Dale Mehmet’s 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Dale Mehmet, a famous model with a blended nationality gained all the limelight when he participated in season 7 of Love Island. By profession, he is a hairstylist and has shared the fact that he learned the skills by watching other barbers and learning under few. Dale has collaborated with big brands starring Recharge Apparel, Faux Amour, and Adenosine as a model. Dale has got some amazing tattoos that adorn his top body. Let us explore them.

Dale Mehmet

He added: “And I’m a massive geek. I love sci-fi movies, I love gaming, I love watching anime. I have a full anime sleeve, that’s how much I like it, I’ve got it tattooed on my body. I really like Japanese culture.”

1. ‘1996’ Tattoo

Dale 1996 tattoo

Tattoo: Near his shoulder blades, Dale has got the numbers ’19’ AND ’96’ inked across the right and the left shoulder, respectively.

Meaning: The number turns to be the year ‘1996’ which represents the birth year of Dale as he was born on  November 17, 1996

2. Tattoo design on the back

Dale back tattoo

3. Left Arm Tattoo

Dale bicep tattoo

4. Butterfly on Neck Tattoo

Dale butterfly tattoo

Dale neck tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his neck, Dale has got a beautiful butterfly tattooed.

Meaning: Butterfly is the symbol of young love. It is believed to represent the romantic side of the wearer. Just like the butterfly flies among the flowers similarly, the young blood is believed to wander around his social life spreading and sharing love. Butterfly tattoo also stands for joy, happiness, delicate beauty, and a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Some people get this tattoo to represent the beginning of a new phase in their life i.e. to mark a new journey.

4. ‘Medusa’ Tattoo

Dale chest portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his chest is the tattoo of the iconic, ‘Medusa’.

Meaning: As per Ancient Greek Mythology, Medusa also known as the Gorgo, was one of the three Gorgons who were described as monstrous. They were believed to be winged human females who used to live with living venomous snakes in the place of their hair. Those who looked into her eyes would turn into stone. Medusa’s tattoo is used to deter all sorts of threats from approaching you. More specifically, she represents female power, transformation, and freedom. She is believed to ward off the evil and negativity away from the wearer of the tattoo.

5. Dragon Ball Z inspired Tattoos

Dale dragon ball z inspired tattoo

Tattoo: Dale’s right upper arm is covered with the face of another Dragon Ball Z character face. It represents Piccolo, an alien from the planet Namek, who is a rival-turned friend of the main character of the series i.e. GOKU.

Dale dragon ball z tattoo

Dale dragon ball z tattoos

Tattoo: His right arm is covered with multiple dragon ball tattoos which are magical in nature and when combined and used, help summon a dragon that you have wished for. Also, there is a tattoo of the Shenron dragon on his right arm.

6. ‘GANG’ Tattoo

Dale finger tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand’s fingers, Dale has got the word, ‘GANG’ tattooed.

7. Faces on the left hand

Dale hand tattoo

8. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Dale left arm dragon tattoo Dale left arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big tattoo of a Japanese dragon-Shenron dragon inked on Dale’s left arm. Below the dragon, there is a claw-inked inked near Dale’s left wrist. Shenron is the magical dragon from the manga Dragon Ball. It is also the part of the animes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball G.

9. ‘GANG’ Tattoo

Dale left hand finger tattoo

Tattoo: His left-hand fingers are also inked with the word, ‘GANG’.

10. Leg Tattoo

Dale leg tattoo

11. Panda Tattoo

Dale panda tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, Dale has got the tattoo of the panda inked.

12. Dragon Ball Z Fighter Tattoo

Dale right hand tattoo

Tattoo: His right hand is covered with the face of Vegeta.

He is another fictional character of the Dragon Ball Z series. Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and the eldest son of King Vegeta.

13. ‘GOKU’ Tattoo

Dale shoulder ink

Tattoo: On his right upper arm, Dale has got the tattoo of the main character of the Dragon Ball Z series. We can see the huge tattoo of the most prominent of all i.e. the tattoo of Goku.

14. Moon Tattoo

Dale shoulder tattoo

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