Lil Debbie’s 33 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jordan Capozzi popularly known by her stage name, Lil Debbie is an American Model, Rapper, and a Fashion designer. Debbie was a part of the famous The White Girl Mob Group until it ended. Debbie started as a solo artist and has released albums like California Sweetheart part I & II and Young B!tch. Let us take a look at Debbie’s tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Lil Debbie

1. ‘Only for you and the Design’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The left side of the singer’s bikini line has the words, “Only for you” tattooed on them. The right side has another tattoo which is very hard to make out.

2. ‘510’ Tattoo

1 1

Tattoo: The upper side of Debbie’s left wrist has the numbers 510 tattooed in bold.

Meaning: 510 is the area code of Bay Area, Oakland, CA which is her birthplace.

3. ‘Alpha Femme’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Alpha Femme Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of the singer’s left arm has the words, “Alpha Femme” inked on it.

Meaning: Debbie got this tattoo to show that she is the woman in charge.

4. ‘Capozzi’ Tattoo

1 3

Tattoo: The name, Capozzi is inked right in the middle of Debbie’s back.

Meaning: Capozzi is her real name so Debbie got it inked to honor her family name.

5. ‘Stay True and the Strawberry’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Stay True Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of the singer’s left wrist has the words, “Stay True” tattooed on it along with a strawberry.

Meaning: Debbie is herself and urges others to be their true self. Strawberry is her favorite fruit.

6. ‘Bloody Marie’ Tattoo

1 5

Tattoo: The front side of her right leg has the words, “Bloody Marie” inked in the same font as that of her Alpha Femme tattoo.

7. ‘DONNA and the Feather’ Tattoo

1 6

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a heart wrapped in a banner which reads DONNA on Debbie’s left bicep. Debbie’s left forearm contains the ink of a green cartoon feather.

Meaning: DONNA is the name of Debbie’s mother. Debbie got the feather tattoo on her birthday.

8. ‘Dollar signs’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Dollar Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie has the inks of Dollar signs on the side of her left index and middle fingers.

9. ‘Grapes’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Grapes Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s belly contains a tattoo of purple grapes with a banner which reads Grapes.

Meaning: This is the first tattoo Debbie got.

10. ‘Kitty’ Tattoo

1 9

Tattoo: The outer side of Debbie’s left leg contains a tattoo of Hello Kitty.

Meaning: Hello Kitty was one of her favorite characters as a child and she decided to get it inked on her body.

11. ‘The left forearm’ Tattoo

1 11

Tattoo: Debbie’s left forearm is filled with tattoos of a lollipop, a bow, diamonds, a lipstick, and a cupcake.

12. ‘Button and the Horseshoe’ Tattoo

1 13

Tattoo: Just beside her Stay True tattoo on her wrist, there are inks of a Horseshoe and a Button. Just below the button, there is a tattoo of the head of a tiny alien.

Meaning: Debbie got the horseshoe tattoo for good luck.

13. ‘The Symbol and the Bolt’ Tattoo

1 14

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a pink female symbol on Debbie’s left index finger and a lightning bolt on her left middle finger.

14. ‘Kiss and the Symbol’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Side Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of Debbie’s body contains the tattoo of a kiss mark in red ink and the symbol YSL.

Meaning: YSL symbol stands for Yves Saint Laurent.

15. ‘Diamonds’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Diamonds Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s back has two tattoos of diamonds on either side of her lower back, one blue and the other pink with the words Vita and Mors inked below them.

Meaning: The words Vita Mors mean Life and Death in Italian. Debbie is also Italian.

16. ‘Ampersand and ROB’ Tattoo

1 17

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand contains the letters ROB inked on the side of her palm and an ampersand symbol is inked on her left wrist.

Meaning: ROB stands for Riches over Bitches, one of Debbie’s own ideas.

17. ‘Leaf’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Leaf Tattoo

Tattoo: The left of Debbie’s ribcage contains the tattoo of a pot leaf in green ink.

18. ‘Heart with the 90’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below Debbie’s left butt cheek is a tattoo of a heart with the number 90 inked in red.

19. ’23’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie 23 Tattoo

Tattoo: The number 23 is inked at the starting of Debbie’s left thigh.

Meaning: 23 is the Jersey number of Michael Jordan, her favourite player.

20. ‘Extra Diamonds’ Tattoo

majas 2

Tattoo: Debbie added four more diamonds to her left forearm completing her left sleeve.

21. ‘Cry Baby’ Tattoo

2. 1

Tattoo: The inner side of both of Debbie’s pinkies contains the words Cry and Baby inked on them.

22. ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo

2. 2

Tattoo: A broken red heart was added to her wrist right beside her 510 tattoo.

23. ‘Tooth Grill’ Tattoo

2. 3

Tattoo: Debbie got the ink of a gold tooth grill with fangs and a dollar sign on one of the teeth.

24. ‘Cherub’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Cherub Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s left bicep contains the tattoo of a cherub with a harp. And a strange ring design on her elbow.

25. ‘The Portrait’ Tattoo

majas 4

Tattoo: There is another tattoo on the inner side of her left arm just above her elbow. There is a portrait of a man.

Meaning: Debbie and her friend, Pata got matching tattoos of the face of late rapper Mac Dre.

26. ‘Oliver’ Tattoo

1 18

Tattoo: The inner side of her left forearm contains a tattoo of a cat with the name Oliver inked below it.

Meaning: Debbie got this cat in memory of her cat Oliver who passed away.

27. ‘Mine and Yours’ Tattoo

1 19

Tattoo: Debbie has another tattoo on her left arm. Just above her Alpha Femme tattoo, there is an ink of the words Mine and Yours with a heart and a broken heart below them, respectively.

28. ‘Jewelry’ Tattoo

1 20

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand is covered with a tattoo of jewellery design of three strings with beads.

29. ‘Drops’ Tattoo

1 21

Tattoo: All of Debbie’s fingers, just below the nails are covered in tattoos of three droplets each.

30. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

1 22

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand is covered in a tattoo of a pink rose.

31. ‘Left Hand’ Tattoo

1 24

Tattoo: Debbie’s left index finger contains the tattoo of a little Chandelier and a Jewelry stone. Her middle finger contains a flower and a small design of a necklace. Her ring finger contains the tattoo of a cross and her pinkie has ink of an eye. And her thumb contains a little flower design.

32. ‘Scorpion and the Rose’ Tattoo

1 23

Tattoo: Debbie’s upper left arm has tattoos of a Rose with jewelry chains and a Scorpion.

33. ‘Smiley’ Tattoo

lil debbie frown tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Debbie’s left thumb contains the tattoo of a frowning smiley face.

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