Ezequiel Lavezzi’s 21 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ezequiel Iván Lavezzi is an Argentine professional footballer. Lavezzi plays for the Chinese club, Hebei China Fortune and the Argentina National Team as an attacker. He is famous for his pace, creativity, dribbles, and techniques. He mainly plays as a winger but is sometimes also seen playing as an Attacking Midfielder or a second striker. Lavezzi has been in the Argentine National Team since 2007 and also won the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal with them. Ezequiel has many tattoos on his body. Let us take a look at them and the meanings they hold.

Ezequiel Lavezzi

1. ‘Jesus’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi jesus tattoo

Tattoo: Ezequiel’s left pec contains a tattoo of Jesus Christ with the name, Jesus inked just above the tattoo on his left collar bone. His shoulder also contains a silhouette tattoo of Argentina.

Meaning: The tattoo represents his religious views. This is one of many religious tattoos that he has on his body. He got the map tattooed because he is an Argentine.

2. ‘Masks’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi masks tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Lavezzi’s right wrist, below his elbow, contains a tattoo of two masks. One is Red and one is Green.

Meaning: The masks represent Happiness and Sadness, both being a part of life. The Red one symbolizes sadness and the Green one symbolizes happiness.

3. ‘Necklace’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi necklace tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of Lavezzi’s body, on his ribs is a tattoo of a Necklace of Rosemary beads with a huge intricate Cross as a pendant.

Meaning: Ezequiel is very religious and this is one of the tattoos which show his religious views.

4. ‘Roses and Vine’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi flowers vine tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of Lavezzi’s right forearm is covered in tattoos of two large roses and a vine full of leaves and little stems. The tattoo covers his whole sleeve.

5. ‘Tomas’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi tomas tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm contains the name, Tomas inked on it with a swirl patterned line underneath the name.

Meaning: Lavezzi’s got this tattoo for his son, Tomas Lavezzi.

6. ‘Girl’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi girl1 tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi girl 2tattoo

Tattoo: Lavezzi’s right arm contains the tattoo of a girl wearing a Crown on her head and a pendant on her forehead. Her hair is made of trees and flowers which are rolling and flowing down. Some part of the hair goes up in the form of waves of bright blue symbolizing water. The hair eventually connects to his forearm tattoo full of trees, flowers, and vines.

Meaning: The girl in the tattoo is actually Gaea, from Greek mythology. She is known as the ancestral mother of all life and is the Goddess of the Earth.

7. Tribal Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Ezequiel right shoulder contains a large Tribal Design tattoo.

8. ‘Mary and Love’ Tattoos

Ezequiel Lavezzi love mary tattoo

Tattoo: The outer part of the footballer’s left forearm contains a large tattoo of a woman saint with her hands joined in prayer and light behind her head. The upper part of his arm also contains a tattoo of the word saying, Love with the letter, L elongated in a swirl and encasing the rest of the letters in the shape of a heart.

Meaning: The tattoo on his forearm is a tattoo of Mary Magdalene.

9. Chinese Symbol Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi chinese tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Lavezzi’s left leg, just above his ankle, contains a tattoo of a Chinese Symbol.

10. ‘Footballer’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi side tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his body, his ribcage contains a tattoo of a portrait of a young man with a football on his head.

Meaning: The portrait is of Diego Maradona, one of the most famous footballers in the world. Maradona is also an Argentine and one of the idols of Ezequiel Lavezzi.

11. Quote Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi quote tattoo

Tattoo: Ezequiel’s midback contains the tattoo of a quote which reads, ” Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right. ”

Meaning: This line is actually from the song, Everything’s gonna be all right by Bob Marley who is one of Lavezzi’s favorite artists of all time.

12. ‘Masks, Devil and The Girl’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi devil tattoo

Tattoo: The middle part of his back, just below his neck contains the tattoo of a Smiley Mask with a Man’s face coming out of it who is angry. To the right of this tattoo is a tattoo of an old angry man with an Evil Crown on his head with horns. The man is holding a dagger in one hand and a shield in the other. Behind this old man is a woman who is crying.

Meaning: The mask tattoo symbolizes how people may wear a smile on their faces but it is just a mask to hide their true form.

13. ‘Gun’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi gun1 tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his body, just below his necklace tattoo contains a tattoo of a gun.

14. ‘Doris and Stars’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi doris star tattoo 1

Tattoo: The left shoulder of the footballer contains the name, DORIS inked on it in bold. The rest of his shoulder is covered in stars of many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The left part of his body, just at his love handle, contains a tattoo of a large, intricate star which is also the symbol of navigation. His neck also contains a tattoo of a little star.

Meaning: Ezequiel got this tattoo in honor of his mother, Doris Alonso.

15. ‘Cup and Bees’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi back tattoo

Tattoo: The left part of his upper back contains a large tattoo done on a red background. The tattoo contains a blue and white smoothie cup and patterns of beehives of gold. There are lots of bees, both small and large done around the tattoo. The stars from his shoulder reach up and merge with his back tattoo.

16. ‘Olympic Rings’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi bicep tattoo

Tattoo: The left bicep of the footballer contains the tattoo of the Olympic Rings along with the numbers, 2008 inked below them. The name, Tomas is also inked just beside the tattoo. The tattoos are surrounded by little and big stars.= that go along with the ones on his shoulder.

Meaning: The Olympic rings along with the number, 2008 represent the year 2008 when Ezequiel Lavezzi won the Olympic Gold Medal with the Argentine National Team. Tomas is the name of his son.

17. ‘Calf’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi calf tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s left calf contains the logo of an Argentine based Football Club, “Coronel Aguirre”.

18. ‘Joker’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The left arm of the footballer contains a tattoo of a joker with a menacing, cunning face. The words, ” C HEL AGUIRRE” are also inked a little below the joker tattoo.

19. ‘Buddha and Ring’ Tattoos

Ezequiel Lavezzi buddha ring tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi buddha tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of the footballer’s right leg contains a large tattoo of Gautama Buddha. His right ring finger also contains a tattoo of a voice wave done in the form of a ring circling around his finger.

Meaning: Lavezzi is a very religious man with many of his tattoos being connected to his religious views on both Christianity. But what people do not know that he also follows the teachings of Buddhism about kindness, wisdom, generosity, patience, and compassion.

20. ‘Buddha Stupa’ Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi buddha stupa tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Lavezzi’s left leg contains another tattoo of Gautama Buddha, meditating in front of a Stupa. A Stupa is a hemispherical structure used in places of meditation in Buddhism.

Meaning: This is another one of Ezequiel Lavezzi’s religious tattoos.

21. Leg Tattoo

Ezequiel Lavezzi calf2 tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his right leg contains a tattoo of a turtle carrying a heavy load full of ropes on its back. The letters, “BC” are inked just below it. There is another tattoo of the name, “Tony” tattooed below the turtle tattoo. The letters, “BB” are inked just below the name Tony.

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