Kodak Black’s 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings

“No Flockin” and “Roll in peace” Rapper, Kodak Black, or Bill K. Kapri is a young and controversial American singer and songwriter. His birth name was Dieuson Octave; however, he changed his name while in prison. He is known for flaunting his wealth and has released his latest album while in jail. He had 24 permanent gold teeth, which were later encrusted into diamonds. He also got various inks tattooed all over his body, like every other rapper from the industry. So, let us have a look at the meanings of his tats.

Kodak Black

1. “Three Celtic Crosses” on his Face

Three celtic crosses-Kodak black tattoos

2. “187” beside his Left Eye

numerals 187-KOdak black tattoos

Tattoo: “187”

Meaning: Kodak got the numerals ‘187’ inked beside his left eye. He has used this number in many of his songs, like “Versatile” and “Just a Rap.”

Be damnes, I be dan is she think, She gon’ get a bag I be damn if you get me, And I dont get you back, 187 you screw me and you get nabbed I write this in the cell, free my niggas who ain’t tell”

3. “LOVE and WAR” on his both Cheeks

LOVE-Kodack Black tattoo

War-Kodak Black tattoos

4. “Super” above his Right Eyebrow

Super-Kodak Black tattoos

5. “Knife” on the Right Side of his Neck

knife on neck-Kodak Black tattoos

6. “PROJECT BABY” on his Both Forearms

Project baby-Kodak Black tattoos


Meaning: Kodak got the words ‘Project,’ and ‘Baby’ inked on his right and left forearms respectively. Project Baby, was his first mixtape released in December 2013.

7. “Golden Acres” on his Both Hands

golden acres-kodak black tattoos

Tattoo: “Golden Acres”

Meaning: Kodak got the words ‘Golden’ and ‘Acres’ tattooed on his Right and left hands respectively. He was raised by his mother in Golden Acres, Section 8 of the housing complex, in Pompano Beach, which was earlier known for “haven for crack cocaine, crime, and squalor.” As a result of that environment, Kodak got into serious trouble, landing himself in juvenile crimes.

8. “Bleed Concrete” on the Right Side of his Chest

Bleed Concrete-Kodak black tattoos

Tattoo: “Bleed Concrete”

Meaning: Kodak got “Bleed Concrete” inked on the right side of his chest. This phrase is from his song ‘No Flokin’ released in 2014, which reached 95 on US Billboard Hot 100 in 2017.

On my Ps and Qs, On them jiggas, call me jiggaboo, bleed Concrete, bet you niggas you won’t come across the street, pardon me i don’t talk to you, so you don’t talk to me”

9. “Z” on his Chest

Z-Kodak black tattoos

10. Unidentified Words on his Forehead

unknown words-kodak black tattoos

11. Undefined Tattoo on the Left Side of his Forehead

unknown tattoo on forehead-kodak black tattoo

12. “Brick-Wall Like Design With Some Words” on his Neck

brick like design on neck- Kodak black tattoo

13.  “Teardrop Like Design” beside his Right Eye

Tear drops- Kodak Black tattoos

14. Undefined Tattoo on the Knuckles of his Both Hands

undefined on knuckles-kodak black tattoos

15. “Knife” on his Left Shoulder

knife on chest-kodak black tattoo

16. “Sniper Gang Logo” on his Abdomen

Sniper gang logo-Kodak black tattoos

Tattoo: “Logo of Sniper Gang”

Meaning: Kodak Black got the logo of the Sniper Gang, tattooed on his abdomen. Sniper Gang is his Clothing Label, which mainly ranges in streetwear.

17. “Unrecognized Design” on his Left Upper Arm

undefined on left shoulder-kodak black tattoo

18. “Jackin Fods” on his Right Upper Arm

jackin fod-kodak black tattoo

19. “Two Sniper Guns” on his Abdomen

sniper guns-kodak black tattoos

20. “VULTURE” on his Right Forearm

vulture-kodak black tattoo

21. “Microphone” on the Left Side of his Neck

microphone- Kodak black tattoo

22. “Face ” on his Right Upper Arm

face on right shoulder-kodak black tattoo

23. Tattoo on his forehead

Kodak Black-Latest-Tattoo

Meaning: After the release from the United States Penitentiary Thomson in 2021, Kodak made his first public appearance on February 4, 2021, with a new tattoo on the center of his forehead, covering his precious ‘Celtic cross’ tattoo.


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