Juelz Ventura’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Juelz Ventura is a famous American-Brazilian actress who works for adult industry entertainment. Juelz was born and brought up in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States. Juelz has a beautiful body that is covered up in adorable inks from top to bottom. This article includes the details of her body tattoos, along with the meanings that they hold for her.

Juelz Ventura

1. Angel Tattoo on Right Arm

Juelz lady tattoo

Juelz angel tattoo

Tattoo: On her right arm, Juelz has got the tattoo of an angel with open wings.

Meaning: Angel with open wings reflect freedom, independence, protection, and deep faith. People get angel tattoos as their guardian angel or to pay tribute for a loved one ho is no more alive. Angel can also be used to reflect the qualities of goodness, hope, innocence, and sincerity.

The tattoo is a means for people to understand the real character of Juelz, irrespective of her career choice and her way of living her life through entertainment in adult videos. She is indeed a kind, gentle, tender, spiritual person who loves all those surrounding her life. This is what her angel tattoo speaks to us!

2. Arm Tattoos

Juelz arm inks

Tattoo: Juelz’s right arm is covered with multiple stars, flowers, roses, a skull with an angel on top, a honeybee, and also a black band that wraps around her forearm.

3. Orchids Tattoo

Juelz arm tattoos

Tattoo: Surruoinding the angel on her body is multiple orchids.

Meaning: Orchids are the famous flower tattoos for women. They represent the beauty of women, charm, love, strength, feminine strength, and refinement—also a way to reflect a balance between life’s balance and perfection.

4. Back Tattoos

Juelz back tattoos

Tattoo: On her lower back, Juelz has got four five-pointed stars tattooed along with a tiny tribal tattoo.

Meaning: Five-pointed star is the token of honor, hope, direction, and guidance in life. Some people also get stars inked to showcase their love for the family members.

The reason that Juelz has four stars is probably meant to show her guides and the love of her life i.e., her four family members.

Tribal tattoos are symbols of your rich culture and heritage.

5. ‘Ankh’ Tattoo

Juelz cross and roses tattoo

Tattoo: On her right forearm, Juelz has got an ankh tattooed along with some roses on the top and bottom, and also there are two dates that can be seen above and below ankh tattoo as, ‘03.12.83’ and ‘11.02.08’.

Meaning: Ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents eternity and life. It is most of the time also referred to as the cross, the Holy Symbol of Christians. The cross knot or ankh is the combination of unity and closeness between the woman and the man, where the loop f the ankh represents the womb of a woman, whereas the vertical line stands for male genital.

Ankh itself is the symbol of life.

Ankh, combined with flowers, represents the beauty of life. The tattoo on Juelz’s body includes some dates that have been used to pay tribute to a loved one of her life who is no more. Roses are the way to show her love for that special one of her life. The tattoo design is her way of paying tribute to the importance of the life of that person and celebrating the beauty of life rather than grieving over a death.

6. Stars on Back and Arm Tattoo

Juelz star tattoos

Tattoo: There are multiple stars inked on her back and right arm.

7. Eagle Tattoo

Juelz eagle tattoo

Juelz eagle heads tattoo

Tattoo: On her right shoulder, Juelz has got the tattoo of an eagle head with feathers

Meaning: The tattoo covering the major portion of her right bicep stands for women’s power and authority. Eagle is the universal symbol of courage, an intellectual being. Also, an eagle is believed to be the most sacred bird that is assumed to take our prayers to our gods, thus, often observed as the head of our family, as per many traditions and cultures.

8. ‘EVIL LIVES’ Tattoo

Juelz evil lives tattoo Juelz finger tattoos

Tattoo: On her right hand’s middle finger, we can see small writing that’s can be read as, ‘EVIL LIVES.’

9. Flowers Tattoo

Juelz flowers on elbow

Juelz flowers tattoo on elbow

Tattoo: Juelz’s right arm is covered with multiple flowers and stars.

Meaning: Flowers symbolize life and the beauty of eternity. Stars are symbolic of guidance, direction, and achievement whereas, the blossoming flowers are used to represent faith, promise, and fruitfulness. Together, the flower and stars are used to symbolize your persona growth and achievements in life.

10. Lilies on Stomach

Juelz flowers tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of her stomach, Juelz has got the purple-colored lilies inked.

Meaning: Lily stands for purity and devotion. Also, they are linked with the importance of rebirth and motherhood in life.

Do you know? Lily flower tattoos are symbolic of forever love which is expected to never end and keep up the spirits alive via pure romance and its very essence.

11. Honeybee Tattoo

Juelz honeybee tattoo

Tattoo: There is a blackband wrapped along with multiple flowers around Juelz’s right elbow. Sitting on the top of flowers is a big honeybee tattoo.

Meaning: Honeybee is the symbol of loyalty. Bee is the tiny creature that is known to be the most hard-working insect in this world.

Juelz’s tattoo choices not only amaze us but also help us know how beautiful a person she is. We totally love her tattoos. The bee is the best way to show your down-to-earth nature, your sincerity, and your humbleness. Some people also get honeybee to indicate your honor, love, respect for your work choices of life.


Juelz leg tattoos

12. Writing on Leg

Juelz leg tattoo

13. Sugar Skull Tattoo

Juelz pirate skull tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of her left ankle, Juelz has got a small pirate skull with crossbones tattooed.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of death, evil, mortality, and fear. Some people also get skull tattoos to show their courage and confidence in overcoming fears of life. Pirate skulls are represented in the form of a skull along with crossbones. A pirate skull is used by the tattoo lovers to show that they are the believers of living their life by their own means, rules, and following their own path.

14. Skull with Roses

Juelz skull and flowers tattoo

Tattoo: Covering her right wrist is the tattoo of another skull that is surrounded by roses.

Meaning: Skull symbolizes death and mortality, whereas a rose is the universal symbol of love, romance, and the beauty of affection and everlasting relationship between couples. Together, they symbolize two opposite forces of life, i.e., good and bad, evil vs. good, and thus, two important aspects of this universe, Life and Death.

15. Writing on Right Leg

Juelz writing on leg tattoo

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