Adam Levine’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

There’s no doubt that Adam Levine is handsome as hell and his heavily inked body enhances his rugged sexuality. This superstar has covered himself with tattoos and why not? He has got the body to flaunt that super sexy body art. All of Adam Levine’s tats are of great significance to him and have a story to tell. From the 222 tat dedicated to his band Maroon 5 to the sweet “mom” tat to honour his mother, let’s uncover Adam Levine’s tattoo and their meanings.



1. 222

222 tattoo, Adam

The door number of the studio that Maroon 5 recorded in very first time is inked on Adam Levine’s forearm.

2. Guitar tattoo

guitar tattoo

There is no mystery behind Adam Levine’s guitar tattoo inked on his left forearm, which is also one of his most well-known tats. The inspiration behind this incredible tattoo is quite clear. Adam Levine is not only a great singer but an unbelievable guitarist too.

3. Paw Print tattoo

Adam Levine tattoo Paw Print

The paw print inked on Adam Levine’s right shoulder is inspired from singer’s love for animals. All his diehard fans are aware of Adam’s huge canine crush, he loved his golden retriever Frankie Girl, who passed away. He also has Frankie Girl inked just below the paw print tat.

4. Tiger

adam-tiger tattoo

One of the most magnificent tats inked on Adam Levin’s body is that of a tiger crouching on his inner right elbow and the superstar is totally rocking this body tattoo.

5. Rose


A beautiful rose tattoo inked with meticulous details decorates the Rockstar’s left shoulder which is now a part of Adam’s incredible sleeve tat.

6. Eagle tattoo


Adam has a huge eagle tat stretching across the front of his abdomen. The tat represents courage.

7. Sanskrit tat

Adam's tat

Right above Adam’s heart is the word “Tapas” inked in Sanskrit script. Tapas means “Meditation Through Penance“, austerity, bodily mortification, moral virtue etc.  Adam says, “It’s a personal thing. That’s kind of why I put it in a place that’s a bit more hidden.”

8. Dove and cherry blossoms



One of the most appreciated and respected body tats of Maroon 5 star is the one he got in remembrance of the many lives lost as a result of 9/11 tragedy. The tattoo is a beautiful and intricate piece of cherry blossoms and doves inked on his left arm. Nobody can help but deeply love and appreciate this body tat.

9. Roman numeral “X”

222 tattoo

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of his band Maroon 5, Adam Levine got ‘X’ inked on his left bicep.

10. Mom tattoo

mom tat

Our favourite star is certainly a mama’s boy. Adam got a tat dedicated to his mother which features a heart with the word ‘mom’ scrolled across the heart in a ribbon on his left forearm.

11. Los Angeles

los angeles tattoo

We all know that our favourite singer, Adam Levine hails from Los Angeles, California and he loves his hometown just like he loves music. He has a tat inked on the top of bicep with the words “Los Angeles.”

12. Pinup girl tattoo

pinup girl tattoo

A sexy silhouette of a pin up girl sits on the left shoulder of Adam Levine. The meaning…? It’s still a mystery.

13. Shark

shark tattoo

Though Adam has admitted that sharks are his biggest fears, he still wears a tat of a shark on the left side of his rib cage.

14. Sun over flowers 

sun with flowers tattoo

Another eye-catching piece in Adam’s collection of body art is that of a sun surrounded by flowers across his right shoulder.

15. Black beads

black beads tattoo

Adam Levine has a black beads tat in the form of a necklace decorating his chest. He got this tattoo when he was in Japan.

16. Mermaid 


Now is the time for the singer’s show-stopping tattoo. His most recent tat is the one that covers his back entirely. And this ginormous tat is of a mermaid. It’s still a mystery though, why he got a mermaid tattoo?

17. Illegible Cursive

Adam Levine tattoo right arm

There is something written on his right biceps. These mysterious words are unreadable due to his bulging arm.


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