Adele’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

A typical radio person may know but her original name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Though popular as Adele, she’s one of the smash hit record artists of the world. Her voice did wonders to people when she first sang “Rise” during school. Her fans come in all forms, scales and professions! Yes, her vocal cords are to be mentioned here, but her love for tattoos make her stand shit-hot! She has 8 known tattoos. Let’s read and find out what they mean.

Adele tattoos

1. Dots on Wrist


Adele has three dots inked on her left wrist. The tattoo is homogenous to one worn by Civil Wars’ Joy Williams, who’s a buddy to Adele. In a logical manner the three dots represent the ellipsis, a grammatical element used to stipulate the incompletion of a thought or phrase. The ellipsis tattoo is a symbol of perpetuation, a path, road or journey that will usher to something more for good or bad. It depicts something that is not obligatory to say or to write or explain but rather left unsaid.

2. Coin on Wrist


Another one from a great artist Tanja Nixx, Adele got done a coin designed tattoo, directly above those three dots. The tattoo was done at Lyle Tuttle Tattoo & Museum in San Francisco, California. There is a beautiful thinly penned heart encircled and inked “ONE PENNY” inside in a clockwise direction. “ONE PENNY” and “HEART” is a way of Adele expressing gratitude for her mother, Penny Adkins.

3.  Remembering Dates


Inside the coin, the Latter-day she got added a date too. The numbers are tough to read, but seemingly its “1921” probably for her first two albums 19 and 21, which are both named after her age at the time.

5. Behind her Ear


For her lovely son,  Angelo James Konecki, Adele has got inked “A” behind her ear. This creative “A” steals everyone’s eye.

5.  Paradise on Left Hand


In June 2013, Adele got inked “PARADISE” on her left hand by Bang Bang Tattoo artist. “PARADISE” refers to something that’s heavenly or has a heavenly abode. Maybe, this shows her love, commitment, and inclination towards her family.

6.  Too Much for Son


Adele’s tattoos announce of sheer love and affection she holds for her son. On her right hand, she has tattooed her son’s good name “ANGELO”. She explained in some interview what her son meant to her, that is everything comes second when it’s about her son. She adores him beyond and above everything else.

7. Bird on Back


A large flying bird tattoo on Adele’s back leaves no stone unturned to give her an extra mile classy look. Flying bird tattoo represents high aspirations, freedom from bondage and never looking back attitude.

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