Liam James Payne’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Liam James Payne, better known as Liam Payne is an English singer and a great songsmith. Payne made his professional stage debut as a singer when he auditioned for British television series, The X factor in 2008. He has quite a few number of tattoos. Let’s explore them.

Liam Payne

1. ‘Four inverted V’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Liam has four inverted V’s inked on his right arm

Meaning: This huge chevron tattoo on his right arm is all about his band members. Each arrow is exclusively allocated to one of the boys excluding himself. However, he totally regrets this tattoo.

In an interview with Ellen and James Corden he said, “When I first got [these arrows], I was kind of like, ‘What have I just done to my arm?’. I woke up in bed and the first thing I googled was how do I get this thing off me? My mom cried, my dad probably cried a bit, everyone was crying and stuff. So I thought, this was a bad move.”

2. ‘Flying Eagle’ tattoo

Liam Payne Flying Eagle Tattoo 1

Tattoo: Eagle inked on the back of Liam’s right hand.

Meaning: This tattoo is a tribute to one of the pictures of One Direction, performing in Detroit on August 29, 2015, which was his 22nd birthday. Liam got this large ink on the back of his right hand which includes a sun rising in the back and an eagle in a flight in the front. It also features two blank banners.

3. ‘A skull with Blooming Roses’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Skull with Roses Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam has ink on the right forearm which includes a skull which is surrounded by the blooming roses.

Meaning: His right arm tattoo is done by the tattoo artist, Daniel in Rising Dragon Tattoos in the Chelsea section of New York. It includes three roses through which a black and white skull is emerging with a banner on top of it, which reads “we are quiet ones”.

4. ‘Only time will tell’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The words are inked on Liam’s wrist.

Meaning: Liam revealed his ink on Twitter on 27 October 2012 and his tattoo was inked by Steve Richardson, a tattoo artist at Skunx Tattoo in London. This ink came right after he broke things with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer.

5. ‘Number 29’ Tattoo

Liam Payne 29 Number Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam also has ink which shows number 29 inked on the front of his right hand. 29 represents Liam’s birthdate, i.e 29 August 1993.

6. ‘Bunched Feathers and Stars’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Feathers and Stars Tattoo

Tattoo: This ink is present on the outside of Liam’s right forearm.

Meaning: This artwork on his body is another tribute by Liam to his One Direction Band. He revealed it during a music video “Perfect”. The biggest feather ink was done before he decided to get the stars and other feathers inked beside it.

7. ‘DCXVIII – XCVIII’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Roman Numerals Tattoo

Tattoo: This Roman Numeral tattoo is inked on Liam’s left wrist. It is the tribute to his first-ever appearance on British television series X factor, the ink represents his audition no 61898. He revealed this ink during a music video “perfect”.


Liam Payne Eygptian Writing Tattoo

Tattoo: Egyptian Hieroglyphics inked on his left forearm near the feather tattoo.

Meaning: This curious tat of logos of black outlines of tools and animals represents his name LIAM in which there is an image of a lion laying down that represents “L”,  a knife stands for “I”, a bird standing for “A”, and an owl for “M”. The series of symbols inked above Liam’s feather tattoo is actually hieroglyphics, which is the combination of alphabetic and logographic elements to form letters and words.

9. ‘A Feather’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Feather Tattoo

Tattoo: A feather tattoo on his left arm.

Meaning: Single large feather tattoo is inked on his right forearm.

Liam himself revealed during his interview with ABC’S Nightline, “The feather was a thing when I was a kid we used to find feathers around the house and whenever we found them my mum used to say it was my nan leaving them around for us to find”

10. ‘I figured it out’ Tattoo

Liam-Payne-I Figured it Out-Tattoo

Tattoo: I figured it out inked on Liam’s left forearm.

Meaning: After four months of getting a feather tattoo on his arm Liam added ink of the wording” I figured it out…”  which are the lyrics of the One Direction Band’s song “I figured it out / Saw the mistakes of up and down / Meet in the middle / There’s always room for common ground.”

11. “Somewhere is a place that nobody knows” Tattoo

Liam Payne Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam has the following words inked on his right arm.

Meaning: The tattoo includes the words, “somewhere is a place that nobody knows” in a black script. He got this ink during the world tour of One Direction Band in South America.

12. ‘L P’ Tattoo

Liam Payne L P Tattoo

Tattoo: L P inked on the thumbs of his right and left hand, respectively. Liam Payne has gone into extreme measures to remind the world his name. He revealed this ink during the launch of his single, “bedroom floor”.

13. ‘Number 4’ Tattoo

Liam-Payne-Number 4-tattoo

Tattoo: Number 4 is inked on his ring finger.

Meaning: Number 4 inked on the ring finger of his left hand is a symbol of emotional attachment to his One Direction Band needled during the whirlwind pre-Grammys trip to the Maldives.

14. ‘A Cross’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Feather Tattoo

Tattoo: Cross inked on Liam’s ankle.

Meaning: This was actually his first ever tattoo he got on his ankles revealed during an interview with ABC’s Nightline which he got next day after joining One Direction Band.

He said ‘This was actually the first tattoo I ever got, all of us but Niall have got these on our ankles. It just crosses, I don’t know what it means. They’re screws, they keep you together. It’s like a keep you grounded thing.” Now we can  understand the emotional attachment for the band and him called as daddy of the group.

15. ‘Roses’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Roses inked on his left hand.

Meaning: Three roses tattooed on his left hand are the symbol of love spirituality and beauty. The ink was first noticed when he was photographed at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

16. ‘Everything I wanted but nothing I ‘ll ever need…’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Everything I wanted... Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam has another tattoo quote inked on his left arm.

During an interview with British DJ Scott Mills, Liam explained the meaning behind this tattoo saying, “It’s basically that obviously we’ve got a lot of things from doing this and stuff, and there are things that I want, but all I ever need is my family and these four boys right here.”

17. ‘A Watch and Gears’ Tattoo


Tattoo: A Watch and Gears inked on Liam’s forearm.

Meaning: A large Pocket Watch and Gears, is inked by the tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. The tattoo includes the clock which is forever stopped at 11 56 and a smaller second-hand clock on the face which is forever stopped at 11 seconds. The watch in Liam’s arm tattoo is surrounded by several large and small gears.

18. “1993” Tattoo


Tattoo: Liam has a tattoo which includes the year “1993” inked vertically on the back of his left arm.

Meaning: Liam Payne’s tattoo features heavily shadowed white letters, filling in space around his family crest tattoo.

19. ‘A Skull and an Eye’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Skull and an Eye Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam has a skull and an eye inked on his left forearm. The eye tattoo depicts his girlfriend (Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s) eye.

It feels like she’s always watching’: Liam Payne confirmed that the eye tattoo on his arm IS Cheryl’s – he told fans at a meet and greet in Boston, America

20. ‘Lion’s crest and a Medieval Knight’ Tattoo

Liam Payne Lion Crest and Medieval Knight Tattoo

Tattoo: Liam has a Lion Crest on his left sleeve.

Meaning: Liam’s lion crest was revealed on the Instagram post by his favorite Tattoo Artist, Nikko Hurtado. It includes a family crest or coat of arms, showing a lion standing on his hind legs followed by lots of intricate artwork extending out from the crest. Later he added a knight tattoo who is shown wearing an ancient helmet covering.


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