Waist Train

As recently as a few months ago, there was a controversy regarding Barbie’s unrealistic proportions; as a real person, Barbie would be anatomically impossible. There was an argument that it set unrealistic expectations of female body shapes, that it would affect how a little girl saw herself when she looked in the mirror. A similar point could be made about celebrities who boast about waist trainers on Instagram. 

It is believed that by wearing a corset-like waist trainer every day, your core, hips, and back area will be restricted, and your body will “mold” itself into a slimmer figure. ” What is so great about endorsing waist trainers then? Since waist trainers pose a real risk to users and can be very dangerous. A physician in Atlanta stated that “it just squashes all of your organs together. So, wearing it too frequently and for too long can lead to several health problems.”

According to another doctor, “the side effects and negative effects of waist trainers can be long-term and permanent, but the benefits are not.” Other less serious side effects of waist trainers can range from breathing problems to heartburn.

Many celebrities have publicly endorsed waist training, including Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Blacc Chyna, Amber Rose, Farrah Abraham, and Jessica Alba.  Detailed information about them can be found right below.

14 Celebrities who Waist Train

  • Kim Kardashian  Waist Training

Kim kardashian

It’s Kim Kardashian who is ranked number one. Known for her hourglass shape and selfie prowess, this woman is also known as the queen of selfies. In addition to her beautiful breasts, butt, hips, and waist, she has a lot of beautiful features. The Waist Training works wonders for her. It is not just used at the gym that she posts selfies wearing the Waist Trainer, she also wears it every night before going to bed. I think Kim Kardashian deserves to be called the queen of waist training since she is undoubtedly the queen.

  • Khloe Kardashian Waist Training


It’s Kim Kardashian who takes the number one spot, but Khloe Kardashian comes in second. Kim Kardashian may be the queen of Waist Training, but her sister Khloe Kardashian is the empress of Waist Training. The complex magazine featured Khloe Kardashian on its cover not long ago. Her flawless look on the cover of Complex was the result of a waist training program in conjunction with a healthy exercise program. Khloe isn’t shy about taking a selfie and has been spotted working out frequently with her pink sports waist trainer at home. The Waist Trainer produces accurate results. The waist and hips of this woman don’t lie either, so we have to leave it at that.

  • Kourtney Kardashian Waist Training


You probably have tried waist training once if you’re a Kardashian. When cleaning her wardrobe, the oldest of the K clan wore a blue corset while working (showing it off on social media, of course).

Fans were notified that she was the “queen of multitasking” by the following message: “I multitask pretty much all the time. In a world where I am doing more than one thing at once, I’m enamored with multitasking, especially since I skipped the gym today. I have been working on my posture while tidying up my closet on Saturday morning.”

Interestingly, it is her second attempt at waist training, which means that the technique must work for her (because look at her body!). Following the birth of her son (and third child), Reign, she posted a picture of herself in a pink corset.

  • Amber Rose Waist Training

Amber Rose

It is Amber Rose who still looks like she is smoking after she gave birth to her child. Her Instagram account recently posted an image of her standing on the balcony of a Miami hotel. A selfie of her has gone viral, and this is probably not at all surprising.

Amber Rose showed off her powerful curves, her slim waist, wide hips, and her round butt in a stunning photo. Amber Rose swears by the Waist Trainer as well, so that can’t be a coincidence. When she is running, she wears a pink Waist Trainer, however, she has also been spotted with a blue Waist Trainer. Amber Rose even twerks with her Waist Trainer, because there’s no doubt…when it comes to shaking her buttocks to the beat of rhythmic music, she’s unbeatable.  She is therefore the 3rd celebrity with whom we found inspiration with her Waist Training practices.

  • Kylie Jenner Waist Training

Kylie Jenner

Most of us grew up watching the Kardashians on MTV. Kylie Jenner’s transformation from a bratty teenager to becoming a hot young mom of Stormi has been pretty dramatic, and her transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed. As can be seen from her above pictures, Kylie’s waist size has decreased drastically since she embarked on the waist training trend. 

  • Nicki Minaj Waist Training

Nicki Minaj

As she sings while wearing a corset, Nicki Minaj shows her waist training to be even more difficult than I thought!

As Nicki captioned a photo of herself wearing a bright blue corset on social media, “I love my waist trainer by @nowaistclique”. If you’ve watched Nicki’s recent music videos, both corset training and voice training appear to be working.

  • Jessica Alba Waist Training

jessica alba

Try wearing two corsets every day for months if wearing one corset is uncomfortable for you! Take notes from Jessica Alba who wore two corsets every day for months! During the three months after her second pregnancy, Jessica Alba wore a double corset every day (and night!) for three months to return to her pre-baby body. Doesn’t that sound brutal?

