Leandro Paredes’ 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Leandro Daniel Paredes is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Argentina National Team as well as for PSG in Ligue 1. He debuted alongside Boca Juniors and has also represented Roma and Zenit Saint Petersburg, before joining PSG in January 2019. Paredes has many interesting tattoos all over his body. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Leandro Paredes


1. ‘Mary and Child’ Tattoo

Leandro Paredes mary child tattoo

Tattoo: The left shoulder of the footballer contains a tattoo of the face of the Virgin Mary on it. There are rays of shine tattooed behind her head and a heart shown beating in the middle of his chest. There is also the face of a child tattooed on his left arm, just above his elbow.

Meaning: The tattoo of the Virgin Mary on the footballer’s arm is a symbol of unconditional love and hope. The tattoo goes along with the tattoo of the child, who is his daughter, Victoria Paredes, whom he adores very much. The heart in Virgin Mary’s is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and represents his faith as it represents, “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind”.

2. Bicep Tattoo

Leandro Paredes bicep tattoo

Tattoo: There is an open scroll tattooed on the footballer’s left bicep that contains a few words written on it.

3. ‘Flowers and Woman’ Tattoo

Leandro Paredes flowers woman tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his left forearm is covered by tattoo designs of flowers that cover the lower side and a bit of his upper arm too. There is a tattoo of a Japanese woman along with a hand fan, on the upper side of his left wrist. There are little hearts floating near the woman too. The name, “Bastian” is also tattooed below the woman.

Meaning: The tattoo of the Geisha woman is a symbol of feminism, wisdom, and beauty, a few other great qualities that he sees in his wife, Camila Galante, for whom he got this tattoo as a token of his love. The geisha woman represents everything that he loves about Camila.

4. ‘Bird and Crown’ Tattoo

Leandro Paredes bird crown tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of the footballer’s left wrist contains a tattoo of a small bird on it. There is also a tattoo of a crown below the bird.

5. ‘Deity and 32’ Tattoo

Leandro Paredes deity 32 tattoo

Tattoo: The side of his left forearm contains a tattoo of a deity on it wearing a long robe, with light shining from behind the head. The number, “32” is also tattooed on the backside of his forearm.

Meaning: The number 32 is a special number for Paredes as it is the jersey number that he adorned when he played for Boca Juniors, FC Empoli, and for AS Roma for some of his time there.

6. Footprint Tattoo

Leandro Paredes footprint tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his left forearm also contains a tattoo of a child’s footprint on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the footprint on his forearm represents his love for his daughter, Victoria Paredes as it was done with her footprint.

7. Arm and Forearm Tattoos

Leandro Paredes arm tattoo Leandro Paredes forearm tattoo

Leandro Paredes forearm tattoo2

Tattoo: The entire right upper and lower arm of the footballer is covered in a continuous tattoo design of different kinds of intricate flowers and vines.

8. Name Tattoo

Leandro Paredes name tattoo 1

Tattoo: The inner side of his right wrist contains the name, “Giovanni” tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the name on his wrist represents the name of his second child, his beloved son, Giovanni Paredes.

9. Animals Tattoo

Leandro Paredes animals tattoo Leandro Paredes animals tattoo2

Tattoo: The entire back of the football is covered in tattoos of many different animals. There is an owl, flying just below his neck. A high elephant right in the middle of his back. There is a tattoo of a wolf standing below the moon and a tattoo of a tiger, below the wolf. There is also a lion tattooed on the right side of the elephant. The backside of his left upper arm contains a tattoo of a cross on it and a ribbon can be seen on the left side of his upper back, just behind his shoulder. There is also a design tattooed on the right side of his body, above his waistline. There is also a name tattooed on the back of his neck.

Meaning: The tattoo of the cross on his arm represents his religious views and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to savvy humanity. The animals on his back might have different special meanings for him but he has not mentioned any reasons for them or they might be his children’s favorite animals.

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