Libra Tattoos: 50+ Designs with Meanings, Ideas, Celebrities

There’s no doubt about the fact that tattoos are kind of addictive. Once you dive in, there’s no going back! Tattoos are an expression of yourself. Whether you sketch your own pattern or simply describe your likings to your tattoo artist, you’re still putting a permanent piece of art that will stay forever on your body. Knowing that there’s no turning back, inscribing the design as a representation of your individuality, personality, and artistic taste can be overwhelming. It might even assist you with your confidence and self-esteem. In comparison to clothes, hairstyles, and other kinds of fashion, tattoos can appear like a more eloquent form of style since they’re a (relatively) constant part of you. You might use them to symbolize a number of things be it a recovery journey or a personal challenge or accomplishment. Each tattoo that you get becomes part of your being, and this feeling can exhilarate you, inspiring further self-expression. Creativity is contagious! It can drive an intense obligation to continue expressing yourself artistically through tattoos.


The libra is dated back to the old Greek days. It’s associated with the goddess Themis. A typical Libra tattoo is of the goddess Themis or Justicus holding the scales and symbols. Symbolized by the Scales of Justice, Libra is an epitome of equilibrium and integrity. This sign’s magnetism helps restore composure to all the affairs, no matter how big or small. Sensible, courteous, and always compliant to put others before themselves, Libras value consistency in all forms. Dictated by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra adores a life that seems and feels good. As the champion of compromise and diplomacy, Libra is proficient enough to see each point of view and outshines at crafting settlements and effecting a reconciliation between others.

As a diligent air sign, Libra can oftentimes be “up in the clouds,” and while he or she is proficient at creating big plans, follow-through can be tricky. Working with detail-oriented signs, like Virgos or Capricorns, can benefit Libras in actually manifesting their visions into reality, especially in the workspace. But don’t put down the Librans for musing—their imagination is one of their biggest assets, and they often fabricate their imagination to work by discovering themselves in the field of arts or in literature.


Librans are famous as an air sign. It is considered to portray something you can’t fundamentally see, but that which you can positively perceive around you. Imagine the air, we know it’s all around us, yet we can’t truly see it until and unless there are tonnes of smog or haze hanging all over the place. Either way, the Librans are the air signs because like it, it describes your personality or your attitude. It’s just undeniably you. Are you sociable or more introverted? Do you love keeping yourself busy or would you rather nestle inside with a good book at home? These distinctive types of questions help determine what your personality or style is like. Just like the air, your personality is not tangible, but you know it’s there for sure and it impacts who you are and how the world perceives you.

In concise, this also influences if you’re a tattoo person at all. If yes, it’ll help determine what kind of designs and patterns will attract you more. Libra tattoos look marvelous when they represent the sun sign or when they are coupled with other symbols. People go from just getting the word Libra inked on their skin, to merging its symbol with other elements that have deeper meanings and a significant optical impact.


A quintessential Libra tattoo is often either goddess Themis or Justicus holding the scales. It is not essential for the tattoo to show the goddess completely, so generally a hand holding the scales is a conventional choice. In the detailed and more intricate tattoos, people even favor the blindfolded lady justice holding the scales which implies that justice is served impartially.

People get productive with Libra tattoo designs. Some fancy the antique scales in the layout to give it a royal vibe, while some prefer to get even more innovative and get just the ornamental scales inked on them. If you are a Libran who is looking to get a cool zodiac tattoo you can ask the tattoo artist to play with colors and give an amazing tint to your tattoo. If you are a fan of classical tattoos then you are in advantage because there are numerous variants of the scales.

The most common placement of Libra tattoos is on the bicep, forearm, wrist, back, collarbone, neck, and torso. If you are not an aficionado of enormous tattoos, you can just use the small Libra symbol as your tattoo design.

If you like tattoos with artistic font designs, you can even get the word ‘Libra’ inked in the font of your preference.

Placement Ideas

  • Upper Arm

The arm and the shoulder is a perfect location to have your Libra symbol, especially for men. The upper arm is one of the most masculine parts of a man’s body and to make it even more charming, a beautiful Libran scale is what you need. One can symbolize the importance of balance in one’s life through this placement.

  • Wrist

The wrist is an exceptional place for any tattoo especially if you want a miniature one. What makes the wrist a great place for tattoos is the point that no matter how small the image might be, it will still be prominent.

  • Lower Back

The lower back is an unusual area for the tattoo, and, most people do not like experimenting with this part of their body. If you want your Libra tattoo to look unique, the lower back is one such option you must definitely consider.

  • One Side Of The Back

Any tattoo will look phenomenal when furbished on the back. The back has a big surface area, and so one has to pick a precise location to get it inked.

Different Types & Designs

  • Tribal Look

Tribal tattoos are extremely well-liked among tattoo lovers and it is no wonder that it locates itself into almost any zodiac design. The craft to use tribal style to create the Libra symbol is quite ingenious, giving it an elaborate look. This tattoo can be made anywhere but it looks the best on the wrist, arms or back which gives it a spectacular look. Many people also prefer these kinds of designs on their side neck and lower back. This is one of the perfect libra tattoo designs with an amalgamation of multiple color combinations.

