Daniel Jason Lewis’ 19 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Well, the concept of body art is increasing amongst athletes at a steady pace. One after another, many athletes are seen displaying their inked bodies in pool, boxing rings, and other platforms. The young Boxer, Jason Lewis, also has a perfect black inked canvas on his skin. He is an Australian Middleweight Boxer who made his Olympic debut in the Rio Games, competing in the men’s 75kg boxing division. Let’s explore his tattoos on his muscular body.

Daniel Jason Lewis

1. “Follow Your Dreams Today, Nobody Promised Tomorrow” on his Both Shoulders

Follow your dreams today, nobody promised tomorrow Daniel jason lewis

2. “Lewis” on his Neck

Lewis on neck- Daniel jason Lewis tattoos

Daniel got his last name, Lewis, inked in cursive handwriting on his neck. There are huge feathers inked on both sides of the name.

3. “Drop Bombs” on his Upper Chest

Daniel jason lewis tattoos-drop bomb

4. “Kangaroo” on the Right Side of his Chest

kangaroo on chest-Daniel Jason Lewis tattoo

Tattoo: “Kangaroo”

Meaning: Jason got a kangaroo surrounded by stars inked on the right side of his chest. It represents his Australian origin.

5. Roman Numerals “XXV-IX-XIV” on the Left Side of his Chest

Roman date daniel jason lewis tattoo

6. “Pair of Boxing Gloves” on his Lower Abdomen

Pair of boxing gloves-Daniel Jason Lewis tattoos

7. “Crown and Year 2011” on his Right Wrist

crown and 2011- Daniel jason Lewis tattoos

Tattoo: “Crown and year 2011”

Meaning: Jason got a tattoo of a crown with 2011 inked beneath it, on his right wrist. In 2011, Lewis competed and won gold for Australia in Commonwealth Youth Games in the light welterweight division. He won the finals by a score of 27-24.

8. “Big Brother” on his Right Forearm

big brother tattoo- Daniel jason lewis

9. “Muscular Man” on his Right Elbow

muscular man tattoo- Daniel Jason Lewis

10. “Bomb” on his Right Forearm

bomb-Daniel Jason Lewis tattoo

11. “Tribal Man Killing Lion” on his Right Upper Arm

tribal man killing lion-daniel jason lewis tattoo

12. “Tribal Man Wearing Traditional Headdress” on his Right Forearm

tribal man with headdress daniel jason lewis tattoos

13. “Word Drop and Image of a Bomb” on his Right Forearm and Hand

dropbomb on forearm-daniel jason lewis tattoos

14. “A Scenic View” on his Left Upper Arm

landscape -daniel jason lewis tattoos

Tattoo: Landscape

Meaning: Jason got a landscape inked on his left upper arm. There are small flying birds, a huge eagle, which is heading towards a snake, a leafless tree, a pot containing pebbles and a house, shown in the scenery.

15. “LACE UP” on his Left Elbow

16. “My Sisters Keeper” on his Left Forearm

my sisters keeper-daniel Jason Lewis tattoos

17. “FAMILY” on his Left Wrist

family-daniel jason lewis tattoos

18. “Granny” on his Back

19. “A Phrase” on his Right Forearm

a phrase-daniel jason lewis tattoos

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