Lil Xan’s 41 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nicholas Diego Leanos, professionally known as Lil Xan and Diego, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Lil Xan climbed the ladder of success after the release of his song ‘Betrayed’ in 2017. Like other rappers, Lil Xan too got several tattoos on his body. Let’s take a look at his tattoos along with their meanings.

lil xan-tattoos

Arm Tattoos

1. ‘Xanarchy’ Tattoo

lil xan-xanarchy tattoo

lil xan-xanarchy tattoo

lil xan-xanarchy tattoo

lil xan-xanarchy tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Xanarchy’ Tattoo on his both arms and above his left eyebrow.

Meaning: Lil Xan’s stage name ‘Xan’ is derived from his excess addiction for drugs like Xanax, narcotics, and benzodiazepines. The bad experiences with all these drugs and the sudden death of the rapper, Lil Peep with the overdose of Xanax led him to start a movement called the ‘Xanarchy Movement’ by the end of 2017. Xan claimed that he had an addiction for ‘Xanax’ for almost two years and feels lucky that he can overcome this addiction now.

Lil Xan is trying to give a positive message through his music. In an interview with Billboard, he was asked about the negativity in the world of rappers to which he replied,

We also lost Jimmy Wopo on the same day as X, And it’s like, damn man, everybody’s either dying, overdosing… That is what I’m trying to get out of this music… I’m trying to get people off [drugs], and I have my own demons… and my fans know that. I’m an open book.”

Lil Xan’s extended plays Xanarchy and Xanarchy Militia were released on August 1, 2017, and November 14, 2018, respectively. Not only this, but Lil Xan’s ‘Total Xanarchy’ album was also released on April 6, 2018.

2. ‘NO HEART’ Tattoo

lil xan-no heart tattoo

Lil Xan’s ‘NO HEART’ Tattoo on his left forearm

3. ‘PARANOiD’ Tattoo

lil xan-paranoid tattoo

Tattoo: ‘PARANOiD’ Tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: A paranoid is a person whose thinking process is heavily influenced by anxiety and fear which causes an odd and eccentric way of thinking which makes them suspicious of others even when there is no reason to be suspicious.

4. ‘MOONLIGHT-JUNE 18’ Tattoo

lil xan-moonlight-june2018-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘MOONLIGHT-JUNE 18’ Tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: ‘Moonlight’ is the name of Lil Xan’s singles that featured Charli XCX which was released in June 2018. The name of Lil Xan’s album is inspired by the XXXTentacian’s song ‘Moonlight’ which was released on August 14, 2018. XXXTentacian died on June 18, 2018. In an interview with Billboard on August 19, 2018, Lil Xan said,

We both have tracks called ‘Moonlight’ — I like his a lot better, So I thought it’d be cool to get ‘moonlight’ and then get the day, unfortunately, we lost a legend, June 18.”

Hand Tattoos

5. ‘Do not be overcome by evil’ Tattoo

lil xan-do not be overcome by the evil tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Do not be overcome by evil’ Tattoo on his right hand.

Meaning: The new international version of the Holy Bible of Romans 12:21 says,

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

6. ‘PEEP’ Tattoo

lil xan-peep tattoo

Tattoo: ‘PEEP’ Tattoo on the fingers of his right hand.

Meaning: Lil Xan got this tattoo as a tribute for Lil Peep, an American rapper who died on November 15, 2017, because of the overdose of drugs like fentanyl and Xanax.

7. ’96’ Tattoo

lil xan-96 tattoo

Tattoo: ’96’ on his right hand.

Meaning: The tattoo ’96’ is about Lil Xan’s birth year 1996.

8. ‘BABYGIRL’ Tattoo

lil xan-babygirl tattoo

‘BABYGIRL’ Tattoo on his left hand

9. ‘ANNIE’ Tattoo

lil xan-annie tattoo

Tattoo: ‘ANNIE’ Tattoo on his right hand.

Meaning: Annie Smith was Lil Xan’s fiance. In February 2019, Xan broke the news that he and his then-fiance, Annie Smith were expecting a child. On April 6, 2019, Annie announced that she suffered a miscarriage and shared the videos and pictures on social media regarding this incident. But, some of the rapper’s fans pointed out that the ultrasound pictures which the couple shared on interest looked identical to the ones that could be easily found on Google. Weeks later, in an interview, Xan revealed that he had doubts that Annie was faking her pregnancy. Eventually, the couple broke off.

10. ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo

lil xan-broken heart tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo on his right hand.

Meaning: A broken heart tattoo is a sign of sorrows, betrayal, failure, and loss in terms of love. It also denotes the healing and learning phase. Lil Xan might have got this tattoo inked for his unsuccessful love stories with his ex-girlfriends, Noah and Annie.