Libra Tattoo


  • Simplistic Libran Symbol

The sun sign symbol of the Libra is probably the most prevalent Libra tattoo. Not only is it quite simple in design, but it is also simple to ink too and can be worn on almost any part of the body. One of the many representations of this symbol is that the rising bump in the middle keeps the other two sides balanced while according to another representation of this symbol, the Libra symbol seems similar to an equal sign.

Libra Tattoo

  • Cross with Balance

God, the provider of life is the supreme justice and this Libra pattern showcases the scales along with the holy symbol of the cross associated with God only seeks to reiterate this fact. This design accentuates the fact that God is just and always rules in favor of what is right. This is one of the uncomplicated Libra tattoo design with an intricate pattern.

Libra Tattoo

  • Balancing Scales

The scale is the central Libra symbol and it is very famous in tattoo designs. Often known as the scales of justice, it epitomizes all that is appropriate and impartial. Although seen on its own, the scales are also used as a base to accentuate other Libra tattoo designs.

Libra Tattoo

  • Symbol with Words

There are people who like extensive and elaborate patterns of their zodiac sign inked on their body, while others have an affinity towards simplicity. This Libra zodiac symbol is supplemented by the written text in personal font style. The foundational pattern of this tattoo dispatches its message in a simple meaning and is the easiest way of displaying one’s pride in their zodiac sign.

Libra Tattoo

  • The Lady Justice Tattoo

The Lady Justice, epitomizing the Libra sign is an attribute of peace and harmony. Justice and balance are her domains as it is clearly depicted through the pair of scales in her hand as her eyes remain blindfolded. This foregrounds the fact that she allows justice based entirely on the facts presented before her without letting anything else affect her judgment. This tattoo design is a personification of a Libran’s own personality.

Libra Tattoo

  • Feet Libra Tattoo Designs

All the body parts are equally amazing whne getting a tattoo done, however, getting a tattoo on the foot is quite unique. It not only looks cute but when done in a pattern as detailed as this one it has a charming effect. This tatoo can be engraved in many different fonts and styles. It can be decorated with ornamental patterns like floral ones which makes it more attractive. It can also be made using various color blends according to your own selection.

Libra Tattoo

  • Full Back Tattoo

This back piece Libra tattoo depicting the Lady Justice with the scales in her hand is a picture of sophistication. Displayed in fine color and in subtle design, it is an astonishing piece of work. The blue color is suggestive of heaven while the fiery orange is suggestive of Hell and the lady justice in the center with the scales is a typical representation of justice being dispensed between good and evil.

Libra Tattoo

  • Gothic Librans

The conception of zodiac signs in tattoo form has become so commonplace nowadays that both the artists and the tattoo enthusiasts alike are looking for innovative ways of portraying their sun sign, drifting slightly away from the stereotypical patterns of signs and symbols. This tattoo design has a little somber touch. While not perfect in its depiction of the lady justice with the scales, it has all the essence of the Libra symbolism of balance and harmony. The tattoo has an angel-like quality furthermore adding color to the design. This kind of gothic libra tattoos are mostly boasted by teenage girls.

Libra Tattoo

  • The Butterfly Effect

In this Libra tattoo design, the eccentric part about the scale that it is carried up by a butterfly. The butterfly, in general, stands for freedom and good luck. The tattoo is devised using multiple colors which makes it more attractive. While this tattoo is mostly liked by teenage girls, it can also be added to any tattoo design to give a hint of color. This design can be engraved on various parts of the body, right from the lower back to the shoulder.

Libra Tattoo

  • Virtues and Vices

This is a unique Christian Libra tattoo design. The pattern includes a scale in between the seven virtues and seven vices on both sides. One side is positive while the other is negative. The doctrine of seven virtues and seven vices is very important from a religious point of view. It defines two groups of characteristic; the positive include charity, chastity, temperance, diligence, patience, kindness and humanity. The negative side includes lust, greed, wrath, envy, and pride. This is an awesome masterpiece of art showing all the characteristics that a human being is comprised of.

Libra Tattoo

  • Scales With Words

This balance tattoo is created with a blending of black and red color. The word Libra is incorporated in the design and adds to its appeal.

Libra Tattoo

  • Victorian Inspired Tattoo

This tattoo is made in black ink and has a tribal pattern. The intricate and subtle craftsmanship make it look more attractive. The pattern is definitely inspired by the Victorian era as it is apparent from its regal looks.

Libra Tattoo

  • Mysterious Libra Tattoo

This is a very exciting Libra tattoo for both men and women, symbolizing justice. It instigates a sort of a mystery as the watchful eyes indicate that somewhere, someone is watching all your deeds and judging you from up there. This masterpiece is an exquisite combination of law, spiritual beliefs and the astrological belief. The 3D effect also adds to its surreal beauty.

Libra Tattoo

  • The Dragon Tattoo

This Libra tattoo has something powerful about it. It incorporates a dragon on the scales which symbolizes majesty. This libra tattoo design is made with dark black ink, however, multiple other colors can be used in making the dragon to give it a distinct look.

Libra Tattoo

Celebrities With LibraTattoo

  • Halsey

Besides a close-up shot of her right arm, which says the words “Sins” and “Forgiveness” next to a Libra scale of justice, Halsey cited a line from the song, “She Will” to explain the meaning behind the design. “On my Libra scale I’m weighin’ sins and forgiveness”, she wrote. “Got this yatted by @jonboytattoo seconds before walking onstage. thanks for writing this one out for me @liltunechi ⚖️ #libragang.”


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