40 Amazing W Letter Tattoo Designs and Ideas

If you want to get a W letter tattoo deisgn, searching and making notes from the web seems to be the best idea for you to finish your work. However, we have compiled a list of amazing W letter tattoo designs so that you do not have to waste your time on multiple websites and save time instead!

The Letter W tattoo is a great tattoo because even though it does not occupy much space and is a small tattoo deisgn, it has the ability to speak volumes about yoru how you feel and what you want to express. You can use a W letter tattoo deisgn instead of whole name tattoo or a whole quote which will also be less painful and won’t be hard on yoru pocket as well. Thus, if you look at all the benefits, you will find that a single letter W tattoo design is probably the best choice in the small tattoo category.

These single alphabet tattoo deisgn are very stylish because not only do they occupy a little space and still somehow manage to look pretty chic, but hey also have a lot of weight in their meaning. It will also be a great reminder that you have someone so special to you or probably a reminder of an event or place as well. It can also be a dedication o a famous personality or band or even a sports team!

One of the most general areas that people get their W letter tattoo design is on the wrist. The W letter can be deisgn in manifold forms like it can be mixed with other elements which may or may not be your last name or the first letter of your significant other. You can also unite this with other logos like a heart, crown, halo, angel’s feathers, lotus, or any other kind of vines, wings, or even other alphabets, etc.

A single letter alphabet tattoo designs can be notably gender-specific. For instance, females like some pistillate variety of designs. For instance, they would go for smoother and stylish fonts that look fashionable along with feminine details like butterflies, flowers, etc. The men on the other hand would like some more brazen alphabet fonts with some masculine illustrations like crown or wings, skulls, etc.

There are also some gender unbiased things that can be connected with these W letter tattoo fonts. These details can be supplemented by both men and women alike. Thus, it looks unquestionably remarkable.

Meaning of Letter W Tattoos

Some letters have associations besides their own literary realm and it can be anything from culture to sports or religion, etc. However, these associate can also vary over time and is not fixed so it might have numerous suggestions for various other people. For occurrence, letter A could render a person who has obtained a lot of literary success, as an A grade, or it can also implement to a lustful person, like in the novel, The Scarlet Letter. An A could even propose a reference to political things like anarchy, a political belief, and social evolution.

Taking the instance of the letter C could which has the ability to signify the leader of an athletic team or an average pupil. These versatile applications are defined by the sort of society they exist in and, as so, are completely controlled to that sociological research to demonstrate their betokened application. Thus when one wants to get an alphabet inked on their skins, they would have to go through a lot of implications and meanings.

At its most straightforward plan, a unique letter may be the perfect tattoo. This could mean that it is for someone’s last name, signifying their family name or even their heritage. Occasionally, this letter is elaborately finished and intricately allured. This has been going on from a long idea of embellishment, which was once discovered in northern European practices where some kinds of documents were discovered by the historians, usually ethical in essence, that were recovered to become delightful works of art. The first letter of the segment was imperious and could be as big as an entire page.

Letter Tattoo or other characters tattoos may indicate a special person by using the letters of their name, more precisely, not just any letter but their initials. This is usually more appropriate and more distinct than a family name alphabet. Tattooing someone else’s initials can be a sort of success or recognition. It is a style to always have that person whose initial you have inked with you even if it is in your mind.

These initials can be made in a variety of fonts and styles which you can select from any kind of website on the web. It represents your aesthetic appeal as well. Adding stylistic designs makes the letter seem more personal and unique without altering the primary meaning of the letter. Ultimately, the person can even combine a couple of alphabets to get a whole design completed.

People who have a lot of interest in literary pursuits, like English majors, editors, journalists, and printers might hold a different kind of admiration for the English alphabet. Teachers might also want to get a stroke of the alphabet on their skins to honor their occupation. Subduing the English alphabet, learning how to recruit, and knowing to identify the things are all foundational to education and notable literary achievement.

Though several experts might know the characters in and out and may even be aware of the whole history thoroughly, others have a mysterious kind of attraction to the English vocabulary. Because of this voracious appetite towards English and roman alphabets, there are many people who choose the script to be their kind of tattoo design. There are many other scripts that you can try your hands on.

Ideas For Letter W Tattoo

The most common place where most people like to get their W letter tattoo designed is on their wrist o somewhere on their arm and forearm. It is because it is one of the most visible parts of their skin. It can also be added with other elements that might be a person or can have some generic significance to make it look more unique or personal.

