Cruz Beckham’s 17 Tattoos and their Meanings

Cruz Beckham

Cruz Beckham, son of the famous David and Victoria Beckham, has turned his body into a diary with 17 unique tattoos. Following in his dad’s footsteps, who is known for his own tattoos, Cruz uses his tattoos to show off what’s important to him. In this article, we’re going to look at all of Cruz’s tattoos and the special meanings they hold. From the tribute to his mother, known as “Posh” from the Spice Girls, to other personal symbols, each tattoo is a piece of Cruz’s own story. We’ll find out what inspires him and how he remembers big moments in his life through his tattoos.

1. Posh Tattoo

Cruz Beckham's Posh Tattoo

Cruz Beckham, inspired by his father, got himself the word “Posh” tattooed on his outer elbow. The inscription was crafted by the tattoo artist known as Certified Letter Boy in September.

2. Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Cruz Beckham's butterfly tattoo

Cruz has a small butterfly tattoo on his thigh.

3. ‘Promise’ below the Chest

Cruz Beckham's promises tattoo

Although he has not spoken extensively about it, he has a ‘Promise’ tattoo under his chest.

4. Vinyl Record Player on his Bicep

Cruz Beckham's vinyl record tattoo

He got a black and grey vinyl record player on his biceps depicting the love for music.

5. “All Things Must Pass”

Cruz Beckham's all things must pass tattoo

He has a quote on his torso that says ‘All things must pass.”

6. Ship on his Torso

Cruz Beckham's ship tattoo

The Beckham son also has a sailor ship tattoo which probably represnts strength and courage.

7. “Free Spirit” on Hand

Cruz Beckham's free spirit tattoo

He has a delicate ‘Free Spirit’ tattoo on his wrist with a tiny heart in the front.

8. Humming Tattoo on Hand

Cruz Beckham's hummingbird tattoo

He also got himself a tiny hummingbird tattoo on his hand which might represent freedom.

9. Cross Tattoo on Hand

Cruz Beckham's cross tattoo

Similarly, he has a cross tattoo which he got prior to his hummingbird deisgn.

10. Musical Band Near Wrist

He got inked by Certified Letter Boy with a whole musical crew on his arm.

11. Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Cruz Beckham's rose tattoo

He has a beautiful rose tattoo that probably represents love for his family.

12. 3 Sword Tattoo

Cruz Beckham's three swords tattoo

Cruz, along with his brothers, got a three sword tattoo on himself.

13. ‘1975’ on Biceps

Cruz Beckham's 1975 tattoo

He has his father’s birth year on his biceps.

14. Robot Tattoo on Leg

Cruz Beckham's robot tattoo

In 2023, Cruz got himself a black and grey shaded robot tattoo on his legs.

15. ‘Mum and Dad’ on Arm

Cruz Beckham's mum and dad tattoo

To honor his parents, the Beckham also has ‘Mum and Dad’ written in cursive font on his arm.

16. ‘1974’ on Bicep

Cruz Beckham's 1974 tattoo

Cruz got himself inked with the birth year of his mother.

17. ‘Brotherhood’ Tattoo

Cruz Beckham's brotherhood tattoo

Cruz and his brothers got ‘Brotherhood’ written on their skins on different locations.

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