Montrezl Harrell’s 21 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Montrezl Dashay Harrell is an American professional basketball player who currently plays in the NBA for Los Angeles Lakers. Harrell played college basketball for the Louisville Cardinals and was drafted in 2015 by the Houston Rockets and was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2017. Harrell signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020.

Montrezl Harrell

Montrezl’s whole body is covered in tattoos. Harrell said in an interview, that along with his family members, he has tattoos of the names of his AAU team who are like brothers to him, Aaron, Da’Cor, Mike, Myles, Tobias, TerrillTevin, and Tyrie. Let us see what tattoos Montrezl’s body adorns and explore the meanings behind them.

1. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell lion tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of the player’s neck has a tattoo of the face of a lion on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the king of the jungle on his neck represents his personality and his courage and strength on the court.

2. ‘Grateful’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell grateful tattoo

Tattoo: The middle of his chest has a tattoo of a cross on it that has the word, “Grateful” tattooed inside it. The rest of his chest is covered in tattoos of clouds as a backdrop for the cross. There are also rays of light tattooed behind the cross.

Meaning: The tattoo of the cross and the word on his chest represents his religious views and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save humanity. The tattoo shows how grateful he is to the Lord for providing him strength, safety, and also for everything he has achieved in life. There is another tattoo for his faith on his body too as you will soon find out.

3. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell angel tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Montrezl’s stomach has an angel tattooed on it. The angel has wings, a halo over her head, and the words, “My Angel” is tattooed above her head. The angel is carrying a baby in her arms and kissing the baby on the forehead.

Meaning: The angel on the side of his body is a guardian angel carrying a child in her arms. The child in her arms also represents Harrell’s baby boy, Amari. Harrell also has a baby daughter, Alyshia.

4. ‘Beast and Banner’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell beast banner tattoo

Tattoo: The middle of his stomach has a tattoo of the face of a wild cat on it. There is also a banner that stars above the cat’s head and moves towards the left side and covers the left of his stomach with the names, “Aaron, Da’Cor, Mike, Myles, Tabias, TerrillTevin, and Tyrie” written on the banner.

Meaning: The names on the banner are the names of the members of his AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Team, The Trezz Raptors.

5. Heart Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell heart tattoo

Tattoo: Harrell’s waistline has a tattoo of a heart with a dagger inside it tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the dagger piercing the heart on his stomach represents betrayal.

6. ‘Basketball with wings’  Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell basketball tattoo

Tattoo: There is a basketball along with wings tattooed on the right shoulder of the player.

Meaning: The tattoo of the basketball with wings represents the love that Harrell has for the game and how playing makes him feel free.

7. Boy Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell boy tattoo

Tattoo: Montrezl’s right upper arm has a tattoo of a little boy sitting on top of the world, wearing a crown. The words, “Merit World” are also tattooed above the boy.

8. ‘Baby Angel with Wings’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell girl tattoo

Tattoo: His arm is tattooed with a baby angel with wings tattoo.

Meaning: The is actually a cherub representing a baby angel. Cherub is the symbol of honesty, innocence, and a perfect symbol of a relationship with God, Heaven, and Earth.

9. Letters Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell letters tattoo Montrezl Harrell letters tattoo2

Tattoo: Both the biceps of the players have letters tattooed on them vertically.

10. Blessed Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell blessed tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of his right forearm, right where his elbow folds has another basketball tattooed on it. The word, “Blessed” is also tattooed below the ball.

Meaning: The tattoo of the basketball on his forearm represents his love for the game he plays and how blessed he feels to have come so far in the Basketball World and to have achieved so much.

11. ‘Clouds’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell clouds tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of his right forearm is completely covered in tattoos of clouds and a design near his wrist. Clouds depict the old difficult phase of the person’s life and their willingness to move forward and live the future best times, happily.

12. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell hand tattoo

Tattoo: Harrell’s right hand has a rose flower tattooed on it with a name tattooed above the flower.

13. ‘Loyalty and Family’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell loyalty family tattoo

Tattoo: The right bicep of the player has the words, “Loyalty” and “Family” tattooed on it.

Meaning: Harrell got these words tattooed on his bicep as both these things are very important for him. The tattoo also shows how much he loves his family. Montrezl is one of three brothers in his family and has a lovely little boy and a girl.

14. ‘Faith’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell faith tattoo

Tattoo: The word, “Faith” is tattooed on the inside of his left forearm.

Meaning: The tattoo of the word represents his faith in Jesus and how the almighty is always there for him.

15. ‘Woman’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell woman tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of his left upper arm has a tattoo of a woman on it. The woman also has rays of light behind her head.

16. ‘Respect and Bird’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell respect bird tattoo

Montrezl Harrell bird tattoo

Tattoo: Harrell’s left bicep has the word, “Respect” tattooed on it. His bicep and upper arm also have tattoos of two dove birds on it. There is also a tattoo of the earth, wrapped inside a small vine.

Meaning: The word on his bicep is another quality that is important to him. The tattoo of the dove birds represents peace and is also used to symbolize the Holy Spirit.

17. ‘Chain’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell chain tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of his left lower leg has a chain tattooed on it along with a circular design of metal parts. Chains are considered to be a negative way of symboling the evils like slavery and defeat. However, they also symbolize the eternal world.

18. ‘Bottle’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell bottle tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny bottle in the shape of a heart tattooed on the inside of his left leg, just above his ankle. There are also rays of shine tattooed around the bottle.

19. ‘Skulls and Banner’ Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell skull banner tattoo Montrezl Harrell skull banner tattoo2

Tattoo: The outer side of Harrell’s left leg has an interesting tattoo of skulls tattooed on it. There are three skulls and a long banner running along with them. The first skull’s eyes are covered with the banner and the words, “SEE NO EVIL” are tattooed on it. The second skull has the banner wrapped around its ears and has the words, “HEAR NO EVIL” tattooed on it and the third one has the banner covering its mouth with the words, “SPEAK NO EVIL” tattooed on it. There is also a rosemary bead necklace on his leg with a cross pendant that is tattooed near his ankle and a flower band tattooed around his ankle.

Meaning: The tattoo design comes from the Three Wise Monkeys from Japanese culture representing the idea that one should see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. The skulls have replaced the monkeys here, but the idea the tattoo represents against evil is the same. The tattoo of the cross and rosemary necklace is another tattoo that represents his religious views and the power of prayer.

20. Knee Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell knee tattoo

Tattoo: The left knee of the player also has tattoo designs around it.

21. Portrait Tattoo

Montrezl Harrell portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Montrezl’s left calf has a portrait of the face of an old man tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the old man on his calf is a tattoo of Willie Nelson, the musician. The tattoo received a lot of mixed responses from people. Harrell might be a fan of his music that led him to get this tattoo.

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