Joan Jett’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Joan Marie Larkin, popularly known as Joan Jett is an American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Record Producer, and Actress. She is the best known for being the front runner of her band. Her major hits include songs like Bad Reputation, Crimson & Clover, Do you wanna touch me, Light of Day, and Dirty Deeds. Joan has very few inks on her body. Let us know about her tattoos and the meanings they hold.

Joan Jett

1. ‘Om’ Tattoo

joan jett Om tattoo

Tattoo: The Hindu symbol for OM, is inked on the backside of her neck.

Meaning: The tattoo represents Om, the sound of the universe, and brings peace.

2. ‘Armband’ Tattoo

Joan jett armband tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a triangle design with a loop at each corner. Just below it is a design of an armband on her upper left arm made out of two lines crisscrossing each other with dots in between.

Meaning: She described her tattoo by saying, “a figure 8 armband on my upper left arm, and a triangle with loops and swoops above the figure 8 armband.”

3. ‘Back’ Tattoo

joan jett back tattoo

Tattoo: Joan’s back contains a tattoo of two crossed Axes surrounded by flames. They are actually Labryses, Greek double-edged swords.

4. ‘Spiral and Light’ Tattoo

Joan jett swirl tattoo

Tattoo: Joan’s left forearm contains the tattoo of a spiral design with light emitting from it.

Meaning: Joan wrote about the tattoo, “This represents un-manifest consciousness, or consciousness at rest, with the rays coming out representing possibilities”

5. ‘Fighter Jet’ Tattoo

joan jett fighter jet tattoo

Tattoo: Her left thigh contains the tattoo of a fighter jet diving down.

Meaning: This was her first tattoo which she got at the age of 16 just because her last name is Jett.

6. ‘V Swirl’ Tattoo

joan jett V swirl tattoo

Tattoo: Joan’s chest contains a tattoo of a swirl design in V shape.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the presence of the divine in her.

She said, “This is an ornate V, with a diamond seed in the middle. I read that 10,000 to 7,000 years ago, so of the first figurines that were discovered to represent divinity had this V mark on the chest. So I put one on me to remind myself that there is divinity in each of us.”

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