Some typical elements incorporate things like heart, crown, lotus, infinity symbol, flowers, angel wings, halo, butterflies, etc. There are some elements that are specific to some genders as well. You can also consider joining the initials of two names too. You can choose your own first name with someone else’s or you can select the beginning of your first and last name too.

Girls like to enhance their W letter tattoo designs with plentiful of girly symbols and use more delicate elements like butterflies and extra vines and floral elements which would look definitely astonishing. Men like to hold a more condensed and bold look of the alphabet by combining it with other letters. You can also choose some gender-neutral symbols that both men and women can use as their tattoo deisgn. It looks pretty fabulous.

If you’re on a quest for a letter W tattoo deisgn for your innovative characters deisgn, then you can watch out our list of 40 wondrous W letter tattoo deisgn which we have composed particularly for you. This list might be very effective for you to get a sense of where you should begin particularly if you are a novice.

What are the best places to get a Letter W tattoo on your body?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Letter W Tattoo Designs

  • Colorful Letter W Tattoo Design On Shoulder

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is made on the shoulders of the person. The shoulders offer a lot of space to get a huge deisgn like this one. The W letter her is pretty bold done in blue ink which looks super awesome. It is made on a rugged white flag which can be that of a sailor or can represent a previous battle. It is a great deisgn for sure.

  • Bold Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is made with a lot of forethought. It is a great deisgn which is made on the leg of the wearer. The bear here can stand for some of the team or can be a mascot. However, the bear has much more significance. It is a great symbol of strength and care.

The Native Bear Symbol signifies health, family, life, resolution, and well-being. The bear is sensitive and sovereign, with little need for an alliance. The bear is also self-sustaining and strong-willed in essence.
  • Awsome Letter W Tattoo Design On Leg

W Letter Tattoo

This is a pretty great W letter tattoo deisgn with other elements on it. It is definitely representative of something. The W letter here is added with a famous building along with some other designs, like flowers and vines. The W letter tattoo deisgn is made on a flag which shows victory. Thus, it can be a great reminder for victory.

  • Plain Letter W Tattoo Design on Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This is quite a plain W letter tattoo design. It is made on the arm of the wearer where it is most visible. If you are planning to get such a small letter deisgn, you should consider it getting on places which are particularly visible, like, yoru arm, hand, finger or even your face. It is a very chic font.

  • Dynamic Letter W Tattoo Design on Wrist

W Letter Tattoo

This symbol represents the WWE or WWF logo. It is a wrestling sport which many people enjoy. It is mostly enjoyed by guys rather than girls, however, girls also take part in the competition as well as the audience of this event. Thus, you can make this awesome and energetic W letter tattoo deisgn to represent your love fo the show.

  • Creative Letter W Tattoo Design On Chest

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is pretty cool. It is made on the chest of the wearer which shows that it is very near to the heart and is also very special. The deisgn represents two W letters along with a little E alphabet written just below the two Ws. This says, WWE. There is also ‘forever” written on the deisgn and it means that the wearer is one of the biggest fans of the sport.

  • Beautiful Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn looks pretty amazing. It is made with the colors which can also be found in the flag of America, which is blue and red. It also has four stars just above the W letter tattoo deisgn. In my opinion, it is a very patriotic deisgn which can mean various things to different people.

  • Curvy Letter W Tattoo Design On Chest

W Letter Tattoo

The chest is one of the most preferred places to get an alphabet tattoo deisgn if it is a dedication to yoru loved ones. This is because of the fact that if you get a tattoo on your chest, it remains closer to your heart. That’s actually very sweet and a very thoughtful placement idea. Here, the W letter tattoo deisgn is added with another alphabet L.

  • Artistic Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is simple, bold, and wild. It is made on the legs of the wearer which is also pretty visible especially if you are a girl. If you are a guy, your visibility options of making a W letter tattoo deisgn is pretty less. This deisgn is pretty cool made in all black color which makes it look even bolder.

  • Simple Letter W Tattoo Design On Finger

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is made on the finger of the wearer. The wearer has selected the middle finger for this tattoo design which looks pretty awesome. I think fingers are a great placement option especially if you are looking for some small tattoo deisgn like this petite W letter tattoo deisgn.

  • Small Letter W Tattoo Design On Wrist

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn is very small and tiny and just like getting it on the finger, you can also get it on the side of your wrist. It is a great deisgn for anyone who wants to keep it low key and does not want to create hype. It is a very subdued and elegant deisgn with a  very classical font that has been used.

