Jake Dalton’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Retired Olympic gymnast, Jacob Jake Dalton, is one of those perfect athletes, who point heavenward after every successful vault in the air. He had represented the US in summer Olympics of 2012, 2016 and many other world championships. He also owns a clothing line, named, Mesomorphic, and has signed multi-year sponsorship with Adidas gymnastics. He got his body inscribed with few body arts, which are dedicated to his family and life. Let’s explore his tattoos and understand the meaning behind them.

Jacob Dalton

1. “Team USA Olympic Logo” on his Spine

USA OLympic logo-Jacob Dalton

Tattoo: “Team USA Olympic Logo”

Meaning: Jake got the logo of the Team USA Olympic, inked on his muscular back. The tattoo of Olympic rings is the right of those players who have trained and worked hard enough to reach the Olympics and represent their nation. Jake got rings inked on him in August 2012, before London Summer Olympics 2012. Representing the nation in the Olympics was his dream and goal since he was a little kid. He wrote on Instagram, “new tattoo! happy to finally get it! 🇺🇸”

2. “Praying Hands” on his Right Ribs

Praying Hands jacob dalton tattoosjacob dalton uncle david king

Tattoo: “Praying Hands”

Meaning: Jacob got a tattoo of praying hands inked on his right ribcage. He got it to pay tribute to his uncle, Michael David King, who had the same tattoo on his chest. His uncle was like an elder brother to him who was shot to death. In his Instagram, he updated a post in December 2013 and wrote,

It’s been 9 years and we have all missed you everyday. A uncle to me who was more of a brother than anything. You will always be remembered and missed. I carry you on my side everyday so you will always be with me. I still remember that competition you were going to come to before that bullet took your life. I love you. We love you uncle Mikey. Rest In Peace. 🙏”

3. “Bible Verse” on his Left Ribs

Bible verse-jacob dalton tattoos

Tattoo: Bible Verse- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me-Philippians 4.13″

Meaning: Jake has his left rib cage etched with a Bible verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me-Philippians 4.13.” It represents his spiritual and religious views. In an interview he said,

It was kind of my last little thing to remind myself to do everything that I could to be ready for that team and try to get on that team, and whatever happens it was God’s plan to happen, whether I made the team or not.”

4. Roman Numerals “MMXII” and “MMXVI”  on his Both Shoulders

2012 and 2016-roman numerals jacob dalton tattoos

Tattoos: “Roman Numerals- MMXII and MMXVI”

Meaning: Jacob got the roman numerals, MMXII and MMXVI, which translates into 2012 and 2016, respectively, inscribed on his both shoulders. These dates represent the London 2012 Summer Olympics and Olympic Games Rio 2016. 

5. “Wedding Date” on his Left Wrist

Wedding date-jacob dalton

Tattoo: Wedding Date- “XVIII-V-MMXIV”

Meaning: Jake got his wedding date inked in Romans on his left wrist. He got married on 18-May-2014 and got a matching tattoo with his wife, Kayla Dalton.

6. “Flag of America” on his Right Upper Arm

Wedding date-jacob dalton

Tattoo: “Flag of America”

Meaning: Jake got a massive ink of the flag of America on his right upper arm to pay tribute to his nation.

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