Maren Morris’ 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Maren Morris is an American singer and songwriter. Unlike other celebrities, Maren has got only a few tattoos on her body. Each tattoo represents a unique meaning. Let’s scroll further to know more details regarding her various body tats along with their significance.Maren Morris-Tattoos

1. ‘Bull Skull’ Tattoo

Maren Morris-Bull Skull-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Bull Skull’ tattoo on her left arm.

Meaning: In July 2016, Maren got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Amanda Wachob. Since Maren is from Arlington, Texas, (USA) so she got this tattoo inked to represent her Texan heritage. In her Instagram post, Maren had uploaded the picture of this tattoo with the caption,

Little bit Texan sass, little bit feminine. Thanks, @amandawachob ! Love your talent. Have followed her work for almost 6 years! ???”

However, this post is no longer available. The tattoo artist Amanda uploaded the following picture of this tattoo on her Instagram account with the caption,

A little something, for a Texan. Thanks Maren!!”

2. ‘Hummingbird’ Tattoo

Maren Morris-Humming Bird-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Hummingbird’ tattoo near her left wrist.

Meaning: This ‘watercolor style colorful hummingbird’ tattoo was the first tattoo that Maren got inked when she was just 18. Hummingbird tattoo is a symbol of hope, joy, love, freedom, peace, and charm. It also represents the ways to overcome the different obstacles of life. In an interview, Maren said,

This is my first tattoo. It’s a hummingbird. My first ever guitar was a Gibson Hummingbird. And I just love them. That was when I was 18.”

3. ‘Lyrics from the song Christina’ Tattoo

Maren Morris-Lyrics of Christina song-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Lyrics from the song Christina’ tattoo on her back.

Meaning: This tattoo is the lyrics from the song ‘Christina’ by the artist, Patty Griffin. This song was released in 1998. Maren got this tattoo inked in April 2013 but in the second line, the actual word of the lyrics ‘with’ is replaced with ‘but’. The tattoo says,

It’s a wondrous world of ridiculous things but nothing so rare as the love that it brings.”

4. ‘Roman Numeral’ Tattoo

Maren Morris-Roman Numerals-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Roman Numeral’ tattoo on her left arm.

Meaning: Maren got the tattoo of the Roman numeral ‘XLII’ inked for the success of solo song ‘I Could Use A Love Song’ which ranked at the position one Billboard Country Airplay chart. Not only this, but the song was also nominated for ‘Best Country Solo Performance’ at the 2018 Grammy Awards. So, to celebrate this, she got the Roman numeral ‘XLII’ which says ’42’ on her arm. In an interview in 2018, she said,

It’s been an amazing month. I can’t believe — It went number one, and then we’re at the Grammys this weekend….Watching it inch up the chart all week, and then they finally said it went number one and I could just exhale, finally. It was really exciting. I actually got a tattoo today to signify the number of weeks it was on the chart. So it’s 42. It’s the first number one so I want to celebrate it.”

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