  • Wavy Letter W Tattoo Design On Wrist

W Letter Tattoo

More stylistic fonts are used by females usually but men too get very stylistic fonts. This W letter tattoo deisgn is also very stylistic and has a beautiful font with smooth curves. I really like the deisgn that has been made on the wrist of the wearer form where it looks really visible and decent.

  • Adorable Letter W Tattoo Design On Ankle

W Letter Tattoo

It is a beautiful W letter tattoo deisgn as it is also the logo of the Family Wrestling Federation. Two Fs and a single W are combined with each other in a very particular way which looks pretty awesome. It is an official logo so thus it can be used as a symbol for your liking towards the particular sport.

  • Sober Letter W Tattoo Design On Ankle

W Letter Tattoo

This FWF or Family Wrestling Federation tattoo is made on the feet of the person near the ankle. It is a pretty small tattoo. If you are going to make the tattoo for the first time, I would really suggest that you go for a smaller tattoo on a place which is not very visible on yoru body.

  • Wonderful Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This bold W letter tattoo deisgn is made on the arm of the wearer. It is colored in blue color which looks pretty awesome. I also love the addition of the vine along with beautiful green leaves that look pretty awesome. It is a great overall tattoo for the arm or the leg.

  • Reversible Letter W Tattoo Design

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design has been compiled with an M letter tattoo letter. It is a very creative design as the M has been reversed into a W letter. They both are connected with the single-leg which is a pretty intimate sign. If you want to make it for your significant other, this is a pretty great choice.

  • Sporty Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo deisgn looks pretty royal, I must say. It has a very royal font which gives it the whole feeling of being royal. You can also add a crown with this deisgn which will further enhance the looks of the W alphabet and even add some stylistic elements to the deisgn.

  • Optimistic Letter W Tattoo Design On Leg

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is made on the ankle of the wearer. The ankle is a great choice because it is less painful there and looks very stylish too. The W letter is combined with a red-colored dash sign which gives it some color. This deisgn is inspired by the famous WWE, so if you are a fan, you know this one is a great design for you.

  • Dynamic Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This amazing W letter tattoo design is quite bold and made with bold outlines as well. It also has some patterns inside the empty space. It looks pretty great. However, you can also some colorful pattern son the inside which will make the deisgn look even more attractive. Anyway, it still looks pretty different now.

  • Articulate Letter W Tattoo Design on Hand

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is made right on the hand of the wearer. The hand is considered to be at the forefront when it comes to getting an alphabet tattoo deisgn. The font is beautiful and looks royal and it covers the whole hand. Thus, it is made quite perfectly for the hand location.

  • Decisive Letter W Tattoo Design

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is joined by two F letters on each side in a very creative way. The three alphabets look as if they are a part of the same deisgn and form a logo. In fact, this is a logo for Family Wrestling Federation. So, if you are a fan, a simple bold pattern would look pretty great.

  • Curvy Letter W Tattoo Design On Stomach Side

W Letter Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the rib is a pretty great idea especially if your too deisgn is huge. This W letter tattoo design is compiled with an L letter deisgn and they both re pretty huge. The font that has been used makes it appear even more being. The ribs offer ample space for large tattoo designs.

  • Colorful Letter W Tattoo Design On Leg

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is made on the legs of the wearer which is a pretty great choice. The W letter tattoo design is also shaded with two different kinds of colors, red and blue, which are also present in the flag of America. Thus, if you have a national sports team or any other team that can be presented dint his way, it is a great bargain.

  • Flexible Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This is a very tribal deisgn. Tribal tattoos are very much in fashion because they look particularly unique and stylish at the same time. This W letter tattoo design is made in the tribal font along with the other letter, M. They look absolutely amazing. Some other patterns above and below these letters have been added to the design which looks awesome.

  • Optimistic Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is made on the arm of the wearer. Although it seems to have faded out here, the bold outlines have definitely come to the rescue. This is one of the benefits o getting a bold outline tattoo. The arm is a place that is most exposed to the sun and thus the chances of it getting faded increase.

  • 3D Letter W Tattoo Design on Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design looks pretty amazing. It requires a very professional tattoo artist to give it a 3D effect just like this one. You can almost see a double W letter. The top W letter is done with jet black ink which is a great choice if you want to give a lighter grey shadowy effect at the bottom.

