Jose Mourinho’s 2 Tattoos and their Meanings

He is a Portuguese Football manager and a former player. Lately, he served as Roma’s head coach in the Italian Serie A. He has an outstanding career both as a player and a manager and is known to be one of the best managers of all time. He has two significant tattoos that have intriguing backstories, not just one, let’s delve into it.

Jose Mourinho's Picture

1. Trophy Tattoo

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Jose Mourinho's Arm Tattoo

He just inked a special tattoo to honor his prominent accomplishments in contests across several teams in Europe. The tattoo pays homage to his former clubs and his achievements. It has three trophies each belonging to one club in their color (AS Roma, FC Porto, Manchester United). The artwork is a tribute to his remarkable career.

2. Wrist Tattoos

Jose Mourinho Wrist Tattoo

He has a hidden tattoo on his left wrist that is special for him. It was inked by Fulham Tattoo Centre in 2013. The tattoo consists of the name “Tami” which is the nickname Jose gave to Matilde, his wife. The names of his children are also engraved next to it.

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