Jungkook’s 14 Tattoos and their Meanings

Jungkook, popularly known to be a part of the boy band “BTS”, is a musician, songwriter, and dancer from South Korea. He is known for his musical talents, and he has made a name for himself in the industry. He has worked both as a member of BTS and has his solo albums leaving a mark on the music industry. He is a tattoo enthusiast, he has multiple designs on his body, many of his inks are visible through his pics and his tattoos not only hold meaning for him but also for his fans. From showcasing his growth as both an artist and an individual to expressing his love for “ARMY” he has quite a lot of inks on his body. These significant inks serve as an expression of his love, to the Army. Keep reading to discover more about his expression of love, through tattoos.
Jungkook's picture

1.’0613′ Tattoo

Jungkook's '0613' tattoo

Jungkook has a tattoo that reads “0613” on his right hand which is very special to him and it represents a date. It acts as a reminder of the day when the fan club was established which is on June 13, 2013, it also marks the start of the incredible journey that BTS and its fans have shared.

2. Knuckle Tattoo

Jungkook's knuckle tattoo

Once again expressing his love towards The Army, Jungkook has a knuckle tattoo that reads ‘Army’ on each knuckle, as a gesture of his gratitude towards the fans for showing them immense love and respect throughout their journey and making them one of the most successful bands in the world.

3. Shield Tattoo

Jungkook Kook's shield tattoo

He has a shield-shaped tattoo on his right hand just beneath the ARMY tattoo. The shield is a here is a representation of BTS’s unbreakable bond and a symbol of protection.

4. ‘J’ Tattoo

Jungkook's 'J' tattoo-compressed

Jungkook has the letter “J” tattooed on his ring finger. This tattoo holds a dual meaning, firstly it represents his name, Jungkook, and it also symbolizes the two other BTS members: Jin and J-Hope.

5. Heart Tattoo

Jungkook's Heart tattoo-compressed

He has another fascinating tattoo on his right hand that is a symbol of the heart with purple ink. The tattoo is positioned just beside the “ARMY” tattoo so it can be presumed that it depicts his love towards the band and passion for music and craft.

6. Black Strip Tattoo

Jungkook Kook's black strips tattoo

On his right arm are three prominent black stripes. It represents their origin as the South Korean flag has these stripes, which stand for “Justice”.

7. Tiger Flower Tattoo

Jungkook Kook's tiger flower Tattoo

The tattoo symbolizes a tiger flower, it could be the representation of Jungkook’s birthday which is on September 1. Fans theory suggests that the flower is connected to the words “Please love me,” which may be scripted on Jungkook’s sleeve beneath the blossom.

8. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Jungkook's Skeleton hand tattoo

He has a skeleton hand tattoo situated next to his three-stripe tattoo on his right arm. The illustration shows a skeleton hand with the thumb crossing the two middle fingers and the pinky and index fingers pointing upward. Although he has not directly spoken about the significance of the tattoo yet, fans think that this hand gesture depicts the vintage “rock on” gesture. The tattoo is the perfect depiction of Jungkook, who is among the top pop singers in the world.

9. Slogan Tattoos

Jungkook's slogan tattoo-compressed

He has a slogan “Rather be dead than cool,” which is taken from the Nirvana song “Stay Away”. He got it inked on his right arm vertically. Along with this, he has another quote inked horizontally “Make hay while the sun shines” meaning to ‘seize the day’.

10. A Crown Tattoo

Jungkook's Crown tattoo

He inked a ‘Crown’ tattoo on his right hand’s index finger. He has not clarified the meaning behind the tattoo, yet the fan’s speculations say that the tattoo is the representation of the ‘ARMY’ that they are the king.

11. ‘+++’ Tattoo

Jungkook's +++ tattoo

He has + signs inked in between his knuckles. Their meaning is not clarified by him directly but as it is located just above the ARMY tattoo, it is believed to depict their ‘Unity’.

12. Woozy Face Tattoo

Jungkook's Woozy face tattoo

Jungkook got a tattoo of the woozy face emoji on his middle finger. On the middle phalanx of his right middle finger, no specification regarding its meaning is mentioned by him.

 13. Bullet Proof Tattoo on Arm

Jungkook's bulletproof tattoo

He used to have an eye inked on his arm that was supposed to represent the idea of being “cautious of one’s actions” Since he is always in a spotlight therefore, it works as a reminder to him. The eye was purposefully situated on his arm so that Jungkook would have to fold his arms to see it. But later since many fans didn’t tend to like the design of the tattoo as they assumed it resembled the Illuminati insignia, he got it covered up with a text that reads “bulletproof.”

14. Chinese Letter Tattoo

Jungkook's Chinese letter Tattoo

Near his elbow is inked with a Chinese character for Hwayangyeonha which refers to HYYH, it is the BTS concept of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, and the other is a Dan Cheong motif that was influenced by traditional Korean painting.

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