11. ‘FUCK OFF’ Tattoo

lil xan-fuck off tattoo

‘FUCK OFF’ Tattoo on his left hand

12. ‘NO RULEZ’ Tattoo

lil xan-no rules tattoo

13. ‘Hand pointing with a Gun’ Tattoo

lil xan-hand pointing with a gun tattoo

‘Hand pointing with a Gun’ Tattoo on his left hand

14. ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

lil xan-barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo on his left hand.

Meaning: Barbed wire tattoos have various meanings. It represents that you have successfully overcome the struggles and obstacles of life. It also represents how Jesus suffered and died for humanity. Not only this, a barbed wire tattoo is a sign of sufferings in love, death, broken heart, pain, imprisonment, war, and courage in difficult times.

Wrist Tattoos

15. ‘909’ Tattoo

lil xan-909 tattoo

lil xan-909 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘909’ Tattoo on both wrists.

Meaning: 909 is the area code of Redlands (California) from where the rapper Lil Xan belongs.


lil xan-warning overthinking kills your happiness tattoo


17. ‘No-Face’ Tattoo

lil xan-no face tattoo

Tattoo: ‘No-Face’ Tattoo on his right wrist.

Meaning: ‘No-Face’ tattoo is Lil Xan’s first tattoo which he got when he was just 17. No-face is a spirit in the Japanese animated movie ‘Spirited Away.‘ Due to the sympathetic nature of No-Face, he is shown as capable of reacting to emotions and encourage other individuals to gain their personalities and physical traits. This movie was released on Jule 20, 2001, in Japan and March 28, 2003, in the USA.

18. ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo

lil xan-unidentified tattoo

lil xan-unidentified tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo on his right wrist.

Meaning: In an interview, Lil Xan denied to tell the meaning behind this tattoo, calling it very personal. This was the second tattoo that Lil Xan got on his body after ‘No-Face’ tattoo.

19. ‘Assorted Doodles’ Tattoo

lil xan-assorted doodles tattoo

‘Assorted Doodles’ tattoo on his left wrist

20. ‘6’ Tattoo

lil xan-6 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘6’ Tattoo on his right wrist.

Meaning: This tattoo is inked just above the ‘No-Face’ tattoo. This number 6 is related to the birthdate of Lil Xan, who was born on September 6, 1996.

Face Tattoos

21. ‘Zzz’ Tattoo

lil xan-zzz tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Zzz’ Tattoo below his right eye.

Meaning: Zzz is commonly used to represent the sound of sleeping or snoring. In an interview, Lil Xan was asked about this tattoo to which he replied,

It’s the only tattoo I would probably say has no meaning.”

22. ‘LOVER’ Tattoo

lil xan-lover tattoo

Tattoo: ‘LOVER’ Tattoo on his right cheek.

Meaning: Earlier, Lil Xan had the word ‘LOW’ inked on his right cheek. Later, he got it covered with the word ‘LOVER’ in 2018. The ‘LOVER’ tattoo which is inked just below his ‘ZZZ’ tattoo completely justifies his sleepy nature as in an interview, he said,

Last night I had a girl come over and I didn’t even do anything. I just literally, like, fell asleep on her. Like, twice.”

lil xan-low tattoo

Lil Xan’s ‘LOW’ Tattoo is now covered with ‘LOVER’ Tattoo

23. ‘Candy’ Tattoo

lil xan-candy tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Candy’ on his left cheek.

Meaning: Candy is the name of Lil Xan’s mother. When Lil Xan was 18, he wanted to have tattoos on his face but was scared of his mother. Then he decided to have his mother’s name inked on the left side of his face so that his mother won’t be mad at him. Many people believed that this tattoo represents ‘Eye Candy’ but actually, it’s the name of his mother.

24. ‘Heartbreak SOLDIER’ Tattoo

lil xan-heartbreak soldier tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Heartbreak SOLDIER’ Tattoo on his left cheek.

Meaning: ‘Heartbreak Soldiers’ and ‘Heartbreak Soldiers Pt. 2’ is the name of Lil Xan’s mixtapes which were released on July 8, 2018, and March 20, 2019, respectively.

25. ‘Skin Ripped’ Tattoo

lil xan-skin rip tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Skin Ripped’ Tattoo on the right side of his face.

Meaning: Skin ripped tattoos are very common among people because of their unique theme. They get these tattoos inked to reveal their real hidden personalities. Lil Xan also got a simple skin ripped tattoo, but the reason for getting it is not known.

26. ‘Dots’ Tattoo

lil xan-dots tattoo

‘Dots’ Tattoo on his nose

lil xan-dots tattoo

‘Dots’ Tattoo on his right eyebrow

27. ‘YOU’ Tattoo

lil xan-you tattoo

‘YOU’ tattoo near his right eyebrow

28. ‘Upside Down Cross’ Tattoo

lil xan-upside down cross tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Upside Down Cross’ Tattoo near his right eyebrow.

