Mena Suvari’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

American beauty diva, Mena Suvari breezily flaunts her hotness quotient and wonderful curves. The actress is one of the flourishing numbers of ever known females who carefreely flash about their amazing inkings. When asked about, she says,  “I think it would be considerate to his family to have my tattoos covered, since there are two nuns on his mother’s side of the family.” We know three of her body inks. Read below and check out what Mena’s tattoos actually mean.


1. Lion Over Back of her Neck


Mena Suvari has got a ferocious and fearless lion inked on the back of her neck. There’s no discarding the fact that a lion is a brutal key symbol, symbolizing heroism, potency, pride, and supremacy.

2. Word, Sound, Power Tattoo
mena suvari

Another tattoo that Mena Suvari bears on the back of her neck is the phrase, “Word, Sound Power“. This clearly tells us that her body art is meant to legitimately empower.

3. Cleavage Tattoo

Mena Suvari-tattoo

Mena Suvari has got something like a squiggle-wiggle on her provocative cleavages. It looks like a “13“, for “lucky 13”, probably. They say that number ’13’ is unlucky, a bad omen!  But, it may have varied significance to different persons.  Mena’s husband too, Simone Sestito has a replica “13”, attracting the level of compatibility they share.

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