Joe Gilgun’s 35 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Joseph William Gilgun is a Lancashire-born English actor. He is most known for his appearances as Eli Dingle in “Emmerdale,” Woody in “This Is England” and its TV spin-offs, and Rudy Wade in “Misfits.” Joseph, better called Joe, has got some amazing tattoos that adorn his body from top to bottom. For his outstanding performance in “Misfits,” Joe has received two awards: the Virgin Media TV Awards in the category of Best Newbie and the SFX Awards in the area of Breakout Star. This is all about his professional achievements but, being his fan, are you aware of the special meanings that his body tattoos have. We are sure, you must have seen many inks peaking out in his pictures. This article is all about Joe’s body tattoos and their special meanings for him. Let us understand them together.

Joe Gilgun

Joseph Gilgun

1. Roman Numbers on Stomach

Joe roman numbers tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of Joe’s body, there are some roman numbers inked as ‘LXXXIV.’

The numbers can be converted to 74.

2. Flowers on the left side of the Body

Joe stomach tattoo

Tattoo: There are some lilies tattooed on the left side of his stomach.

Meaning: Lilies are beautiful flowers that represent affection and sincerity. They are linked to the force of reproduction and motherhood. Lilies can represent love and bonds forever.

3. ‘Sweet Granny Linda’ Tattoo

Joe sweet granny linda tattoo

Tattoo: On his forearm, a tattoo is dedicated to his granny, ‘Sweet Granny Linda.’

Joseph is known to have been very close to his grandparents, especially his grandmother:

“I loved my Grandma Sadie; she was amazing. I think she was quite a tough old bird, really.”

He revealed his love for his grandparents’ council house in Chorley. “It always smelled of stale Superkings because she smoked in the house, and this strong smell of tea, because she used to reuse her tea bags.”

4. Three Leaf Clove Tattoo

Joe three clove leaf tattoo

Tattoo: Pair of three leaf cloves are tattooed across Joe’s right forearm.

The cloverleaf is an element of a tradition that may be found in many cultures and faiths. It serves as a harbinger of good fortune and auspiciousness. Faith, love, and hope are thought to represent the three leaves. However, among the Irish, the shamrock or three-leaf clover (as it is often known) represents the Holy Trinity, which consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Joe writing on arm tattoo

Tattoo: Across his right forearm, Joe has got the tattoo of the words, “YOU’RE ALL IN IT, SO BE PROUD,” they say.
It’s been rumored that (producer Mark Herbert used to say this to the actors before the screening while they were filming.

 6. ‘LOL’ Tattoo

Joe hand tattoo

Tattoo: On the base of his right thumb, there is a tattoo of the word, ‘LOL.’

Gilgun used to love acting since his childhood; however, it was a great deal for him when, on being suggested by an educational psychologist, he started taking part in drama workshops. Joe joined Coronation Street at the mere age of 10 (a drama series that began in 1960 and has almost 58 seasons as of now), followed by Emmerdale in his early 20s. The ultimate turning point of his life turned out to be his character as Woody in ‘This Is England.’

LOL tattoo is the reminder of the name of his character’s true love that made him into a star; thus, the tattoo represents spelling out the name of his character’s true love.

7. Initials on shoulders

Joe initials on shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Across his shoulders, there is a tattoo of the letters ‘E’ and ‘Q’ on his right and left shoulders, respectively.

8. Portrait on Left Arm

Joe left arm portrait in club symbol tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a tattoo of a portrait of a lady inked inside the shape of the clubs of cards.

This tattoo is actually the representation of the ‘QUEEN OF CLUBS.’

This card is associated with social inventiveness, entertainment, amusement, and emotional uneasiness. As a Soul Card, the Queen of Club personality is drawn to social circumstances that emphasize their nervousness and doubt.

9. Writing on the Left Arm-RURAL

Joe left arm tattoo

10. ‘Tattoo dedication to Mom and Dad’ Tattoo

Joe mum dad tattoo

Tattoo: Joe’s left bicep is a tattoo dedicated to his parents (Judith Gilgun, Andrew Gilgun), his mother, and his father, respectively. The tattoo has some swirls that contain the words ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad.’

11. Writing on Right Arm- ‘I ain’t gonna work on’

Joe right bicep writing tattoo

14. Eye Tattoo

Joe eye tattoo

15. Cross on Neck

Joe cross tattoo

On the left side of his neck, Joe has got a cross tattoo.

