Fantasia Barrino’s 9 Tattoo & Their Meanings

Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor, professionally known as Fantasia is an American Songwriter and R&B Singer. She was the winner of American Idol season 3. She has given many hit songs since then like I Believe, When I see you, Bittersweet among many others and has won a Grammy for Bittersweet. Fantasia has many inks on her body. Let us explore them and the meanings they hold.

Fantasia Barrino

1. ‘Hearts, Love and Roses, Paw Prints’ Tattoo

fantasia roses hearts love rses paw prints tattoo

Tattoo: Her left foot contains the word Love surrounded by Roses which rises up as a stem to her leg. Just above the roses are two little paw prints. Her right leg contains 4 little hearts with flowers and petals around them.

Meaning: Fantasia is fond of Roses and Dogs. And believes that with Love, the whole world can change for the better.

2. ‘Arm Tattoos’ Tattoo

fantasia arm tattoo

Tattoo: Fantasia’s right forearm contains the words, “Free yourself” inked on it. Along with a tootsie roll, the name Diane, two dollar signs, a rosary bead necklace with a cross and the words, Rock Star on her hand.

Meaning: Free yourself is a phrase she lives by. Tootsie rolls are her favorite snack whereas Diane( her mother’s name) ink represents her love for is her mother. The Cross and the necklace represent her religious views and Rock Star represents her DREAMS which she has achieved as well as the ones which she is yet to achieve in life.

3. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

fantasia cross tattoo

Tattoo: Fantasia’s left leg contains a tattoo of a Cross with Angel wings with the words, In Loving Memory inked above it and the names, Madie and Curt tattooed below it.

Meaning: She got this tattoo in honor of her Grandparents.

4. ‘Star’ Tattoo

fantasia star tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of her chest contains the tattoo of a star and swirls. There is a heart beneath it but its mostly covered.

5. ‘Cook’ Tattoo

fantasia cook tattoo

Tattoo: The name Cook is inked on the left side of her chest along with swirls.

Meaning: She got this tattoo for her son, Dallas Cook whom she had with her ex-husband.

6. ‘Rock’ Tattoo

fantasia rock tattoo

Tattoo: The word Rock is inked on the side of her right palm.

7. ‘Portrait and the Skull’ Tattoo

fantasia portrait skull tattoo

Tattoo: The inner part of her right forearm contains a portrait of a young girl with the name Zion inked below it and a cartoon skull with a bow on its head.

Meaning: She got this tattoo in honor of her daughter, Zion who she has to raise as a single mother.

8. ‘Thigh’ Tattoo

fantasia thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Fantasia’s left thigh contains a tattoo that says, “Laugh Now, Cry Later”

9. ‘Hand’ Tattoo

fantasia hand tattoo

Tattoo: The side of her left hand contains a tattoo that says ‘Soul’ such that when she holds her fists together it spells out “Rock Soul”, which is the name of her self-owned entertainment production company. Not only this, it is how she describes her musical style i.e “Rock Soul”.

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