Matthew Healy’s 18 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Matthew Healy, also known as Matt Heally and Matty Heally, is a lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter of the world-famous English pop band from Manchester, The 1975. Being influenced by Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine, and Talking Heads, Matthew along with his other bandmates Adam Hann, Rose MacDonald, and George Daniel formed this band when they all were just teenagers in 2002. Matthew is usually dressed in black, with a skinny fit ripped off jeans from the knee and an oversized shirt or a tank top along with a leather jacket. His unique style makes him stand out from the other contemporary artists and has been the driving force behind the success of this band. His tattoos are also very unique which gained a lot of attention. Let us read further to know more about his unique tattoos along with their meanings.



Tattoo: TRUE LOVE ANNIE Tattoo on the chest.

Meaning: Matthew was very close to his grandmother, so when she died, to express his love and honor towards her, he got a tattoo on his chest, with two birds, a heart and a handshake with a text, TRUE LOVE ANNIE on it. As per the sources, it took 16 hours to get this inked on his chest. Mathew once said,

“This tattoo has always been my favorite one and very special to me.”

2. ‘WE ARE KINGS’ Tattoo

Tattoo: WE ARE KINGS Tattoo on the left side of his lower abdomen.

Meaning: A tattoo with a rose and a text, WE ARE KINGS, has been inked by Matthew Healy on the left side of his lower abdomen. This might be related to the lyrics of their song ‘wolves’ but no clarification has been made by him till today on this.

3. ‘Deer’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Deer Tattoo on the upper left arm.

Meaning: A very beautiful deer with unique designs of yellow, green and red color has been inked by him on his upper left arm. Deer tattoos usually symbolize motherly love, fertility and spiritual connection with nature. Matty has always been very close to his parents, so maybe this was one of the reasons for getting this tattoo inked on his body.

4. ‘Timothy and Denise’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Timothy and Denise Tattoo on his feet.

Meaning: Matthew has inked his parents’ name, Timothy Healy and Denise inked on his feet along with a very beautiful design comprising of red rose, wands, and green leaves. His parents have always been a part of the show business which inspired Matty to pursue his career in music. To express his love and gratitude towards them, he has inked their names on his feet.

5. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Cross Tattoo on the left leg, just above the left ankle.

Meaning: Cross tattoos hold very spiritual meaning. It has a deep link with the Christianity religion. Matthew has inked a very beautiful cross tattoo with a floral design of red, green, and yellow color, inked on his left leg just above his left ankle.

6. ‘1975’ Tattoo

Tattoo: 1975 Tattoo on the inner side of the right forearm arm.

Meaning: 1975 is the name of the English pop band, of which Matthew Healy is a lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter. This band was formed in 2002 when Matthew and his bandmates were teenagers. The name of the band, The 1975, was inspired by scribbling, found on the back cover, of the poetry book, by Jack Kerouac, that read, ‘1 June, The 1975’.  Since then, this band has been proved as the life-changing experience for him, for helping him to grow his career in music and gaining popularity worldwide. To express his tribute towards his band and his bandmates, he has inked the name of the band, 1975 on the inner side of his right arm.

7. ‘Mortal Kombat’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Mortal Kombat Tattoo on the inner side of the right forearm.

Meaning: Mortal Kombat is a video game franchise originally developed by Midway Games, Chicago studios, 1992. The Mortal Kombat logo is also a symbol of the depiction of Elder Gods in the purest form. This tattoo has been inked just above his 1975 tattoo on the inner side of his right forearm.

8. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo


Tattoo: An Anchor Tattoo on the right arm.

Meaning: An anchor tattoo usually represents calmness, hope, salvation, and composure. This has been inked by him on his right arm just near to his Mortal Kombat logo tattoo.


Tattoo: NEW CASTLE UNITED Tattoo on his right arm.

Meaning: Newcastle United Football Club, is a professional football club in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top tier of English Football. Being a fan of this, Matthew has inked Newcastle United Football Club logo on the upper side of his right arm.

10. ‘Love’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Love Tattoo on the right arm.

Meaning: A tattoo saying, love has been inked by Mathew Healy, on his right arm. This tattoo is just below the New Castle United tattoo. Matt has never expressed the reason for getting this word inked on his body, but it shows how emotional a person he is.

11. ‘LOVE ME’ Tattoo

Tattoo: LOVE ME Tattoo on the abdominal area.

Meaning: Matthew Healy has inked the word, LOVE ME, in bold letters with black ink, on his abdominal area. Matthew has never given any reason for getting this word inked but it can be called as his perception, to ask the world to love him the way he is, to accept and admire the real him.

12. ‘DAD’ Tattoo

Tattoo: DAD Tattoo on his right wrist.

Meaning: Matthew Healy used to play drums with his father when he was just four years old, and that was the time when Matthew developed a liking for music. He always credits his parents for his music career. To express his love and feelings towards his parents, he has tattooed their names on his feet. Not only this, he has inked the word DAD on his right wrist, which shows how much he is attached to his father, Timothy Healy.


Tattoo: WEAK MESSAGE CREATE BAD SITUATION Tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: This is a self-explanatory tattoo, saying, weak message create bad situation, has been inked by Matthew on his right forearm. It means communication should be done in such a way that it should not create any form of troubles for anyone.

14. ‘Heart with Allerton’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Heart with Allerton Tattoo on the upper portion of his right arm.

Meaning: A heart with a word Allerton has been inked by Matthew Healy on the upper portion of his right arm. He said,

“It’s a heart with Allerton in it and it’s a reference to my favorite book.”

15. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose Tattoo on his left leg, just above his left ankle.

Meaning: Many tattoos of Matthew Healy have been designed with colorful flowers, especially red roses, which means that he is really fond of them. He even has inked a red rose on his left leg, just above his left ankle.

16. ‘Unidentified Girl’ Tattoo

Tattoo: An Unidentified Girl Tattoo on left leg.

Meaning: A beautiful portrait of an unidentified girl has been inked by Matthew Healy on his left leg. No information regarding this is available regarding the identity of this girl.

17. ‘An Unidentified Numbers’ Tattoo

Tattoo: An Unidentified Numbers Tattoo on his right wrist.

Meaning: An unidentified numbers have been inked by Matthew on his right wrist. No information is being available regarding this unidentified number.

18. ‘Band’s Iconic Rectangular Box’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Rectangular Box on his left forearm.

Meaning: Matthew Healy has inked his band 1975’s iconic rectangular box on his left forearm, just near to the name of his album 1975. This has been inked by him to show his love and dedication towards his band, which has been proved as a life-changing thing in his life.

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