Lisa Bonet’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lisa Bonet is an American actor who showed her great acting skill in several movies like High Fidelity, Biker Boyz, Angel Heart, etc. She has got several tattoos on her body. Each tattoo is unique and has got a specific meaning. Let’s have a look!Lisa Bonet-Tattoos

1. Dragon Tattoo

Lisa Bonet-back Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Dragon’ tattoo on her back.

Meaning: Dragon tattoo symbolizes passion, wisdom, speed, strength, and power.

2. Medusa Tattoo

Liza Bonet-Medusa-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Medusa’ tattoo on her left forearm.

Meaning: In the Greek culture, Medusa was the name of a female monster who had living snakes as her hair and would turn anyone into stone with her gaze.

3. Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoo-lisa bonet

Tattoo: ‘Snake’ tattoo on her left hand.

Meaning: Snake tattoo symbolizes change, transformation, rebirth, fertility, and healing.

4. Dragonfly Tattoo

Lisa Bonet-Dragonfly-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Dragonfly’ tattoo on her right hand.

Meaning: Dragonfly tattoo symbolizes strength, purity, wisdom, luck, prosperity, and victory.

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