As the Sin City actress explains, it’s time-consuming but worth the effort. As she conveyed in a recent interview with Net-A-Porter’s online magazine, “I wore a double corset night and day for three months. It was sweaty but well worth it.” She further stated, “It’s not for everyone.”

Alba used the corset in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating. As well, she waited several months after giving birth (three months after her first baby and two months after her second) before starting any sort of exercise or diet regime.

  • Lily James Waist Training

Lily James

Although the cinderella poster photo has caused controversy, Lily maintains that there is no CGI, saying, “My waist is naturally limited and the corset draws it in while the skirt makes it bigger, so the perspective makes my waist look even smaller.”

‘If it was good enough for Cinderella, it should be good enough for me!’ Since Lily James’ Cinderella’s live-action promotional poster showed how tiny her waist looked, it attracted a lot of attention from the media.

Lily’s small frame was thought to be made of CGI, but she put the rumors to rest during an interview to explain that she trained with corsets while filming to gain the curves. She said she had a ‘naturally small waist’ which undoubtedly helped her appearance.

During her description of the unpleasant experience, Lily mentioned that she was unable to unravel the knot. A lovely lunch or tea was not available to me. Whenever I ate, I would burp for the remainder of the afternoon because the food didn’t digest properly. “I’d have soup to keep from becoming sluggish. “

Co-star Cate Blanchett agreed, saying, “Oh my god, she was barely breathing.” So, if you’re planning to lose weight, drink some soup instead of eating heavy meals.

  • Amber Rose Waist Training

Amber Rose

Even though Amber Rose’s relationship with the Kardashians has been tumultuous, both parties seem to agree on one thing – waist training! In a post on her Instagram account, Amber Rose posts a picture of herself sporting a pink corset with the caption: “Milfin In My Little Tiny Waist Cincher.”. Two inches have been lost from my waist thus far! We’re two inches from the finish line.”

She saw the results she wanted when she later posted another photo of herself wearing a leopard print corset and promised to wear it for six to eight hours a day as her resolution for the new year that she will be eating clean and exercising with her @Little Tiny Waist Cincher. In just two weeks, I lost a noticeable 3 inches off my waist by using it 6-8 hours a day!

  • Chrissy Teigen Waist Training

Chrissy Teigen 1

Supermodels indeed need some help sometimes as well. Chrissy Teigen seems to have bounced back to model form after giving birth to her first child, but according to her, she is seeking assistance.

Speaking to People, Chrissy said, “I think people think that I’ve snapped back, but I have just taken advantage of undergarments more often.  A waist-trainer or Spanx was never part of my dressing scheme. My new method is working. I may look good on the outside, but you can trust that on the inside I’m a little soft.”

  • Jenni “JWoww” Farley Waist Training

Jenni Fraley

Jenni and Roger had been wanting a baby for a very long time, but one thing she did not prepare for was the post-pregnancy pudges. Her quest for the perfect, time-saving weight loss strategy has finally paid off; waist cinchers are what she’s looking for! Now, critics are raving about JWoww’s ability to bounce back to such a youthful state so quickly. (As if her hourglass figure needed additional assistance.)

  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Waist Training


Snooki says that after giving birth, it was necessary to strap up. In her post-baby body, she was not up to the task. Snooki gave in to the new trend of waist shapers after struggling for years to fit into clothes and constantly being unsatisfied with the results of her photoshoots! By eating less and better, the shapers have helped her to lose weight. Even her former enemies are now turning their heads in amazement at her transformation.

  • Kim Zolciak Waist Training

Kim Zociak

Kim Kardashian is Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta star! She is stylish, sassy, and has a great ass! The vibrant personality and her voracious appetite for food that Kim possesses are well known. Their lives have been filled with a lot of responsibility after having six children, including her twins Kane and Kaia. Her busy lifestyle leaves her barely enough time to exercise, not that working out is on her top-of-the-list! As she fulfills her duties as a wife and mother, she finds it reassuring and comforting that she can wear her waist trainer as she works in her seven-bedroom house.

  • Blac Chyna aka Angela Renee White Waist Training

Blac Chyna aka Angela Renee White

Critics are wondering how she manages to maintain her extraordinary figure! Known for her exotic talents, she is once again buzzing with a buzz thanks to her stunning new body. Chyna and Tyga conceived a child during their relationship, and since the breakup, she has found a new friend in her waist trainer. She can be seen wearing it wherever she goes, and we can’t blame her!

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