Scott Jorgensen’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Scott Jorgensen suffers from vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose its pigment, thus giving him splotches all over his body. Despite this, Scott Jorgensen has the most colorful art on his body. “You think I’m tattooing myself because I have Vitiligo, but I’m tattooing myself because my tattoos look phenomenal. And yours look like shit,” said Jorgensen.

Scott Jorgensen Arm Tattoos

1. Japanese Kanji Tattoo

Scott Jorgensen Japanese Kanji Tattoo

He has got two small Japanese kanji on each arm up on the shoulder. The one on his right is “fighting spirit,” and the one on left is “gain victory.”

2. Screaming Bird

Scott Jorgensen Screaming Bird Tattoo

Scott Jorgensen has got this crazy, colorful, cartoon bird with a heart and a brain in his claws. “I have a saying before I fight that I tell myself over and over again: ‘Take their heart, take their soul‘. I guess they have a little bit of meaning, but I don’t look at ‘em like that, as they’re just artwork,” said Jorgensen.

3. Arm Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen Arm Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen’s both arms are covered with huge as well as impressive tattoo designs.

a) Right Arm Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen Right Arm Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen once revealed, “And as we started on my right sleeve, I had him tattoo “No Mind,” which is kind of my philosophy. You don’t worry about the outside world when it’s time to do work. Just focus on the task at hand.”

b) Left Arm Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen Left Arm Tattoos

i) Homage

Having the Japanese rising sun with the octopus wrapped around it is simply a homage to his heritage. “I’m half-Japanese,” said Jorgensen.

ii) Space Tattoo

“On my left sleeve, I wanted a rocket ship with my son’s name on it. And wrapped within that whole space-themed sleeve is something I always tell my son: Everybody always says “the sky’s the limit,” but there’s so much more out there than just the sky. Beyond that, there’s infinite space forever, and you can go as high as you want.” said Jorgensen.

4. Leg Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen Leg Tattoos

Scott Jorgensen has interesting body inks on his both legs.

a) Right Leg Tattoo

Scott Jorgensen Right Leg Tattoo

b) Rocket On Left

Scott Jorgensen Rocket Tattoo

On his left shin, Jorgensen has a robot tattoed that says, “TEAM MORAES“.

5. Stomach Design

Scott Jorgensen Stomach Design

Scott Jorgensen has a beautiful design inked on the left side of his stomach in red-yellow color.

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