Karis Anderson’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Born on 17 October 1989 in South London, Karis Lya Anderson is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. She is one of the oldest and was the last one to join the band of 3 girls, “Stooshe.” Pop stars are obsessed with tattoos and are never tired of showing these body inks to the world because they find this artwork as a way to be more expressive. She also got her body inked with some fantastic yet meaningful tattoos. Check out her tattoos which are a way more revealing than words.
Karis Anderson Tattoos

1. Tattoos On Knuckles

Karis Anderson Tattoos On Knuckles

The rapper got the knuckles of her right hand inked with small symbols. There exists a peace symbol inside a heart on her index finger, a diamond on her middle finger and her zodiac sign, i.e., Libra on her ring finger.

2. Queen Of Heart Tattoo

Karis Anderson Queen Of Heart Tattoo

She got the back of her left arm tattooed with a queen of heart playing card. What makes it interesting is one of the 2 queens is wearing a wayfarer glasses, and the other one has red hair. Queen represents power, success and winning.

3. Greyscale Rose And “Love Me” On Hand

Karis Anderson Greyscale Rose And Love Me Tattoo

The singer has tattooed the side of her left hand with a tag “Love Me” in red color. Also on the same hand, she has inscribed a greyscale rose as she is fond of roses and rose is her favorite flower.

4. Spanish Quote On The Left Side Of Shoulder

Karis Anderson La Vida Loca Tattoo

Karis inked the left side of her shoulder with a Spanish quote stating ” La Vida Loca” which means “The Crazy Life.”

5. Stars On Forearm

Karis Anderson Star Tattoos

Karis Andersons got the back of her left forearm inked with three stars which are quite large. Stars are symbolic of a goal that you have thought of achieving it in the future.

6. “LOVE” On Knuckles

Karis Anderson Love On Knuckles Tattoo

The singing star loves Love the most and this the reason she got her left-hand knuckles inked with “LOVE.” She said, “I love love, and I think I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I’ve gotlove’ on my hand.”

7. Latin Writing On Forearm

Karis Anderson Latin Writing Tattoo

What you have in life is the present moment in your hand, all you need to do is to take the opportunity and do something in the present moment without worrying about the future. It is her favorite line and moto in life. So, she got her forearm inked with a Latin quote, “Carpe Diem” implying “seize the day.”

8. Writing On Right Hand

Karis Anderson Loyalty Tattoo

Karis Andersons has got her right hand tattooed with the word, “Loyalty.” Adherence or obedience describes loyalty, and it seems as if what matters in her life is being loyal.

9. Outline Of Star On Wrist 

Karis Anderson Star Outline Tattoo

She got her right wrist tattooed with an outline of a star. Karis must have some unique goals in her life, and this might be one of the reasons that she got stars inked on her body as a constant reminder of her goal.

10. Stars Tattooed On Lower Back

Karis Anderson Stars On Lower Back Tattoo

The American pop singer has an immense love for her goals, and so she has got stars tattoo on her lower back.

11. Large Rose Tattoo On Hip

Karis Anderson HipTattoo

There exist large roses tattooed on her right hip. She loves roses but has not revealed the meaning of the tattoo yet.

12. Artwork On Ribcage

Karis Anderson Ribcage Tattoo

Karis has an interesting piece of artwork inked on the side of her ribcage. Not much has been disclosed about this tattoo by her.

13. Writing Surrounded By Vines

Karis Anderson Vines Tattoo 

She has her right forearm inked with vines in the shape of her Nana’s initials “S.” Inside vines, there is a writing which says “Watch Over Me.”

14. Diamond On Chest

Karis Anderson Diamond On Chest Tattoos

Diamonds, best described as “girl’s best friend.” But instead of wearing it Karis has got her chest inked with a diamond. The positioning of this tattoo is such that it represents her voice box is the most valuable asset that she has.

15. Clock On Arm

Karis Anderson Clock Tattoo

A pink colored fully decorated with beads, ribbon, and heart a clock is inked on her arm below her elbow. She said, “I’ve got this old granddad pink clock…You know how they say ‘at 12 o’clock it’s time to make it count’ basically it’s two minutes to 12, so it’s always time to make it count.”

16. Heart Shaped Lock On Arm

Karis Anderson Heart Shaped Lock Tattoo

She has inked the upper side of her right arm with a large heart-shaped tattoo. She explained, “I might wear my heart on my sleeve, but no one has the key.” Well, that should be the attitude which one should carry!

17. A Bird On Chest

Karis Anderson Bird On Chest Tattoo

Karis has inscribed a fascinating and a colorful bird on the right side of her chest. Birds are symbolic of joy, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness. But the singer has not disclosed the meaning of this tattoo yet.

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