Meaning: Cross is the holy symbol of Christians and represents that the tattoo wearer holds deep faith and belief in Jesus Christ and his blessings.

16. Chest Tattoo

Joe chest tattoo

Tattoo: On his chest, Joe has got a huge tattoo that represents a magpie with the words under it that say, “ab imo pectore.”

When converted into English, the letters mean, ‘from the bottom of my heart‘ Magpie is believed to be the symbol of good luck in all aspects, be it your life, your profession, or your love life.

Americans believe it to be mischievous, cunning, and wise but on the light-hearted side. It also represents character traits like Flamboyant, Willfulness; Integrity, Deceitful; Fortune, Expressive, and Intellect.

17. Right Leg- Burning Candle Tattoo

Joe burning candle tattoo

Tattoo: On his right leg, a burning candle tattoo with the words ‘JAN’ is inked on its bottom.

The candle can signify light triumphing over darkness, virtue triumphing over evil. The candle tattoo can signify the light in your life that brings respect and knowledge during difficult times. The tattoo might be Joe’s dedication to some loved one in his life, as the month mentioned on the bottom of the candle mentions.

As per speculations, this is Joe’s dedication to one of his sisters. He has two younger sisters named Rosie and Jennie Gilgun.

18. Wrestler Man Tattoo 

Joe boy tattoo on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is a boxing man tattooed on Joe’s right arm.

19. Scarf-Knot Tattoo

Joe bow knot tattoo

20. Right-Hand Writing; ‘AGONY.’

Joe bird tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, we can see a sparrow tattoo and the words, ‘AGONY.’

Sparrows are often associated with freedom, true love, and humility.

21. Finger Tattoos

Joe finger tattoos

Tattoo: Across his right-hand fingers, there is a letter M, a cross, another symbol, and a letter S, as we proceed from the index to his pinky, followed by some more letters on his upper half of the fingers as, ‘S,’ ‘I,’ ‘N’ ‘K.’

22. ‘make the most of it’ Tattoo-Left Forearm

Joe make the most of it tattoo

23. Arm Tattoos

Joe left arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: Multiple tattoos across his left forearm include ‘Mazur’ and ‘ALL WILL BE WELL.’

24. Flowers on Right Hand

Joe hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, there is a huge rose inked.

Meaning: Rose is the symbol of love, affection, and romance. Also, it is the universal symbol of love. Under his rose tattoo, multiple symbols are tattooed across his right hand’s fingers, including leafy stems on his index and pinky, followed by a cross on his middle finger and a tiny triangle with a cross on his ring finger. Also, there is a crown-like symbol tattooed on the tip of his middle finger.

25. Forehead Tattoo

Joe forehead tattoo

26. ‘23456’ Tattoo

Joe numbers tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his chest, Joe got the tattoo of the number “23456”, his official actor number, inked across his chest, probably after shooting “Misfits,” which is a science fiction comedy-drama television program from the United Kingdom.

27. Arm Portrait

Joe portraits on left arm tattoo

28. Rope Knot Tattoo

Joe rope tattoo

Tattoo: Wrapped around his right ankle is the tattoo of the rope knot.

Meaning: Many individuals receive a simple knot to indicate that they have successfully come through a tough moment in their lives or to remind themselves that they are connected to something greater than themselves. A rope noose is also connected with the fact that the tattoo wearer might be unsatisfied with life and might want an exit; however, it is not the case with Joe’s tattoo.

As per our belief, this must be another of his tattoo’s dedication to the love for his family bonds because the rope is another way of reflecting strong bonds and ties.

29. Right Arm Tattoo

Joe left arm writing tattoo

30. Right Arm Writing

Joe right arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, another writing says, ‘I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more.’

31. Leg Tattoo Design

Joe right arm design

32. Bicep Tattoos

Joe bicep tattoos

33. Tattoos on buttocks

Joe tattoos on bums

Tattoo: On his bums, Joe has got the tattoo of Thomas Turgoose on one cheek, Andrew Shim on the other, and something in between his ass crack.

Andrew Shim is an American-born English actor who was born in 1989 and is also a mixed martial artist best known for his appearances in Shane Meadows’ films and TV shows, particularly ‘This Is England.’ Thomas Aiden Turgoose is an English actor who was born in 1992, best known for his role as Shaun Fields.

34. Rose on Right Leg Tattoo

Joe rose on leg tattoo

35. ‘Dues Paid’ Tattoo

Joe dues paid tattoo

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