  • Interlocked Letter W Tattoo Design

W Letter Tattoo

The infinity sign is very popular when it comes to alphabet designs. If you want to combine your W letter tattoo design with some other alphabet, like this E alphabet, then this infinity sign would speak volumes about your relationship. The wearer has also added a red heart which looks pretty adorable.

  • Elegant Letter W Tattoo Design on Shoulder

W Letter Tattoo

This bold and black color W letter tattoo design looks pretty amazing made on the shoulders of the wearer. Such bold designs on the shoulders are pretty much preferred by guys because it symbolizes strength and support. This deisgn has a very royal font that looks pretty darn good and is quite visible too.

  • Considerate Letter W Tattoo Design On Leg

W Letter Tattoo

This bold W letter tattoo design can be made on the arm as well as on the leg. It is also a great option to be made on the chest and will look absolutely amazing. The floral font of this deisgn looks pretty amazing. I also love the bold outline and the beautiful shaded background which has been done in this deisgn. Such types of designs do need a very skilled hand.

  • Artistic Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This WFW tattoo deisgn has a whole theme going on. The theme i that of a desert that can represent any American city or any other country. It is a great one because the wearer has decided to get the inside of the W letter tattoo design colored in different and bright shades. I think it looks totally amazing.

  • Articulate Letter W Tattoo Design On Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This W letter tattoo design is pretty similar to the deisgn above when it comes to the theme inside the W letter. It also shows the desert theme. However, in addition to the desert theme, it also has a gun and some flowers which can be a symbol of some gang. Thus, it has a very personal and unique meaning.

  • Dependable Letter W Tattoo Design on Arm

W Letter Tattoo

This is quite a sweet W letter tattoo deisgn which has been made on the forearm of the wearer. The font is pretty simple and I guess, sometimes all you need is a simplistic and minimalistic tattoo deisgn to show your feelings out loud.

  • Affectionate Letter W Tattoo Design On Waist

W Letter Tattoo

This beautiful and charming W letter tattoo design is added with a few elements to make it a bit more personalized and give it a unique meaning and a profound significance. The water has added there birds which are soaring high. It can represent multiple things like freedom or success. It can mean something absolutely different for the wearer.

  • Great Letter W Tattoo Design On Shoulder

W Letter Tattoo

This FWF tattoo deisgn looks pretty dope. It is done in a gradient effect with red borders. The outline is also different and instead of plain marks, the outline is made out of ropes. You can switch the color pattern if you want to spice this deisgn up.

  • Modest Letter W Tattoo Design on Thigh

W Letter Tattoo

This is a very simple and trendy W letter tattoo design that can be made in multiple places. The best part about getting a W letter or any alphabet deisgn is the fact that it is quite small and thus, can be adjusted in any place. However, there are always two options. If you want to show off your deisgn, you can make it on your arms, face, hands, finger, etc. And if you want to keep it a little personal, you can make it on your inner parts like your chest, or back which is not always visible.

Precautions for Making W Letter Tattoo

You must think of skipping those areas which you think would cause you more pain. Instead, you should go for the kind of areas which have more fat than the bones, for example, hamstrings, thighs, arms, or shoulders, etc. You should also make sure that you do not have any kind of skin allergies or sensitivity. Some people are also allergic to the ink. In this case, you must totally refrain from getting a tattoo deisgn because it can cause further complications.

Many people just leap into getting a tattoo design inked without taking into thought the positive and the negative side of getting one in the first place. Before you go to your first tattoo session, make sure you have chosen the type of design you are totally content with and have previously decided on the placing option for yourself.

You must also do good research on the kind of tattoo artist who will be doing your deisgn because there are many scam artists these days. A great tattoo artist would be there with you from the beginning, helping you select the deisgn and giving you all the necessary instructions for caring for your tattoo deisgn afterward. Make sure that your tattoo artist is skilled enough if you have any special kind of requirements for your deisgn and do not want it to be messed up.

If it is your first time, get yourself inked at some place which is not apparent, like your hand or your feet. This will help you identify if you have any kind of allergies on your skin or if you are allergic to the ink itself. If you find any kind of allergic backlash or irritability, you must take the aid of your tattoo artist and consult a specialist as well to bypass my kind of threat.

However, many kinds of people get themselves inked on their skins each year and there is no potential risk of getting a tattoo deisgn as long as your research game is on point. The tattoo is a great way to express how you feel and yoru emotions. Thus, make sure you go all prepared before you regret your first tattoo design.

There was all about the 40 amazing W letter tattoo designs that we expect could invigorate you in the journey of getting your own W letter tattoo design!

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