18+ Stunning Leopard Tattoos with Meanings

‘The best way to communicate your spiritual message to the world is through your body art.’

Leopards are best known for being mysterious and stealthiest. They are graceful, savage (during hunting), powerful, cautious, elusive, and solitary. They are arguably one of the most beautiful species in the entire Panthera genus. And because of these features, it’s no wonder that people want it on their skin. Similarly, if you get one it symbolizes your hidden potential, power, and nobility, divine connection with lonely animal life and your killer hunting instinct; adaptability, and ability to manipulate any situation that will benefit you. However, the list is never-ending. And before getting any tattoo, it is good to gather information about its symbolism.

And as always – we have accumulated the maximum stunning leopard tattoo ideas with their symbolism, so make certain you have a look at all of them. Happy scrolling!

1. Leopardess Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 1 1

You would think this is more on a women’s side. Well, this is true. This tattoo increases the touch of women, which is why most men would not want it on their skin. It quietly symbolizes the power of women. Calm and compassionate, patient, elegant, and the queen herself, she has a power that does not need to be shown to people, because it can be seen from her poise. The best choice for Queen B.

2. Crystal Eyed Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 2

For those who like to be sober, this may be the best choice. This tattoo is a snow leopard tattoo, which defines it as subtle and classic. Well, adaptability is a key feature. They are intelligent and beautiful. A person with the same soul may get this as a perfect shot.

3. Hunting Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 3 1

Leopards always hunt their prey very quietly so that the victim will not notice. He would search for the prey first, and then plan his smartest move to snatch the prey. People who are smart and do not announce their next move, win the perfect jackpot.

4. Leopard Eye Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 4

The leopard has large eyes, which can accurately determine the distance with binocular vision. People with strong and firm vision will fall in love with these because they perfectly match the characteristics of leopard eyes.

5. Powerful Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 5

Leopards are the most powerful animal, which makes perfect sense. In fact, they are very strong. The appearance of this tattoo speaks for itself. People powerful in terms of health, muscle, wealth, etc. might have it in choice but, strength is the core.

6. Watery Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 6

Because leopards swim well and feel at home in the water, it symbolizes their calmness and compassion, which is definitely friendly to people. Similarly, if one gets the same tattoo they will communicate the same message about themselves around. This is definitely a unique choice.

7. Mandala Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 7

The word ‘Mandala’ could be a Sanskrit language word meaning circle. A pattern tattoo is within the variety of a circle comprising of various geometrical shapes and patterns that denote the full universe (with its different stars and planets), the affiliation between soul and body, and also the birth cycle. The mandala leopard tattoos have a good significance in Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian culture. It represents non-secular growth, protection, positivity, progress, and rebirth. This kind of art is additionally used as a logo of protection from evil forces.


8. Symmetric Leopard Tattoo with Feather ears

Leopard Tattoos 8

A leopard tattoo with its ears as feathers denotes truth, quickness, lightness of body and spirit, ability to fly, protection, hope, dreams, courage, the movement of the soul, a promise, and the ability to float along. These tattoos are very common to express the beginning of good times after a lot of struggles. These tattoos are decorated with symmetric, floral patterns to give them a distinctive look. Most people get such tattoos inked on their backs to get more space for this beautiful art.

9. Roaring Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 9

Anybody and everybody can make out the symbolic meaning of this tattoo. It clearly represents the power, strength, skills, and abilities possessed by leopards, such as their killer instinct, their ability to adapt, and their ability to manipulate any situation in their favor. One who gets it might have strong muscles though.

10. Leopard with a Crown Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 10

Nothing to give an explanation for a lot however the reality that the leopard is that he is the king in himself. No rely upon what number of animals exists or live within-side the jungle, regardless of that the lion is known as the king of the jungle (in children’s books); the fact remains the identical that the leopard is the closing king. He is robust, royal, intelligent, and effective and above all, he’s a solitary animal. Even the lion has to stroll in the back of the lioness. People who’re an unfastened soul, aren’t depending on all and sundry for anything, and are robust sufficient to stay by themselves are super in shape for this one. These tattoos are to be had in unique designs, colors, and styles to provide them a completely unique royal look.

