Darren Till’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Darren Till, the famous English professional Mixed Martial Artist is also a former Muay Thai kickBoxer. Darren started training at the mere age of 12 years for Muay Thai. He is also a school dropout but with a lesser-known fact that he was so inclined towards the sport that he thought of giving up on his education. This led him to turn into a professional artist when he began his training in MMA at 17 years of age. Currently, he is signed with UFC. Darren shares a very close bond with his family and to highlight it, he has also got few body tattoos that are too close to his heart. Let us explore them.

Darren Till

He is a fan of Liverpool F.C.[

1. ‘Hanuman Sak Yant’ Tattoo

Darren back tattoo

Tattoo: On his upper back, Darren has got the tattoo of Hanuman Sak Yant.

Meaning: Hanuman is the Monkey God as per Hindu mythology. His existence goes back to the time of Lord Rama. Hanuman is known for his high powers which exceed the power of humans and as per the Thai culture he is believed to lead the monkey army to rid the world of the evils and negative spirits. He has been known for his bravery and humbleness. Hanuman Sak Yant is used as the symbol of bestowing the wearer of strength, courage, and protection against all the dangers and also instil in him positivity and self-confidence.

HANUMAN SAK YANT is believed to empower you with these six capabilities:

1. Others shall treat you with love, kindness, and compassion which further shall enhance your popularity.

2. Protection of the wearer against accidents and injuries.

3. Strength and the ability to defeat the enemy.

4. Power and authority to deal with others.

5. Confidence and the strength to fight for your right and also stay loyal and fight for what is right in the world.

6. Magical protection and strength.

2. Name with an angel wing Tattoo

Darren neck tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his neck, Darren has gotta tiny angel wing inked along with a name, ‘Caitlin’

Meaning: The name on his neck is of his sister. The name has been inked horizontally inside the angel wing which shows that Darren is quite close to his sister. The angel wing tattoo is the symbol of protection, faith, and freedom. Most importantly it is also symbolic of the guardian angel of your life. This points towards the fact that Darren considers his sister as the ‘guardian angel’ of his life.

3. Portrait Tattoo

Darren portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, Darren has got a beautiful portrait of a lady tattooed. There were speculations that it was the portrait of VanZant. however, he broke the guess works in 2015 after his amazing performance at UFC, revealing that it was the portrait of ‘his girl’. The name under the portrait reads, ‘Gisella’.

“No, it’s not. It’s my girl,” Till said when asked if his tattoo was of VanZant after his stunning UFC bow back in May 2015.

“It was a surprise for her birthday. I don’t know what I was thinking? I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to get a tattoo of her face.’.

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