Danny Green’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daniel Richard Green Jr. is an American professional basketball player. He currently plays in the NBA for Los Angeles Lakers and played college basketball at the University of North Carolina. He is the only player in the ACC with at least 1000 points, 150 blocks, steals, and three-pointers each, 500 rebounds, and 250 assists. He has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs, and Toronto Raptors. Danny has some of the most amazing tattoos that you will ever see on a basketball player. Let us take a look at them and the meanings behind them.

Danny Green

1. Shoulder Tattoo

Danny Green shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: The left shoulder of the player contains a tattoo of a muscular man, surrounded by fire. The words, “I Hold My Own” are tattooed above the tattoo along with the letters, “DG” below it.

Meaning: The tattoo is an inspirational tattoo that also makes a statement for him. The letters at the bottom represent his name, Daniel Green and the tattoo shows how he is self-made.

2. Stars Tattoo

Danny Green stars tattoo

Tattoo: The left bicep of the athlete contains a tattoo design of swirly lines containing stars along with a flower tattooed on it.

3. Limited Edition Tattoo

Danny Green limited edition tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left wrist contains the words, “LIMITED EDITION” tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo is another one on his body that represents his personality and how he sees himself. The tattoo also gives him confidence.

4. ‘Marvel and DC’ Tattoos

Danny Green deadshot tattoo

Danny Green bullseye tattoo

Danny Green greenarrow tattoo

Danny Green deathstroke tattoo

Danny Green gambit tattoo

Tattoo: The upper right arm and shoulder of the player is covered in one of the most amazing tattoo designs seen in the NBA. It is a collection of his favorite Marvel and DC characters. The tattoo design consists of:

Deadshot from the DC universe at the top.

Bullseye from the Marvel universe to its right.

Green Arrow right in the middle.

Deathstroke from DC at the backside of his upper arm.

and Gambit from the marvel universe, holding his 5 signature cards at the bottom.

The whole tattoo designs contain bullet holes tattooed in between the tattoos along with a few guns to complete the entire design.

Meaning: The tattoo designs of his favorite characters on his arm is a very important tattoo to him. All that these characters have in common is that they do not miss their target and are excellent shooters or hitmen. The tattoo design represents the accuracy that Green has while shooting the ball. The tattoo also earned him the nickname, “Deadshot”. While talking about his tattoo design, Danny said, “I don’t want to say it’s unoriginal, but I didn’t want to do what a lot of other guys have gotten, one trophy or two, I thought, ‘Let’s look at something that pertains to you, as a basketball player, as a brand, as a shooter.” While asked if he was scared about the peculiar design, he said, “The only thing I was hoping is that it didn’t jinx me, I shot pretty well last year. Now that I got a tattoo on my arm that says I’m a shooter, it’s a little extra pressure.”

5. Bicep Tattoo

Danny Green bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Danny’s right bicep contains another important tattoo for him. His bicep contains a tattoo of baby angels on it, carrying a scroll. The scroll has the names, “Rashad”, “Devonte”, and “Dante” written on it.

Meaning: The names on his arm are the names of all his brothers, Rashad, Devonte, and Dante Green. The tattoo represents the love that the brothers share.

6. ‘Target’ Tattoo

Danny Green target tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of his upper right arm contains a large eye tattooed on it. The player’s elbow is also covered in a large tattoo of a target sign.

Meaning: The target tattoo represents the sight on the target and his accuracy. The design goes well with the rest of the characters tattooed on his arm too.

7. ‘NY’ Tattoo

Danny Green ny tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right arm contains the words, “MADE IN NEW YORK” tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the place he was born and brought up in, which is, North Babylon, New York.

8. Back Tattoo

Danny Green back tattoo

Tattoo: Danny’s back contains the largest tattoo on his body. It is a tattoo of a photo of a man along with his son, done inside a shield. The shield is surrounded by two olive branches and the shield has a crown tattooed over it too. The letters, “ASNJ” are tattooed above the design, and the words, “A Coach A Friend A Father My Hero” are tattooed below the whole tattoo design.

Meaning: The whole design on his back is a photo of himself along with his coach. The design is a tribute tattoo that he got for his coach, to whom he owes all his success to.

9. Quote Tattoo

Danny Green chest tattoo

Danny Green quote tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of the player’s chest contains a tattoo of a quote tattooed on it. The quote reads, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy – MLK”

Meaning: The quote on his bicep is one of Martin Luther King Jr’s quotes which serves as an inspirational quote for him and it pushes him in hard times to get through the difficulties, on and off the court.

10. ‘World’ Tattoo

Danny Green world tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his chest contains a tattoo of the earth on it. The earth contains lines on it that compares it to a basketball. The words, “$GREEN$ MAKES THE WORLD” and “$GO ROUND$” are tattooed above and below the world. The whole design is done on a background of tribal lines that cover the rest of his pec.

Meaning: The tattoo represents his love for basketball and how his world is basketball. The words around the world represent his own confidence and personality.

11. Side Tattoo

Danny Green side tattoo

Danny Green side tattoo2

Tattoo: The right side of his body contains the words, “Always HUNGRY” tattooed on it sideways. The number, “XIV” is also tattooed near the words. The left side of his body contains the words, “Never SATISFIED” on it in a similar fashion.

Meaning: The words put together form the sentence, “Always Hungry, Never Satisfied” which is another inspirational quote, one that explains his principles of how he keeps on working harder and harder to achieve better results. The roman number XIV on his side represents the number 14 which is the jersey number that Danny wears for the Los Angeles Lakers.

12. ‘Godzilla’ Tattoo

Danny Green king kong tattoo

Danny Green godzilla tattoo

Tattoo: The left thigh of the player contains another very special and peculiar tattoo design on it to match the one on his arm. The design contains a tattoo of King Kong on the inner side of his thigh, Godzilla at the front, and the other characters from the Godzilla universe, Ghidorah (the three-headed dragon), Mothra (the flying moth), and Rodan tattooed on his thigh too. The monsters are seen above the seen of a burning city, with an orange and red background to set the deadly image. There are also little choppers and ships seen in the background of the tattoo to complete the whole fighting for survival scene.

Meaning:  Danny’s body is no exception to some different tattoo designs. This scene of the monsters attacking the city is also special and it represents how much he loves the Godzilla universe, just as much as his superhero comics and movies.

13. Tattoo on his left arm

Danny Green Tattoos

Meaning: Danny got the tattoo of CN Tower, team’s claw logo, Rapton Dinosaur, and NBB Championship trophy inked on his left arm by the tattoo artist, Canadian Steve Wiebe, in late August 2021.

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