11. Paw scratch Leopard print Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 11

What may well be classier than this one? Little question that it shows what a powerful soul you’re despite many aches and pains you’ve received. It signifies however mentally strong you are, that is the prime factor regardless of what happens, you won’t spot it till you reach your destination. Should say it needs plenty of self-control and willpower and if you possess all these, this one is created for you.

12. Female Wisdom Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 12

Generally speaking, people choose leopard tattoos according to the lifestyle of animals; for example, leopards are solitary animals, they hunt and eat, and spend most of their time alone. Leopards interact only during the mating season or when the mother is breeding. However, this happens for a short time. After mating is complete, the female and male leopards continue to move forward. In addition, once the cubs grow up (which usually occurs a year after birth), the female leopard will drive them out to face life alone, after which the female leopard returns to a lonely life.

13. Stalking Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 13


Leopards have effective stalking skills. They commonly stalk their victims, gliding thru the timber and steep rocks with the aid of using the use of their outer front legs. Then, they slowly and thoroughly distribute their weight at the relaxation of the legs. By doing this, they keep away from breaking twigs or rustle the leaves, hence alerting the sufferer in their presence.

14. Stretching Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 14 1

This is what we all would do before going for our best shot in any stream. Same way, a leopard before starting to grab his prey stretches to increase their agility, speed, power, and aim. Regardless of the fact that he already has these but one needs to prepare themselves before a war too.

15. Baby Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 15

Baby Leopard tattoos constitute innocence, creativity, optimism, gratitude, interest to examine new things, and growth. These tattoos are available in one-of-a-kind shades and patterns relying upon the selection of the wearer. Many human beings get ‘child leopard’ tattoos inked on their respective bodies to specific love for his or her children.

16. Running Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 16

A strolling leopard symbolizes pace and agility. People who’re short of their work, and convey it out efficiently and effectively are the best suit for a strolling leopard tattoo. To be more precise this one might appear great on legs in case you are an athlete or arms in case you’re a sportsperson. But a perfect choice all in all.

17. Antique piece Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 17

You ought to have seen this piece striking at the partitions of massive homes that is unlawful of course. But having a tattoo of the identical type won’t deliver you damage with the aid of using any means. In fact, its appearance will be too royal, expensive, classy, elegant. So in case you are a person who desires an identical appearance you’re absolute to have this one.

18. Sober looking Snow Leopard Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 18

Many cultures agree that the Spirit of Leopard can journey among the bodily and non-secular worlds. For example, in Central Asia, humans assume that the mountains are domestic to gods. Therefore, all of the animals that stay close to one’s mountains are sacred and feature a completely unique function as messengers among God and humans. One of those animals is the mysterious snow leopards. If you are sober enough this is your cup of tea.

19. Leopard spot Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 19

The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” method that it is not possible for one to alternate their character, even supposing they’ll strive very hard. The expression, on occasion extensively utilized as “a leopard cannot alternate its spots”, is used to give an explanation for the concept that nobody can alternate their innate nature.

20. Blue Leopard Eyed Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 20

They have shiny blue eyes. Unusually for massive cats, snow leopards have blue, inexperienced, or gray eyes, against yellow or orange. Experts assume that this can be to assist them combination into their environment. Having this on your skin will look absolutely gorgeous and will enhance your beauty at the same time. This will look great on the forearm.

21. Leopard Paw Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 21

The paws constitute the honor and love for a pet or specific admiration for a few wild animals like deer, bear, wolf, or fox. Leopard paws additionally specify the movement, mainly transferring ahead and advancing in a few sure meanings.

22. Two Roaring Leopards Tattoo

Leopard Tattoos 22

This will look so stunning if paired the same. The perfect option for people who have gained big muscles by doing gym. Reflecting strong arms, making this the ultimate option to be chosen.

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