Ciara’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Ciara Princess Harris is an American Singer, Songwriter, Model, and a Dancer. Ciara has given multiple hits like, “Get Up”, “Promise”, “Like a boy”, “Goodie”, “1,2 Step”. She debuted in ‘All You’ve Got’ in 2006 and has appeared in both movies and TV Series, The Game. Ciara is known to have a single tattoo. Let’s get to know its meaning.

Ciara Princess Harris

1. ‘N’ Tattoo

ciara N tattoo

Tattoo: The letter N is tattooed on Ciara’s left ring finger.

Meaning: The ‘N’ tattoo represents her fiance’s (Nayvadius Cash Future) names’ initial. Whereas Future has a matching tattoo and got the initial C tattooed for Ciara.

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