Lil Debbie’s 33 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jordan Capozzi popularly known by her stage name, Lil Debbie is an American Model, Rapper, and a Fashion designer. Debbie was a part of the famous The White Girl Mob Group until it ended. Debbie started as a solo artist and has released albums like California Sweetheart part I & II and Young B!tch. Let us take a look at Debbie’s tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Lil Debbie

1. ‘Only for you and the Design’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The left side of the singer’s bikini line has the words, “Only for you” tattooed on them. The right side has another tattoo which is very hard to make out.

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2. ‘510’ Tattoo

1 1

Tattoo: The upper side of Debbie’s left wrist has the numbers 510 tattooed in bold.

Meaning: 510 is the area code of Bay Area, Oakland, CA which is her birthplace.

3. ‘Alpha Femme’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Alpha Femme Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of the singer’s left arm has the words, “Alpha Femme” inked on it.

Meaning: Debbie got this tattoo to show that she is the woman in charge.

4. ‘Capozzi’ Tattoo

1 3

Tattoo: The name, Capozzi is inked right in the middle of Debbie’s back.

Meaning: Capozzi is her real name so Debbie got it inked to honor her family name.

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5. ‘Stay True and the Strawberry’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Stay True Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of the singer’s left wrist has the words, “Stay True” tattooed on it along with a strawberry.

Meaning: Debbie is herself and urges others to be their true self. Strawberry is her favorite fruit.

6. ‘Bloody Marie’ Tattoo

1 5

Tattoo: The front side of her right leg has the words, “Bloody Marie” inked in the same font as that of her Alpha Femme tattoo.

7. ‘DONNA and the Feather’ Tattoo

1 6

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a heart wrapped in a banner which reads DONNA on Debbie’s left bicep. Debbie’s left forearm contains the ink of a green cartoon feather.

Meaning: DONNA is the name of Debbie’s mother. Debbie got the feather tattoo on her birthday.

8. ‘Dollar signs’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Dollar Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie has the inks of Dollar signs on the side of her left index and middle fingers.

9. ‘Grapes’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Grapes Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s belly contains a tattoo of purple grapes with a banner which reads Grapes.

Meaning: This is the first tattoo Debbie got.

10. ‘Kitty’ Tattoo

1 9

Tattoo: The outer side of Debbie’s left leg contains a tattoo of Hello Kitty.

Meaning: Hello Kitty was one of her favorite characters as a child and she decided to get it inked on her body.

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11. ‘The left forearm’ Tattoo

1 11

Tattoo: Debbie’s left forearm is filled with tattoos of a lollipop, a bow, diamonds, a lipstick, and a cupcake.

12. ‘Button and the Horseshoe’ Tattoo

1 13

Tattoo: Just beside her Stay True tattoo on her wrist, there are inks of a Horseshoe and a Button. Just below the button, there is a tattoo of the head of a tiny alien.

Meaning: Debbie got the horseshoe tattoo for good luck.

13. ‘The Symbol and the Bolt’ Tattoo

1 14

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a pink female symbol on Debbie’s left index finger and a lightning bolt on her left middle finger.

14. ‘Kiss and the Symbol’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Side Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of Debbie’s body contains the tattoo of a kiss mark in red ink and the symbol YSL.

Meaning: YSL symbol stands for Yves Saint Laurent.

15. ‘Diamonds’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Diamonds Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s back has two tattoos of diamonds on either side of her lower back, one blue and the other pink with the words Vita and Mors inked below them.

Meaning: The words Vita Mors mean Life and Death in Italian. Debbie is also Italian.

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16. ‘Ampersand and ROB’ Tattoo

1 17

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand contains the letters ROB inked on the side of her palm and an ampersand symbol is inked on her left wrist.

Meaning: ROB stands for Riches over Bitches, one of Debbie’s own ideas.

17. ‘Leaf’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Leaf Tattoo

Tattoo: The left of Debbie’s ribcage contains the tattoo of a pot leaf in green ink.

18. ‘Heart with the 90’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Just below Debbie’s left butt cheek is a tattoo of a heart with the number 90 inked in red.

19. ’23’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie 23 Tattoo

Tattoo: The number 23 is inked at the starting of Debbie’s left thigh.

Meaning: 23 is the Jersey number of Michael Jordan, her favourite player.

20. ‘Extra Diamonds’ Tattoo

majas 2

Tattoo: Debbie added four more diamonds to her left forearm completing her left sleeve.

21. ‘Cry Baby’ Tattoo

2. 1

Tattoo: The inner side of both of Debbie’s pinkies contains the words Cry and Baby inked on them.

22. ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo

2. 2

Tattoo: A broken red heart was added to her wrist right beside her 510 tattoo.

23. ‘Tooth Grill’ Tattoo

2. 3

Tattoo: Debbie got the ink of a gold tooth grill with fangs and a dollar sign on one of the teeth.

24. ‘Cherub’ Tattoo

Lil Debbie Cherub Tattoo

Tattoo: Debbie’s left bicep contains the tattoo of a cherub with a harp. And a strange ring design on her elbow.

25. ‘The Portrait’ Tattoo

majas 4

Tattoo: There is another tattoo on the inner side of her left arm just above her elbow. There is a portrait of a man.

Meaning: Debbie and her friend, Pata got matching tattoos of the face of late rapper Mac Dre.

26. ‘Oliver’ Tattoo

1 18

Tattoo: The inner side of her left forearm contains a tattoo of a cat with the name Oliver inked below it.

Meaning: Debbie got this cat in memory of her cat Oliver who passed away.

27. ‘Mine and Yours’ Tattoo

1 19

Tattoo: Debbie has another tattoo on her left arm. Just above her Alpha Femme tattoo, there is an ink of the words Mine and Yours with a heart and a broken heart below them, respectively.

28. ‘Jewelry’ Tattoo

1 20

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand is covered with a tattoo of jewellery design of three strings with beads.

29. ‘Drops’ Tattoo

1 21

Tattoo: All of Debbie’s fingers, just below the nails are covered in tattoos of three droplets each.

30. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

1 22

Tattoo: Debbie’s left hand is covered in a tattoo of a pink rose.

31. ‘Left Hand’ Tattoo

1 24

Tattoo: Debbie’s left index finger contains the tattoo of a little Chandelier and a Jewelry stone. Her middle finger contains a flower and a small design of a necklace. Her ring finger contains the tattoo of a cross and her pinkie has ink of an eye. And her thumb contains a little flower design.

32. ‘Scorpion and the Rose’ Tattoo

1 23

Tattoo: Debbie’s upper left arm has tattoos of a Rose with jewelry chains and a Scorpion.

33. ‘Smiley’ Tattoo

lil debbie frown tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Debbie’s left thumb contains the tattoo of a frowning smiley face.

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