Meaning: An upside-down cross is called the Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross. When Peter was sentenced to death, Peter requested his cross to be upside-down as he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus. In recent times, an upside-down cross is also considered as an anti-Christian symbol.

Lil Xan explained the reason for getting this tattoo on his twitter account. He tweeted that he is not a devil worshiper but people think that he has sold his soul for a good price because of the lyrics of his singles ‘Betrayed’ which was released in 2017. The lyrics of the song says,

Pop the trunk I open up I sold my soul for a good price.”

29. ‘MEMENTO MORI’ Tattoo

lil xan-memento mori tattoo

Tattoo: ‘MEMENTO MORI’ Tattoo above his right eyebrow.

Meaning: ‘Memento Mori’ means a reminder of death. Lil Xan got this tattoo inked for his friend Mac Miller, who was an American rapper, who died on  September 7, 2018, because of the drug overdose of mixed drug toxicity of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

30. ‘Drips’ Tattoo

lil xan-drips tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Drips’ Tattoo below his left eye.

Meaning: Lil Xan got a lot of hate reviews on his ‘Memento Mori’ tattoo which he had got inked as a tribute to late rapper Mac Miller. On his social media profile, Xan said,

fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything, I’m getting some dramatic tears inked under my eye!”

That’s the reason why Lil Xan got inked the ‘drips’ tattoo.

31. ‘EVOL’ Tattoo

lil xan-evol tattoo

Tattoo: ‘EVOL’ Tattoo on his left eyelid.

Meaning: Evol is the word love spelled backward often used as an expression of heartbreaks, sorrows, sufferings, and challenges of romantic love. Xan might have got this tattoo about his ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus, whom he accused her of cheating on him and his then-fiance Annie Smith who faked her pregnancy.

32. ‘1996’ Tattoo

lil xan-1996 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘1996’ near his left eye.

Meaning: 1996 is the birth year of Lil Xan, who was born on September 6, 1996.

Neck Tattoos

33. ’32’ Tattoo

lil xan-32 tattoo

’32’ Tattoo on the center of his neck

34. ‘CITGO’ Tattoo

lil xan-citgo tattoo

Tattoo: ‘CITGO’ Tattoo on the right side of his neck.

Meaning: ‘CITGO’ is the name of an extended play by Lil Xan which was released on September 6, 2016.

35. ‘ANXIETY’ Tattoo

lil xan-anxiety tattoo

Tattoo: ‘ANXIETY’ Tattoo on the left side of his neck.

Meaning: This tattoo is inked about the excess addiction which Lil Xan had for drugs like Xanax, narcotics, and benzodiazepines which he used to consume to overcome his anxiety.

Chest Tattoos

36. ‘Humming Bird’ Tattoo

lil xan-humming bird tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Humming Bird’ on the left side of his chest.

Meaning: A hummingbird is a unique and graceful bird that can fly in all directions. Generally, a tattoo of a hummingbird means overcoming the difficulties. It has several other meanings like love, hope, joy, freedom, happiness, peace, and good luck.

37. ‘DEC. 3’ Tattoo

lil xan-dec 3 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘DEC. 3’ Tattoo on the left side of his chest.

Meaning: On December 3, 2014, Lil Xan lost his best friend, Brian. So, in the memory of Brain, he got the date ‘DEC. 3’ along with a portrait of a beautiful home inked on his chest. Not only this, on December 3, 2017, Xan tweeted,

3 Years ago today I lost my best friend, miss you every day Brian ! Can’t wait to see you again one day.”

38. ‘Home’ Tattoo

lil xan-home tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Home’ Tattoo on the left side of his chest.

Meaning: This ‘Home’ tattoo is inked just below his ‘Dec. 3’ tattoo. He got this home tattoo inked in the memory of his best friend Brain who died on December 3, 2014. So, to pay a tribute to his homie, he got this tattoo inked.

39. ‘Unidentifed’ Tattoo

lil xan-unidentified tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo on the right side of his chest.

Meaning: No clear piece of information regarding this tattoo is available.

40. ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Tattoo

lil xan-unidentified tattoo

Tattoo: ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Tattoo just below his chest.

Meaning:  Lil Xan has recently added another tattoo to his collection, which draws inspiration from the anime film My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli. He opted for a red hue to signify his desire to make some alterations to the movie’s storyline.

Stomach Tattoos

41. ‘KILL ME’ Tattoo

lil xan-kill me tattoo

Tattoo: ‘KILL ME’ Tattoo on his stomach.

Meaning: This tattoo of Lil Xan is also inspired by the late rapper XXXTentacian who had a similar tattoo on his hand. The word ‘KILL’ is filled with black ink whereas the word ‘ME’ is just outlined with the red ink.


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